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There was a point when I thought our June was going to be quiet this year! We have a weekend off and that NEVER happens in June! That’s right in the heart of wedding season! However, June has actually turned out to be the furthest thing from quiet! We’re SO excited to share that if you’re not in VA or the surrounding areas, you can still learn from us LIVE this month! YAY!

We’ve been invited to be a part of not one but TWO FREE WEBINARS! It’s going to be awesome!! If you’re around on June 10th and June 17th, you should join us! (Ps. If you ARE in the area, you should join us AND Amy and Jordan Demos for a LIVE educational event COME TOGETHER, June 11th!)

So what are these free webinars all about? Well, let me tell you!


We’re teaming up with Matt and Carissa Kennedy for a Webinar all about “5 WAYS YOU MIGHT BE LOSING CLIENTS!” This information is coming from our own experience over the last 7 years in business. I have learned so much through super busy seasons AND slower seasons as well! We’re excited to share this free information with you because it could help you tremendously if you’re experiencing the following things:

– Slower growth than you expected
– You aren’t booking your desired amount of clients
– You’re getting inquiries with no response

Want to join in?! You can signup HERE! Limited spots available!


If you’re reading this… you’re probably a BLOG follower! :) If you have been following along for a while you should know that we really appreciate you! More than you know! If you want to learn about how NECESSARY my blog is to my business, you can learn all about it at our FREE WEBINAR with Shoot Dot Edit!! We’ll be covering the following:
– Why Blogging isn’t dead and how it can transform your business!
– Tips for creating great content!
– Why consistency matters!

Want to join us?! You can signup HERE!

We can’t wait to see you online!! If you think a friend would enjoy this too, share your little heart out!! :)

xoxo, Katelyn
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