We’ve Been Framed!

  • House Building Update

We knew from building our last house that the framing stage makes everything seem REAL! But the crazy thing about this house is that a lot of the framing that came to life the last two weeks was designed on my laptop in PHOTOSHOP!!! I literally moved the garage and twisted it forward in photoshop by adding a new layer and then our builder sent it to their draftsmen and now it’s literally sitting on our field…. my photoshop file has come to life! It’s the craziest thing!!!

Another fun fact about this house is that there is a room off of the kitchen that originated from a drawing my brother doodled onto a napkin one night. We were thinking about moving because we knew that our old neighbors were tired of our workshops, parties and events that we always hosted (and the parking issues that came with them) and so we told my little brother what our dream would be and he just started drawing! Corey has been drawing house plans since he was in high school… maybe even middle school! He loves designing that stuff! So we took his idea and we sent it to our builder and now its really cool for him to look at our field and see part of his napkin scribble actually FRAMED!!!

Our last house plan was selected from a series of 8 different plans and those were the only options in that neighborhood. This is QUITE a different experience. When you’re custom building, there aren’t really any limits…. except for the budget… which is a very REAL limit!!!! Thankfully we have had a lot of input from our best friends and our families about this house and we feel really good about our decisions so far. I think if there is one piece of advice I would give to anyone building a house… especially a custom house, it’s to invite some wise, not-too-opinionated, reasonable people with good taste to be a part of the process! This will help make sure that you don’t go off the deep end and do something that really isn’t necessary and it also reassures you that you’re not missing things as well!!

I know this is just a quick update but I’m sure we’ll be explaining and sharing more once some more progress happens!

Here are some questions we hear often:

– How often do you check on the house progress? Everyday that we’re in town! We look forward to it every day!
– When will you move in?! Well, November is the goal but we’ll see what happens with weather and other delays!
– How similar is this to your old house? Welp… that’s a good question. It’s more similar than you think! :)

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xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Kathryn Ivy reply

    Eeeek! Can’t wait to see the finished product!! So exciting!!

  2. Didi reply

    How exciting for you and Michael and Bokeh, too! We know that very feeling because we built our own custom log home. It was so hard to be patient while waiting for the home to be finished. Thanks much for the updates! Hope we can be there for your celebration!

  3. Ashleigh Gilbert reply

    Love it!! Excited to watch this process. We are beginning it and would love any fun helpful hints!

  4. Alyssa Lewis reply

    Make sure to get spray foam insulation. It’s expensive, but totally worth it during the hot summer days and cold winter nights. Does the best job at keeping the temperature in the house and does a pretty good job at keeping bugs out! :)

  5. Jen Holbrook reply

    We are building a house now too!!! So Much fun and so exciting and stressful all rolled up in one!!! My husband said, ‘well that is pretty much how a wedding day goes! So you should be fine!’ Lol I guess he is pretty spot on! I am most excited about the green belt that runs beside us and across the back of our property. And right now it is full of sunflowers!! Hello photo sessions!!!! ;)

  6. Kristina W. reply

    This is so exciting!!! I love seeing the updates!!!

  7. Megan Kelsey reply

    SO EXCITED TO SEE ALL OF THIS COME TOGETHER! Loving following the house updates!! It’s going to be beautiful!!!!!

  8. Yofi Photography reply

    Wow!! It’s going to be so beautiful!

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