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really been behind with these “featured” posts this year! I figured I better do this now before it’s 2014!!!! I can’t believe we’re so close to a new year! That just blows my mind! Time flies by so fast these days and I can’t say that I love it. I want it to be Christmas season for like two months!! Anyway, today we have coaching and I think we’re going to freeze our bums off during the “headshot” portion of the day! :) Wish us luck!!

I just have to say a HUGE thank you to all of the following blogs and magazines that have been so gracious and have featured some of our work!! We’re so honored!! And I wanted to give a quick shout out to Southern Weddings! We don’t have any images featured in this issue but we do have a little “marriage advice” section included  in V6 and I absolutely LOVE the vision for this magazine! Their dedication to marriage is just amazing and I’m so thankful for these amazing ladies! Be sure to pick up a copy!!

The cover of “Barn Weddings”! 

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  1. Janelle C reply

    Congrats Katelyn! Well deserved!

  2. Stephanie Messick reply

    GO KATELYN!!!!

  3. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    Congratulations Katelyn!! :)

  4. Kristen reply

    Amazing! Congrats! :)

  5. Terri Baskin reply

    Nice job! Congrats!!

  6. Kristina W. reply

    Congratulations! They look great!

  7. Kat reply

    You’re amazing:) Love them all… ‘specially the last one!!!!

  8. sarah Adams reply

    you amaze me, Katelyn!

  9. Katie reply

    WOOOHOOOOO KATELYN!! And Michael too!!! You guys are rocking it this year!!!!

  10. Annamarie reply

    Yayyy! So many amazing features!! Congratulations! :)

  11. Emily Magers reply

    I know it’s a late post, but how do you reach out to so many publications?!

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