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noticed that I haven’t even had time to post a “goals” post in two months?! Gah!! I don’t think I’ve ever shot this many engagement sessions in such a short amount of time. Between those sessions and weddings every Saturday…I’m feeling a bit… what’s the word… DONE.  Yes, I’m ready to be DONE. However, I have one more FABULOUS  wedding to shoot and it’s going to be a favorite for sure. It’s the PERFECT wedding to end my 2011 season with. Then I have a few more engagements and a workshop. After next weekend…. my season is officially over and I get to do things like design a bazillion albums, deep clean our

poor house that has been neglected, organize my craft closet that is currently stuffed full of everything BESIDES crafts, actually do laundry weekly and spend time with my hubby. But for now, I have a presentation to write and a workshop to finish planning. So here’s something I havent posted in a while…. a “FEATURED” post. Now, I realize these posts are not the most  exciting things in the world, but if I’m being completely honest, it’s a quick post and it helps me keep track of my portfolio! ha! So I selfishly blog these posts when I’m in a rush and have tons to do. BUT today I’m making it a little more exciting!


If you’re a wedding photographer and your 2011 wedding season is coming to an end as well, leave me a comment with a link to your FAVORITE wedding you shot this year!  I love looking at other photographer’s blogs and so show me what you’ve got  and share your best wedding of 2011! After looking through the comments, I’ll be selecting a favorite or two and you’ll be receiving an e-gift to STARBUCKS!!!  So happy friday and I’m excited to see some fabulous wedding posts!!!!  ****You can leave your link in the “URL” field in the comment box as well as in the actual comment!! ****



Thanks to United with Love for sharing Brian and Kristen’s DC engagement shoot, Munaluchi for blogging about the fabulous Janie Medley and using some of my floral images!, Soundtrack to I Do for showcasing Steph and Andrew’s wedding and DIY Bride for featuring Casey and Joseph’s fabulous DIY Wedding details!!

Thanks to the fabulous Bayside Bride for featuring Nate and Tiffany’s ENGAGEMENT AND WEDDING! 

Thanks to A Paper Proposal for showing off Matt and Clare’s NYC Engagement Shoot!!


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  1. Brittney reply

    I have my last wedding tomorrow and am ready to wind down as well :) My favorite wedding of the year: gorgeous fall weather and lovely couple.

  2. Kellie Penn reply

    LOVE all of the inspiration here!!

    Here’s the link to my favorite wedding of the year:

    They also rocked their engagement session…these two know how to snuggle! :)

  3. J.T. Hosack reply

    Personally, I’m a fan of United with Love and Bayside Bride. The templates, organization, and overall effect on pathos is really amazing. The sites are exhilarating.

    While this be the case, I still think that your’s is phenomenal. The organization and everything is fantastic. It’s come such a far way in just a couple of years.

    Such a good post. More Blogs to Distract Me!

  4. Katie Hill Nesbitt reply

    My favorite wedding I shot was this one I loved the zombie cake toppers! Plus the bride and groom were so sweet :)

  5. Kristin reply

    I would love some Starbucks! :D Here is my favorite wedding this year; – Thanks Katelyn for all you do!

  6. Shannon K. reply

    I almost have to say this one is my favorite….it’s my brother! :) But I love it for so many other reasons. It was just a really wonderful day, and they did the entire thing almost by themselves. My brother did ALL the food.

  7. Catriona Stewart reply

    Does it count if I’m just starting out and only photographed two weddings this year?! Haha. My favourite was the second one as the couple were keen to have some fun, and their family were so incredibly welcoming and encouraging!

  8. Amanda Jackson reply

    Hang in there! You’re almost to the end! :)
    Beautiful work Katelyn! You inspire me greatly!
    My husband Jeremy and I shoot together so here is a link to our favorite wedding so far this season:

    Thanks for taking the time to check out our work!

  9. Emily reply

    Yay! Starbucks and Katelyn James–two of my favorite things:). I actually just began shooting weddings and this one was definitely my favorite of the year:). Here is the link:

    Thanks, Katelyn!!

  10. Abby Grace reply

    My favorite wedding I shot was in the Chesapeake Bay. It rained during portraits but left a GORGEOUS rainbow! It’s my most favorite wedding to this point- so much so that I used it for my first WEDDING ALBUM! I can’t wait to receive it in the mail!!

  11. April Russell reply

    We have two more weddings for the year that we are REALLY looking forward to! One of our favorites so far was one we did in Destin, Florida. The bride was nothing short of GORGEOUS and the place was just amazing! Here is the link to see it:

    BTW, We ADORE you and we ADORE Starbucks! We love opening google reader to see a new post from you!!!

  12. Amber Wilkie reply

    It’s really hard to choose, but I think my favorite this year was Megan and Pritpal’s “fusion” wedding. They were so so relaxed the whole day and have been the most wonderful clients to work with:

  13. Jessica Shae reply

    Ah! I love those hanging floral lightbulbs, what an awesome idea! :)
    Here’s a link to my favorite wedding:
    It was my first international wedding and I loved everything about the day…the couple, location, even the dreadful rain added a different element that turned out gorgeous! :)

  14. Deborah Zoe reply

    my favorite wedding of the year had to be Jared and Kristen’s : — who doesn’t love a laid back summer beach wedding? Plus I got to shoot with a friend and that makes it all the more fun:)

  15. Krista {Bayside Bride} reply

    Katelyn thank you so much for letting us feature your work! You are incredibly talented and we absolutely adore you!

    Lots of love from all the Bayside Bride girls!

  16. Emilia Jane reply

    Thank you for being such an inspiration! I think my favorite wedding from this year has to be either Nate & Sarah’s Texas Estate wedding or Erin & Dan’s Golf Resort wedding :-)

  17. Elisabeth Carol reply

    Love this post K! Congrats on doing a FAB job in 2011! My Favorite wedding to shoot this year was Anna & Jonathan. It was in a 3 story loft building and absolutely everything besides the dress was DIY. It was so lovely!

  18. Abby Grace reply

    Rats, I posted the wrong link! Here’s the correct one, ranbow included:

  19. ashley barnett reply

    Congrats on all the features Katelyn! My favorite wedding of ours this year was Amanda + Jason’s total DIY, fun and crafty wedding :)

  20. Justine Russo reply

    I LOVE this contest! Such a fun idea!! I love love love creeping your work, and never get tired of it! :) Congrats on a spectacular year! :)
    My favourite wedding I shot this year was this one…part I and part II…I had too many favourites to put it into one!

    and part II

  21. Lauren Wakefield reply

    I’m so impressed by all your features! You go girl! It’s so hard to pick a favorite. I think it’s a tie between
    I’m a tad indecisive. Can you tell? ;)

  22. Amanda reply

    My favorite wedding this year was my first Jewish wedding! I loved everything about this day!

  23. Ashley Glasco reply

    I JUST started doing weddings in May of this year, mainly second shooting, and two solo weddings…one of which I am not finished editing so I cant post it! :( So here is the other:

  24. Chelsey Schnell reply

    This was my first year doing weddings SOLO! It was tons of fun and awesome to put all my practice to work! Website is in the works, so thank goodness for Facebook! :)

  25. Brittani reply

    Congrats Katelyn! This was my second ever wedding so I thought it’d be fun to share :) My new blog is under construction so here’s the link to it on the old blog:

  26. Madison reply

    So great to see everyone’s favorites! Here’s mine –

  27. Allison reply

    Great job in your featured shoots! :) Here’s my favorite from the year so far:

  28. emily reply

    congrats on your busy busy year! i can’t wait to see the blog post after your work shop. i would be there in a heartbeat if we were on the same coast :)
    i spent this summer second shooting a lot, and got lucky enough to have booked a tiny wedding of my own in october. i had a fantastic time shooting it!

  29. Alex reply

    I am so happy for you. Your work is an inspiration to so many people. I enjoy all the links everyone is sharing!

  30. Julie Gendron reply

    I am currently building my website, learning wordpress/into the darkroom as of saturday. I can’t wait to get it going! Thought I’d share one of two weddings i did this year. I gave my family a break this, and we had our fourth child. This summer I focused on nailing manual exposure. I used to work for a photographer that only used “P” mode and flash. Keep up the great work, i just love waking up in the morning, getting the kids off to school, grabbing a cup of coffee and stopping by your blog. You make me smile. ALLL the time!

  31. Kimberly Walker reply

    I’m also new to shooting weddings and very inspired by your work! Congrats on your 2011 season – your photos are unbelievable!

  32. Katie D. reply

    Is it too late to post mine??? oh darn me being out of town with no internet!! I loved this CO mountain wedding … even if it SNOWED for us! :)

  33. Annetta reply

    Congratulations, Katelyn!! Although I have been photographing wedding for quite a few years this the first year for the blog and website. This is one of the weddings I did this year.

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