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Brendan before I knew Jenna. Brendan was the sweet guy next door that was always looking out for us girls. Like every year at college, the new freshman arrived and new faces began to pop up here and there. Jenna was one of those new faces. I met her and I loved her immediately. Throughout the following year, Jenna’s best friend Rachel started talking to Garrett and so naturally, Jenna started hanging out at the guys house too! I remember seeing her and Brendan sitting together one day in the living room and the thought crossed my mind “Oh now THAT would be cute! They’re both GINGERS!!!”.

I immediately realized how shallow that sounded. Of course two people wouldn’t date just because they share the same HAIR color Katelyn!  However, the more I saw them together, the more I realized that they shared more than just their ginger hair. They really would make an AWESOME couple!! So they started dating and I’m pretty sure Michael and I… and probably Rachel too…. were their biggest fans! I remember Michael and I praying with Brendan before he asked her out and now, a couple of years later, we’re taking their engagement pics!!! WOOHOO!! Michael and I just love these two and we’re so SO excited for them! I just makes my heart happy to see them together and so happy!! Brendan and Jenna… or “Brenna” as some like to say… We love you!! We cannot WAIT for August and we’re still your biggest fans! Michael and I can’t wait to have another awesome couple join the “Old Married People’s” club!!! xoxo

I will never stop loving old, dilapidated buildings!!

You guys are just too cute! Love this! 

Oh ok!

Jenna you’re gorgeous girl!!!

Ha! No idea what they were laughing at… maybe the cacti that were stuck to my flats?! Whatever it was, it made for a great picture! 

Love these….


I’m so sad the blossoms are almost gone! They’ve treated me well this year!

So cute…


Another fav!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Jill Powers reply

    AHH! I love these Katelyn! Jenna, you look gorgeous, and BRENDAN, holy cow, you’ve got a killer model face! I’m so excited for you two!! xo

  2. molly stillman reply

    ahh! i honestly don’t know how you pick a favorite with these. they are GORRRRRRGEOUS!!! love love love. can’t wait for their wedding pics!

  3. Mallory reply

    These pictures are so fun! You can definitely see their love for one another :)

  4. elizabeth reply



  5. Katie Yuen reply

    WOW! The colors in this session make my heart swoon, and WHAT A GORGEOUS COUPLE! The light is incredible in all of these! eeeh!

  6. Holly reply

    O.m.g. I love it all. Them, the trees, her dress, the light! Ahhhh Katelyn!

  7. Katie reply

    Her yellow and blue outfit is so precious! I love those colors together! And those pink Blooms! Gah!

  8. Jenna Miller reply

    Yes! Gingers UNITE!!! (haha.. literally.) What gorgeous photos :)

  9. Kim Macklin reply

    These are AMAZING!! Congrats Brendan and Jenna!!!

  10. Emily ford reply

    Katelyn, No matter how many engagement shoots or weddings you do, thank you for ALWAYS making each shoot feel brand new and gorgeous and lovely and inspiring. My heart gets happy seeing what you have captured for this couple!

  11. Abbby Grace W reply

    Wow!! These are great!! They act so happy!!:):):). I love it!!!! God bless!!!

  12. ashley barnett reply

    I love these! I’m laughing knowing the adventure you went on after this session to come see us! xoxo!

  13. Lauren tapscott reply

    These are so sweet, y’all:) Jenna- that dress is gorgeous on you! So happy for you and Brendan:)

  14. Sarah Adams reply

    That golden light on their ginger hair?!? GORGEOUS. I love the way they coordinated the coral/mint colors in the beginning shots! I too love Old buildings!!! So fun, and so beautiful, Katelyn!!! :)

  15. Kathryn Grace reply

    The first kissing shot with the tree in bloom… I hope they put a giant canvas of that on their wall!!!

  16. Steph Dunn reply

    I mean WOW. SO GREAT KK!

  17. Urška Majer reply

    This are truly beautiful! Love the ones with the blossom tree behind :)

  18. Allie reply

    Maybe my fave e shesh of yours EVER, Katelyn!! So so gorgeous and I just adore the blossoms!

  19. Beverly Lilly reply

    jenna and brendan, loved looking at these!! you all are one of my favorite couples and seeing the love, laughter, and joy you have for each other reminsd me why. Congrats again.

  20. Meaghan reply

    Katelyn, You did an amazing job of capturing these two! I was so excited to see their pictures up on the blog, and I’m so happy to see that ya’ll were able to include the water in the images! I can’t wait to meet you at the wedding!

  21. Mandy reply

    Oh my goshhhhh!!! These are absolutely gorgeous! Without a doubt one of my all time favorites! Brendan and Jenna you guys are literally models! I’m so happy for you two and can’t wait for this new adventure to begin. Love #brenna always :) ginger power couple!

  22. Ken mc Elroy reply

    can’t wait to meet you! Thanks for te terrific pictures of our growing famiy

  23. Mary Marantz reply

    Ok, THEY are Adorable!!! Love these k!!


  24. Kristina W. reply

    Did you travel everywhere for this eshoot? So many different kinds of photos! I love it! Possibly my new favorite eshoot!

  25. Meredith Sledge reply

    These are SO good!!! What amazing locations!

  26. Caroline reply

    looove the colors and the light – ohh my goodness. Great shoot!!

  27. ashley link reply

    these are all so fun!!!! so bright and colorful! they look so sweet together! :)

  28. Rici reply

    Am I mistaken or are there more red heads on the blog this week ;-)

    Love the first and the last outfit combi!!!! lovely!
    ~ Saluti.

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