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only are we rebranding during this off-season, we’re also helping some friend’s with a fun secret project that hasn’t been released yet! We filmed for two days straight in our living room with a live little audience and it was so much fun! …. A lot of hard work, but fun!! :) Anything awesome takes hard work and so I know that A LOT of photographers are going to be thrilled when they find out what we’re up to! :) After our two days of filming we celebrated with a group of friends in downtown Richmond and then headed back to our house for hot chocolate and some break and bake cookies… my specialty. :)

We also went back to our house because our friends that were visiting, The Kennedys, had just gotten a new PUPPY!!!! And she is PRECIOUS! You can follow her on Instagram HERE! He’s a little red Cockapoo and she’s 8 weeks old! We had a blast with her and I have to admit… it made me want another puppy. But we just can’t!! We have so much to keep up with already and another puppy would not make life easier. However, if a new puppy would bring us just as much joy as Bokeh Boy does, we would love him/her to death! …. But I have to stop… because we just can’t…. but if you played with this little pup you would want one too!! She’s so CUTE!!!! So enjoy some pictures and a little visual recap of our time together!! We’re so thankful for sweet friends, special projects and new puppies!! Enjoy! Special thanks to Matt Kennedy for the pics of me teaching!

He looks scared but he loves having his ears scratched and played with:) 

Those LIGHTS!!! HUGE thanks to Tyler Herrinton for letting us use them! (Warning, being in front of

them for two days does not make you tan but it DOES make your eyes red!)

Bokeh wasn’t sure about this little girl! 

Hilarious!!! Get that tail girl! 

Such sweet friends! So thankful for them! 

Love this! 

Such a model already!!

Everyone just LOVED her!!!

Bokeh Boy, you have still won our hearts. You’ll always be our favorite pup! :)

Playing “Heads Up”! …. While Sadie chews on Buddy’s shoe:)

I’m so bad at games…. like, SO BAD.

This is even cuter when you know that Bokeh slept in the bed with Buddy all night that night! :)

Sweet little Sadie!

And of course we skyped in Jordan and Amy!

And we tried to play “Heads Up” via Facetime! haha

And as the night got later… puppies fell alseep….

And husbands started braiding hair! ha! 


We loved having a night of FUN and no work!! These sweet friends mean so much to us and in my opinion, this is what Christmas time should look like! :) It’s my fav tiem of the year! I think we need to make hair braiding, puppy playing and hot chocolate at the Alsop’s house a new tradition:) 

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  1. Megan Kelsey reply

    She reminds me of when my toy poodle Chloe was little!! SO precious! I need to convince Justin to let us get a small dog when we get married ;) Any tips? Lol

  2. Kristina W. reply

    Looks like a lot of fun! :) Sadie is cute, but Bokeh still has my heart too!

  3. Elizabeth reply

    Love this! Super excited to see what the video project is =) The party looks so super sweet and chill…love the hair braiding + the facetime game, haha ;) Blessings! Have a lovely Christmas!

  4. Sharon Elizabeth reply

    LOL at braiding hair!!!! that’s so cute and funny!

  5. Mary Marantz reply

    Hahaha LOVE this!! Such a great time!

  6. Katie reply

    This looks like SOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!
    love you all! <3

  7. Amy Demos reply

    The hair braiding!! BAhaha!! Anna’s face is my favorite. Thanks for letting us feel like we were there for a minute! Our game faces kill me. Love you guys!!

  8. Tiffany McClure reply

    The lighting in the outside pictures is just PHENOMENAL!! It’s just so incredibly dreamy! It helps that they are such a cute little family too! I love your more personal posts, it’s nice to know ya Katelyn!

  9. Annamarie reply

    hahahaha! Missed this till now…love you guys!! such a fun evening!

  10. Tori Watson reply

    so fun! totally wish i could have crashed that party! what a fun group!

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