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LOVE to follow?! I’ve been wanting to do a post about this for a while now! Why? Well because I love hearing about photographers that other photographers follow! We are living in a digital age where EVERYONE knows of SOMEONE who shoots for a living. However, because the industry is so over saturated, sometimes some of the most AMAZING photographers are over shadowed…. and that’s sad! So if you have some blogs that you have bookmarked to your “Daily blog checking” folder, please SHARE! I think everyone has a few photographers that they follow that maybe not EVERYONE has had a chance to see!

I follow a lot of very DIFFERENT people…… and I tend to come back to the photographers that blog CONSISTENTLY! However, there are some photographers that just blog every now and then and they are just so good that I keep coming back for more!! So here are a few on my list that you may or may not already follow! And I’m going to list WHY I love following them! :


Jasmine Star (duh) – Marketing genius and OUR wedding photographer! whatwhat!!!

Justin & Mary – Business gurus and lighting pros… amazing business partners:)

Zach & Jody – OCF Pros and business geniuses…and just fun people!!

Bobbi & Mike – Love seeing their behind the scenes shots!!

Jose Villa – He’s just awesome (Film)

Ryan Ray – More beautiful film!

Melissa Jill – Business help out the wazoo! She’s a sweetheart!

Stephanie Fay – Sweet friend, GORGEOUS clean, crisp images

Jessica Claire – I secretly just want to see more pics of her baby boy & sheep dog! Creeper status?

The Schultzes – Awesome husband/wife duo that love the Lord and have an adorable baby boy!

You + We – CRAZY composition and lighting!

Laffler Photography – More CRAZINESS… Totally the farthest thing from my style but I LOVE his work!!

Brandon Kidd – Former Jstar groom and just has beautiful weddings!

Gabriel Ryan – Beautiful work! Adorable family!


So! There you have it! Those are the MAIN blogs I keep up with on a regular basis and I love that most of them don’t have the same style as me. They are all VERY different and I think that’s important. When I find myself checking blogs with similar styles to mine, I start the comparing game and that’s never good! So I try to switch it up constantly!!  If you have some awesome photographers that you follow, share them in the comment box so that I can check them out too!!! Happy Friday everyone!!



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  1. McCall Doyle reply

    Well, obviously I follow YOU! :) I also follow J*, Justin & Mary, Laura Gordon, Rebekah Hoyt & Abby Grace (both whom I found through you), Corinna Hoffman, & Laura Yang. For creativity in both dramatic scenes and editing, I love Three Nails Photography.

  2. Jessica Oatman reply

    I follow these photogs..
    Max Wanger:
    Shannon Sewell:
    Morgan Trinker:
    The Nichols:

    and of course yours. :)

  3. Abby Grace reply

    How have I never heard of Ryan Ray?? His work is inCREDIBLE!!

  4. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    I follow many people. My favorite is probably you (obviously), but I also follow Lauryn Galloway, Kelsey Schweickert, Justin & Mary, JStar, The Beautiful Mess, Christopher Maxwell, etc. Those are the ones I check most often. Every now and then I check out Annamarie Akins Photography, Rebekah Hoyt, and I can’t remember who else. Thank YOU for letting me know about most of these photographers! They’ve all inspired me to do better.

  5. Amelia Renee reply

    Oh this is such a fun idea! I know the majority of the names you listed, but there are definitely some I’m going to check out! I love Kristen Leigh (of I’m Kristen!), Andria Lindquist, and Wyn Wiley. (he’s just turned 20–my age–but mindblowingly AMAZING! And super unique!) can’t wait to see who else everyone loves!

  6. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    Wow, I didn’t know like HALF of the names on that list! Thank you for sharing! I love following Gene of Geneoh Photography – he shot my friend’s wedding last year in Minnesota and I’ve been following him ever since! Totally different style than mine but I absolutely LOVE his work!!

  7. Elizabeth reply

    You should check out Nancy Ray—
    Very sweet and talented girl who LOVES the Lord, her husband is a youth pastor too!

  8. Kathryn Grace reply

    Thanks for that blog list, I will have to check them out – haven’t heard of over half of them! You are my hands-down favorite photographer and I check your blog every day, also Jasmine Star. I also love Jessica Shae ( – she is a bit different from my style but I love her work.

  9. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    OH! And Benj Haisch ( – he did Bre and Barry’s elopement portraits in ITALY last December! Also can I give a shoutout to Rebekah J. Murray? She’s an inspiration!! Ok I’m done now :)

  10. Ashley Duke reply

    WOW! Thanks for sharing! I haven’t heard of half of them, and already loving a few!
    I unfortunately don’t blog….maybe one of the few photographers that don’t blog =(
    Even though I am unable to sit and browse blogs all day….there are a few that I keep up with and make sure to check out on a weekly basis….YOU OF COURSE, KATELYN, you inspire me, your photography work and your faith in jesus is amazing! I also follow Lauryn Galloway, she does amazing work as well, I’ve watched her business grow from the very beginning. We have also known each other since middle school =)
    I also follow Laura Gordon Photography, I love her natural look and that she also does amazing work with film now.
    I just found out about Jasmine Star back in the Spring, so I am starting to follow her a little bit for business/marketing aspect.

    Thanks again for sharing! God Bless!

  11. Danielle Coons reply

    I follow 75% of the same list!! Girl, we’ve got such similar taste!!! I also LOVE Millie Holloman and Amanda K!! It’s incredible how much inspiration is out there :)

  12. Shelley Hohe reply

    Of course I love to follow you and the majority on your list, some additional photographers I absolutely love to follow are YOU! and Kelsey Anderson, Three Nails, Life Captured Photography by Kim Wilson, Sugar Photography, Embrace, Keener Photography, Treena Danylo, Gabrielle von Heyking Photographie, Karen Stott, MeRa Koh , Jane Johnson and John Cain.

  13. Alicia reply

    Love this idea! Obviously yours! J*, I found Abby Grace, Rebekah Hoyt & Lauren Galloway through your blog & follow them now too. I love Last Fourty Percent ( have the most crazy and amazing photos; Michelle Sullivan ( love her style and eye; Clayton Austin ( has breathtaking images. I could go on but I’ll leave it at that!

  14. Sarah Adams reply

    Awesome list! So excited to follow more inspiring photographers! I follow YOU everyday of course, Abby Grace Photography (love her romantic, glowing light style), Ginny Gilmore Photo (i love the way she processes images, very story-like) , Marvelous Things Photo (such beautiful images, and i love her style!), and Hoffer Photography based out of Philadelphia (a completely different style, lots of tilt shift, camera effects, very journalistic!)

  15. Annetta reply

    You are my all time favourite but I also follow Jasmine Star, Abby Grace, Rebekah Hoyt, J&M, and just found Annamarie Akins. I will definately check out some of these that I have never heard of. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Ahna reply

    Thanks for the new blogs to check out! I always read yours (& I seriously need a Katelyn James Photography App… that would make my life) & Rebekah Hoyt on a daily basis. I also check out Justin & Mary’s, j*’s, & I’ve “liked” a million photographers on Facebook so I look at their stuff when it pops up in my feed.

  17. Katie Derus reply

    Um I love this post! The very first photography blog I ever ever found and fell in love with and followed/ checked every day was White Box Weddings ( and from them I found Melissa Jill (love her!) and the rest was history and now I follow what seems like a billion people haha. And then I love to sometimes look outside of what I consider “my style” of photography, so I follow photographers like Otto Schulze ( and Erik Clausen ( who together shot a wedding of a friend of mine and I loved their style! And last, but certainly not least, is my friend and newly started, but amazing, photographer (and soon to be KJ Bride!) Britt Croft ( YAY!

  18. Kristina W. reply

    You are the ONLY blog I check every day! I check some of my friends’ blogs every once in a while but they’re not regular updaters or photographers.

  19. Currie reply

    ohh yay! New blogs to follow! I follow a lot the people already mentioned, but I would add Jerry Ghionis (, Kristen Booth (, the Youngrens ( and Jamie Delaine ( of course!

  20. Simone Fox reply

    YAY! More blogs to check out!!

  21. Jenn reply

    I love this post! I follow 50% of the same list and I am loving these people too: Jamie Delaine, Jonas Peterson, Susan Stripling (following her FB page for more recent updates), Mikaela Ruth and YOU!

  22. Megan reply

    In addition to your blog of course, I also follow Mustard Seed Photography, Troy Grover, Marie Labbancz, and Arden Prucha.
    You and them are all such great inspiration! :)

  23. Jalissa R. reply

    Check out!

  24. Abby Grace W reply

    You are for sure the BEST photographer of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE your work:):):):):) You are the biggest inspiration!!! I also follow J* and a lot of others!!! GOD BLESS!!!!

  25. ashley link reply

    i think kristen booth from kristen booth photography is pretty cool. her branding is “fairytale” and her work is pretty cool! very ethereal and dream-come-true like. it’s pretty awesome! :) it’s also pretty cool that you’re at the top of SO many lists of blogs to check daily. i know i look forward to checking your blog when i’m at work. i work at a preschool and during naptime we can eat lunch and check or phones. we don’t get very good service so i sit in the window sill a lot of the time so i can get service to see your page! ;) hehe. i’m looking forward to when you announce the workshop!!! :) :) :) thanks for sharing! can’t wait to check them out! :)

  26. Jamie reply

    Thanks for sharing, Katelyn! Fun!! Your blog really does win MVP… Beautiful images + biz savvy + I always feel SO uplifted after visiting! I’ll add Amy Wenzel (for senior girls and kids) to the mix, and This Modern Romance by Stephanie Williams–I especially love her Look Book work!!

  27. Annia reply

    I need to give some love to Ashley Goodwin, one of J*’s protegés! She posted a killer shoot the other day but I’m especially drawn to her infectious energy and honesty! I secretly want to be her friend but since that’s creepy to admit on her blog, I’m admitting it on yours. :)

  28. Stephanie reply

    Thanks for sharing Katelyn! :) Of course you are on MY favorites list!!! I have to say that Laffler Photography’s work is as you quote “CRAZINESS”! There is a narrative to EVERY photo! Unbelievable!

  29. Staci reply

    I’m not a professional photographer but have a ridiculous appreciation for photography from my mother who does senior pictures for those who can’t afford more expensive photography due to family/financial trouble. I LOVE following your blog and Jasmine Star’s. In fact, I believe I started following yours because of her :) I also follow Katelyn Turner Design and Photography (based in IL) because I love her composition and editing. I recently started following Blest Photography in NC as well. Annnd I keep up on quite a few Phoenix photographers after living there for several years. Basically, I follow many blogs. They are a huge distraction after work…but Lord knows I am going to be calling you probably when I am blessed with a man to marry. :) I will make room in my budget for your beautiful images and personality, Katelyn! You are so fun and uplifting (okay, from what I’ve read on your blog haha!) Thanks, I think, for being a great distraction after work!

  30. Britt reply

    Bobbi+Mike are the shiz!!! I went to one of their workshops last November and it was an amazing, incredible experience. I highly suggest that anyone who gets a chance goes.

    I also hardcore love Susan Stripling and find such peace and joy and love in the work of Tara Whitney.

    Thanks Katelyn (and other commenters!) for giving me some new blogs to stalk!

  31. Shelia reply

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