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Yay for Adam and Ruth! Their wedding was featured on TheWedding Channel’s blog today!

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  1. Mindy M reply

    yay! how exciting!

  2. Amanda Hilborn reply

    sooo cool katelyn! we are so honored you are going to be a part of the biggest day of our lives!!!!!

  3. Mandy reply

    KK I’m sooo proud of you! This is are so great! :)

  4. katie g reply

    & i looooove vienna pres. :)!

  5. Julianna reply

    Holla!!!!!! Yay Katelyn!!!!

  6. Catie reply

    Thats so awesome! CONGRATS KK!!!! Your really getting your work out there. <3

  7. Kristina N. reply

    Very cool, congratulations! :D

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