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know it was going to be a great shoot? As soon as Mari showed me her teal polka dot dress! SCORE!! Loved it!! I actually wouldn’t mind finding one of my own… but don’t tell Michael because we just had a budget meeting and extra fun dresses are not on our “necessities” list!   So I met these two at Maris’s parent’s house and we started their session with Patch, their adorable rescue pup that they’ve had for about eight months now. He has become a part of their family and so of course he needed some portraits too!! After Patch was done with his modeling session we moved on over to Georgetown  and you just

can’t go wrong there. Sure, it was busy and people were everywhere but there are just so many fun nooks and crannies to shoot! We were shooting in fountains, alleys, bushes and canals! It was great!! Not too terribly hott and not as humid is it has been these past past weeks! We walked and talked about their wedding plans and as the sun was setting I really felt like I knew these two so much better. That’s what an engagement session is supposed to be like. I kept telling them “This is your warm up for the wedding day!” and it’s true! Engagement sessions are so important and I’m thankful we finally made this happen. We’ve had this shoot on the calendar 3 different times and whether it was rain or my crazy schedule, it just never seemed to happen! Well, Maris you can cross this off the list because you now have a TON of beautiful engagement images!! Loved meeting you two and I hope you love your post!!!  Have a great weekend everybody!!

Meet Patch!

Maris you’re gorgeous!! Love this one!

YAY! Dodging the splashes and the kiddos was worth it!

Love this one!

Oh ok Model faces!! Nice!

For those that are wondering, the bokeh is from headlights from cars passing on the street. The ring was sitting on the top of a newspaper box on the side of the road!


a favorite for sure!!!

These were taken at dusk… love the colors!

And one more ring shot for fun!! 

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Laura Kaster reply

    That dress is too cute! Where did Maris get it? I SO want one!!

  2. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    Ahh Georgetown! I love it! WOW those ring shots are AMAZING!!!!!!

  3. Kristina W. reply

    Wow, I love love love these engagement portraits! They’re exceptional! How do you keep getting better and better, Katelyn?

  4. Lisa Eickel reply

    Maris you look gorgeous! Katelyn, I love seeing all these JMU couples & AST sorority sisters on your blog!!

  5. Zari Hamaways reply

    What a wonderful job Katelyn!!! My best friend is sooooo beautiful, love you Maris :-)

  6. Maris reply

    Hi, I had no idea Bokeh was a photography term until this, I had to look it up :) Thanks for a great job!!!

    The dress is from Francesca’s :)

  7. Sharon Elizabeth reply

    LOVE these! I especially love the water shots! =)

  8. Jill Powers reply

    Love these Katelyn!! Beautifuuuul!

  9. Annetta reply

    Awesome job Katelyn. I think this is your best one yet. Loved the ones with the boat and along the water.

  10. Stephanie reply

    Yes! Love shooting in Georgetown ESPECIALLY down by the water! Beautiful work, as always, but those ring shots are to die for!

  11. Caitlin Sullivan reply

    Oh how that teal dress POPS on her! Gorgeous work, Katelyn!

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