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I knew from the moment Charity emailed me that I wanted to do her wedding! She is probably one of the most excited brides I’ve ever worked with! We emailed a few days before the wedding and I asked if everything was going smoothly and if she was stressed.  Her response was, “I’m fine, I’m just so ready to marry Frankie!”


The day of the wedding I arrived a little early to see the location because I had never been there before and as soon as I turned down the driveway I was thrilled!  Little Page Inn was as cute and quaint as it sounds.  Charity’s dress was unbelievable and all of the boys were in full uniform.  Everything flowed so perfectly.  From the colors to the weather, their day was perfect.  It was such a privilege to capture their wedding and it made it even more fun that they both were extremely excited for their pictures.  It was HOT and I was constantly asking how they were doing during their portraits.  Frank was in full uniform and Charity was carrying about 25 extra pounds of dress!  They would both just laugh and say they were doing great and that they both loved the picture part! Charity, any guy that enjoys taking pictures for an extended period of time in 90 degree weather is a winner!


I couldn’t have asked for sweeter, more genuine couple to work with.  Frank and Charity are best friends and it was easy to capture that in their pictures.  Mr. and Mrs. DellaCamera, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day. I wish you the very best! Congratulations!

(I seriously have a problem…I can’t pick a few favorites…It literally stresses me to try to narrow it down! So once again I’m blogging an excessive amount of images! sorry dial-up people!)

Aren’t these cute?

Gotta’ love the new lens! Photographers, the 24 1.4L II is SO WORTH the investment!

Once again, the beauty of the 24mm! Love it!

It was Charity’s idea to climb on the old stump! (love her.)

A few reception details!

The had a fruit bar beside the pool! How cool is that watermelon?!

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  1. Michael Alsop reply

    I kind of feel bad because I am commenting before Charity, but I want to let her know these look amazing. Thanks for putting some of the reception pictures, but still no ceremony shots. Not complaining…they are AWESOME. Inspired Designs is getting BIG.

  2. Anna reply

    yay!!!! I agree with Michael about commenting before Charity, but they are AMAZING!!!! Can’t wait to see the slideshow…

  3. Brooke Huley reply

    Stunning photos Katelyn, as always!! I can’t WAIT for you to take pictures at my wedding next week!!! :D

  4. Christy Payton reply

    Katelyn, these are GORGEOUS!!!! Love em!!!!!!!

  5. Carolyn Heaps reply

    these are so beautiful! so great.

  6. Naomi Duggins reply

    It’s okay! My sister, Charity is in MEXICO on her Honeymoon!!!! She’ll be happy to read all the comments when she gets back :) Wow ! I’m super excited about my anytime session with you Katelyn!

  7. Bob Knutti (FOB) reply

    Michael and Anna – it’s quite alright to comment – Char and Frank are still in Mexico on their honeymoon and are not going online while they are there.

    Katelyn – they are beautiful and can’t wait to see the rest… Love your work! This is from someone who did this in my former life (30 yrs ago)

  8. Angela Swain reply

    Charity, the pic before the A-frame picture is my favorite! All of these are awesome! Sorry, I couldn’t be there, but now I can see how beautiful everything and everyone was that day. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Alexa Varellan reply

    OMG!!!!!!!!! these are amazing! Charity looked so beautiful!

  10. Kayla Gibson reply

    OMG….AMAZING! I am sooo excited to have Charity see them, she will LOVE each one!

  11. Charity and FrankieD reply

    AHHHHHHHHHHH loooooooove them :) It’s 1 am but obviously checking our pictures was the first thing I wanted to do when we got home. They are amazing Katelyn!!! We can’t wait to see the rest of them tomorrow.

  12. Annette P. Fasick reply

    WOW – feels like I was really there to enjoy your happiness. The pictures are superb and such an enjoyable way for those who could not attend the ceremony to witness your love for each other. Charity, I’ve watched from the sidelines as you have grown through all these first few stages of life. Here’s wishing you love, continued happiness and God’s blessings to step boldly into marriage and the joys of a wife. Frank, now I KNOW you’re one of the few – a brave man! Be HAPPY – smile OFTEN -laugh OUT LOUD!
    Love, hugs and prayers, The Pevey’s

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  14. Leslie reply

    you know i like these…but i really like the ring pic. and the flowers on the wood.

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