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I could get as motivated to COOK as I do when I’m decorating. I need to find a way to channel that excitement towards the kitchen. My family is at home working on preparing food and I’m posting a Wedding Wednesday post about PLACE SETTING ideas and I couldn’t be more content. If only I had the desire to make casseroles and make a mess in the kitchen and try a ton a new recipes. Ugh. It just doesn’t do anything for me. I like the “pretty stuff”…. the “eye candy” if you will. The food is GREAT, don’t get me  wrong. However, the only reason I like to get involved with Thanksgiving food preparation is to set up the table.

I care about the presentation of the table and the food… but that’s it. This really needs to change before I get older and have a family of my own. I’m really hoping I just wake up one day and BAM! I have a strong urge to make pumpkin pie… FROM SCRATCH.  Right now, the thought of that repulses me. So! Unlike other bloggers out there that are sharing recipes and turkey cooking 101 tips… I’m just sharing a little way to make a boring Thanksgiving table more exciting! All you need is a gold-leafing pen and a yard to find a few leaves in! It’s a simple way to make any placesetting POP! Enjoy! And ps. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ALSO! Remember last week when I asked to see some of your FAVORITE weddings from last year?! Well I have LOVED viewing them!!! I feel like I have so many new blogs to stalk!! However, one that I really LOVED and became slightly obsessed over was Andrew and Teresa’s wedding shot by Allison Marie Photography!! Allison you’ll be getting a little something sweet in your inbox!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo!  ps. CUTE BLOG!!



xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. carrie reply

    That looks fantastic! I have been plotting place settings and the menu all week–and it’s a lot! I might have to use your leaf idea though, it’s SO cute!

    If you ever get the itch to make a pumpkin pie from scratch send me an email–I use my great grandmother’s recipe (and her pie dish and rolling pin) and I would be glad to share the recipe and how-to info with you!

    Have a wonderful thanksgiving!

  2. Kristina W. reply

    Katelyn, you don’t need to worry so much about learning how to cook well or making fancy elaborate dishes! All the magazines have the trend of “easy dinners in 30 minutes” that look and taste great! And if there are some things that aren’t from scratch it’s ok: probably no one will be able to tell the difference. You have SO many incredible talents and get joy from so much in life… it’s ok if there’s some things that don’t get you excited. At least this is what I’m telling myself… I don’t like cooking either! :)

  3. Shannon Rosan reply

    I just found your blog from Jasmine Star’s and just had to say I LOVE your blog! And of course your stunning photography. I will definitely be subscribing :) …and I get super excited about decorating…and always take on too much :) Love your place setting!

  4. Melissa reply

    Love your work Katelyn but especially love logging onto your blog and reading your quirky posts, you make me laugh and are so talented!

  5. Allison reply

    Awww, thanks Katelyn! You are so sweet! :) I love this post and your creativity!

  6. Caroline reply

    haha love it!! way to take the plate outside :)

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