• Our First Family Portraits

noticed… the blog has had a mini-facelift today!! Thanks to the amazing, hard working designers at Flosites, I have a fresh, updated homepage and I’m SO THANKFUL! (Alina, you’re the I ALSO have to give a HUGE shout out to Jodi and Kurt! They are two of the sweetest people and you KNOW you have GOOD friends when they agree to shoot some portraits of your four month old puppy! GAH! Bokeh was a little TERROR during our shoot several weeks ago but Jodi and Kurt worked their magic and I’m just amazed at what they were able to capture! Thanks to them, not only do we have some BEAUTIFUL family portraits… I FINALLY have new promotional

images for my brand. I’ve been wanting to get this done for FOREVER! Did anyone ever notice that some of the old headers on the blog were a little strange? There was one shot of my sitting on a bench with broken CONCRETE behind me! Talk about a BRAND BUSTER! That was NOT “Brand” appropriate at ALL! Now, I’m happy to say that I have updated images and I’m THRILLED! Thank you much Jodi and Kurt for capturing this phase of our life!! We love you two!!


Uhh… to say it was a little breezy would be an understatement! Ha! Bokeh, where’d your face go little buddy?!

Come onnnnn

One of my FAVS.

Can anyone say CHRISTMAS CARD?! Check that off the list!

ha! Bokeh looks like he’s grinning:)

Then we got brave and shot in the BROAD DAYLIGHT! They rocked it.

Love him

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  1. Natalie Young reply

    So nice to see pictures of you in FRONT of the camera Katelyn!! Gorgeous family!!! love them :)

  2. Caroline R reply

    you guys are just too cute!! loving the new promo images too… you’re gorgeous! :)

  3. Caroline R reply

    you guys are just too cute!! loving the new promo images too… you’re gorgeous! :)

  4. Katie S reply

    awesome images!!!!! What a joy!

  5. Erin Leppo reply

    I am in LOVE! You and your little family is so precious! Thanks for sharing a part of your world. I also think its ridiculously funny that you are wearing teal pants!

  6. Stephanie G reply

    These pictures are beautiful!! Love your outfit and the picture of your pup grinning ;)

  7. Charity DellaCamera reply

    Can we talk about how ridiculously gorgeous you are! Love all of these! The first one in the bright sunlight is fabulous!!

  8. McCall reply

    New pics are beautiful but don’t sell the old ones short…I think the broken concrete with your own beautiful, composed image, captured what you do perfectly. You often shoot in gritty settings like alleyways, and yet the beauty of your subject always shines through. That was my favorite part about the older pics, so please don’t think it was a brand buster. But it IS good to see you, Michael, and Bokeh looking so gorgeous! ;)

  9. Christy reply

    Soooo beautiful!!! Makes me want to get out and get family pics taken finally!

  10. ashley barnett reply

    The picture of Bokeh “grinning” literally made me laugh out loud hahaha. You guys are so cute! Love the new photos! Jen and I had to do the same thing! Looking at our old pictures we were like “WHY are we wearing matching scarves?! NOT US!” They look great Katelyn!

  11. Annia reply

    I really love these, Katelyn and Michael! I see someone’s been taking their own advice and rocking the model face! :)

  12. Jenna reply

    Your puppy is TO DIE for adorable! My goodness! I know you’ve said it somewhere – but what type of dog is he? AND your family pictures are fabulous.

  13. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    Absolutely beautiful. :)

  14. Becca reply

    All of them are SO so cute!! Beautiful pics Katelyn!

  15. Jill Samter Photography reply

    Love the new photos in your header! Love your beautiful smile! Love your model face! Love the shots of you in B&W!!! Love all of the shots with you and Michael. Bokeh – he is just TOOO cute!

  16. Ashley reply

    Absolutely beautiful photos! What kind of dog is he? He’s adorable!

  17. Kristina W. reply

    Your family pictures are awesome!!! The ones in bright daylight are fabulous too!

  18. Lupe Ruiz reply

    heyyyy! way to work your MODEL face Katelyn!! These images are beautiful!! I keep laughing at all those silly little faces made by Bokeh! SOOOO cute!!

  19. jamie reply

    Love your new “brand” images!! You three are so cute together!! Love your smile!

  20. Charlotte J. reply

    You and your little fan are GAWgeous :) !!!

  21. Deborah Zoe reply

    yep, you’re pretty much the most adorable puppy family ever!

  22. JasmineStar reply

    And then I died. LOVE THESE!

  23. bethany cox reply

    GOSH! These are wonderful! I need to schedule a shoot for Dan, Hattie, and I. Soon!

  24. Lisa T reply

    He totally is smiling katelyn! Y’all are a gorgeous family!

  25. Katie Yuen reply

    you. are. SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! and your family is so lovely! love these images!

  26. Meredith Sledge reply

    These are AMAZING. Jodi rocks! And I’m so glad you took a ton of them with Bokeh. :)

  27. Alexandra {Heart Love Weddings} reply

    LOVE THESE!! Such a sweet, happy little family of 3!! The photos of Bokeh either a) grinning or b) hidden by wind made me giggle :)

  28. Sydni Jackson reply

    you are so pretty!

  29. ZipporaK reply

    These are Gorgeous!!

  30. eryn kesler reply

    eeek! Gorgeous!!

  31. Shauna Ploeger reply

    You are too cute! I love the shoes. What I love most about these photos are your SMILE. I will admit I am not a model face fan and the smile just sucks you in!

  32. LeolaK reply

    Awesome!!! You guys look great!! Bokeh….aww…such a cutie and model!

  33. Annetta reply

    What a wonderful set of pictures! Bokeh is too cute! The farm girl in me sees that the crop is out of the ground and here farmers haven’t even thought about getting in the fields.

  34. Saundra reply

    Your dog is so dang cute!!! You guys look great!!!

  35. KyAnn reply

    These pictures are AMAZING!! You guys make such a cute little family! :)

  36. Brittany (Eating Bird Food) reply

    oh my goodness. These are wonderful! I have to ask, what kind of dog is Bokeh?

  37. Eleonora reply

    Adorable is the perfect word to describe your puppy!

  38. Erica C. reply

    I liked the expressions on the old header and the acqua-teal bench was fun. I think a link to the old pic would (be historic and) help share the contrast for the fresh branding. Learning and growing is what it’s all about. It’s good to acknowledge and show growth.

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