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It’s crazy how time flies by without you even realizing it!  It seems like yesterday that I was considering the idea of hosting a workshop. I thought about the pros and cons, how much work it would entail, could I REALLY teach anyone anything?! Was I ready to take on an adventure like this after only one year in business? Well it happened! The Basics workshop took place this past Saturday and we had a blast! I had 22 attendees who came from all over the state who were excited and ready to learn from me and each other. It was perfect! We talked about composition, lines, curves, back-lighting, shooting MANUALLY, and so much more! My hope is that everyone that attended left encouraged and ready to seriously improve their photography skills!

Our BEAUTIFUL model Megan did an amazing job and was oh so patient! We walked around the campus of CNU and practiced what we had just learned.  The weather was perfect and the light was glowy! I couldn’t have asked for more.

A HUGE thank you to Jessie Smith for snapping a few of me during the day and helping out! Here are a mixture of her shots and my shots of Megan!

Yea… I was pretty excited I guess.  I’m surprised I didn’t scare them all away!!

Working on changing up our WB indoors!

I don’t know what was so funny. Despite what it looks like, I definitely wasn’t laughing at you Megan! You did great!

Look at them! They’re so legit! Loved our practice shoot!

Megan, you’re adorable.

Probably a favorite!

Aw look at him! Love it. (photo credit: Mandy Rocamontes!)

Working on our lines!


Oh, no… this is my fav! Hands down!

Special special thanks Michael, my roommates and Jasmine* for the extra push to actually do this thing! It was a blast and there will hopefully be many more to come!

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  1. britney reply

    these are great! I wish I could have been there… I will go to the next one! Because there needs to be a next one… ;)

  2. AshleyP reply

    YAY!! Iv been blog stalking since saturday…I had a blast and look forward to more in the future! Ahhh! Im still all giddy about it! haha

  3. Michael reply

    One down…many more to come. You did so well Saturday. We are gonna need to get a better projector. Love you

  4. Beth reply

    fabulous!! so what is the date of the next one??? :-) I think you have a crowd ready now!

  5. Currie F reply

    Thank you so much for doing the workshop! It was amazing! Nice pictures too!

  6. Momma reply

    KK, you look like you were having sooooo much fun! Remember how I said that you love people and you love what you do . . . I knew it would go well. I’m proud of you for stepping out, once again, and trying something new. The first pic of Megan took me by surprise . . . for a split second I thought you had flown in J* for the photo shoot!!! :) Luv u

  7. Melody reply

    I learned so much! I feel a bit more confident….You did a good job putting this on…it was a BLAST, and I will take other workshops :)

  8. Amy reply

    I had a great time. I’d come to another just to hear everything all over again! You’d be so proud of me, I’ve practiced on manual already. Still gonna have to use the “devil” setting sometimes though, the boys move too fast for me to try to make the necessary adjustments.

  9. Holly reply

    I DEFINITLY learned a lot. Some of it I had learned before in photo or art classes, but I obviously needed refreshing! Good thing your slogan is about getting inspired, because I definitly was. I’ve never been so confident that I CAN make something happen with something that I’ve loved for so long since the workshop…I know it will just take time to practice and oh yeah, save money to buy myself a better camera! Just a small detail…;) Thank you for doing this!!

  10. emy reply

    WOW kk you look so legit! (little mini j*) haha. And look at micheal… he looks like a professional second shooter. =) You’ve come so far this past year and IM SO PROUD OF YOU AND WHAT YOU’VE ACCOMPLISHED!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!

  11. Kristin reply

    This class was so much fun! I’m so glad you did one and hope there are more to come! I will def. be attending all follow-ups! :)

  12. Carmaleta Ann reply

    Congratulations Katelyn!!
    I knew you would do well!!!

  13. emy reply

    p.s. that 3rd picture… you really look professional. SO LEGIT!!! wish i could have been there.

  14. Stephanie Wilkinson reply

    Katelyn, I just want to say thank you once again! I learn sooo much from you and the Workshop was wonderful. I was definitly was inspired! I really hope you have more workshops, I will def. be attending if there is!! :)

  15. Tira J reply

    Wow Katelyn! Congratulations on your first workshop!

  16. Amber reply

    I Loved the workshop!!! I am always shooting in manual and I hardly ever touch the “devil setting!!” I am so proud of you!! Love, Me.

  17. Leslie reply

    i really like the ones with the curves!! i didnt need to go to the workshop you already teach me enough. but im glad it went so well!! youre so good at what you do kk!!

  18. Jasmine* reply

    SO, SO, SO, SO, SO, SOOOOO proud of you!!!! xoxo

  19. lauryn reply

    can we do another one already?! Katelyn, you were so wonderful and I hope we can see each other again soon :-)

  20. Cati reply

    First comment-Megan is ADORABLE and I LOVE LOVE her freckles.

    Second comment-This workshop looks amazing, and I am not even much of a photographer. I think you need to take the show on the road, or I need to come down to VA the next time you have one! :)

  21. caroline reply

    aaahhh!!!! it happened! oh you did it! super super SUPER proud of you my dear. its not over yet :) love you

  22. Mandy reply

    KK! I didn’t look at these until now..oops. But they turned out so well, and just to reiterate what you already know by now-I think you did sooo well teaching everyone. You are such a charming, sweet person, yet so professional and skilled at the same time, which makes you a great workshop woman!! Love you :)

  23. Susan Maier reply

    Your female model was adorable but next time you should use that good looking guy in the navy jacket! ;)
    Congratulations Katelyn on a job well done!!

  24. Allison reply

    This looks like it was so much fun and very educational! I’m jealous! I wish I would have known about this or I would have been there. I hope you do another one!!! Hopefully I will know about it and be able to attend!

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