Girl's Sleepover at our House!

  • My Wedding-less Weekend

TOTALLY covered the ENTIRE floor of our house this past Friday night. The study had sleeping bags, pillows and Vera Bradley duffles piled at high as the light switch and 32 high school girls came for the biggest sleepover I have EVER hosted.  32 girls… in our 1300 sq foot house! YIKES! Talked about cramped.  Luckily these girls are amazing and all love each other so it worked out perfectly. I don’t know how 4 girls slept on one couch but they made it happen!  Michael is the Upper school youth pastor at Gayton Baptist Church (pssst. if you are in the Richmond area and need a church home, check it out!).  The thing about being married to someone in the ministry is that

. I feel just as much a part of this job as he is. He hangs out with the boys, I get the girls! This weekend I had 32 of them! To some, having 32 high school girls over to the house sounds like madness… well it is.  But I love the madness… and I love these girls. We had a night full of movies, photo shoots, miniature dance parties, junk food and tons of laughing… LOUD laughing. It was a blast. When girls finally started to get ready to sleep….there were girls covering the WHOLE house… including the hallway. I felt awful that girls were sleeping in the hall but hey, that’s the best our little house had to offer and they didn’t seem to mind.


Friday was an awesome time and I love this new phase of our life.  Michael stayed at another family’s home on Friday and then woke up bright and early and took a group of boys hiking all day! He loves his job and I love that I get to share in it. So there wasn’t a wedding this weekend…. instead I had a sleepover, 3 sessions, and a full day of church…..I’m ready for Thanksgiving break! Enjoy some of our “photo shoot”!

Notice those props? They made their first appearance at the 10-10-10 photobooth!

Practicing our “Model” shots:) These girls are gorgeous!

Loved Margeaux’s reaction after trying to do a “serious” face! Beautiful smile!!

Caitlyn’s laugh is awesome:)

Full house! These next few were taken one right after another so it shows how full the house was!

A VERY special thank you to my amazing sister for coming to help me!! She’s the best … and she makes great pancakes:)

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  1. Rhonda reply

    I have 1 more teenage girl you can add!!! She already has her bags packed!! LOL

  2. reply

    i love the pics of the girls all over the floor. how cute. how fun to be a teenager with the best youth ministers ever!!! i needed that when i was a teen! so cool!!!

  3. Amy reply

    What great pictures! It looks like sooo much fun!

  4. Sarah reply

    My favorite part being a youth pastor’s wife is the girl’s sleepovers! With 3 little kids I haven’t done one in awhile, but you may have inspired me to do one soon!!

  5. chelsea finchum reply

    hi, this is chelsea finchum from salem baptist church.I just wanted to say that these girls inspire me with there luv and friendship with eachother. I luved this slide show and cant wait to see more of urr beautiful pics to come.

  6. Lauryn reply

    I love that we get to see some of your new home in these! Glad ya’ll had a great time!

  7. nikki m reply

    looks sooooooo fun! those girls are lucky to have you :)

  8. Jennifer reply

    The girls did not seem to be bothered by your smallish house. What a fabulous memory to enjoy for years to come.

  9. michaela reply

    This is so sweet! I know I always looked up to my youth pastor’s wife and to this day, she’s still my number one role model, so I’m sure the girls adore you!!

  10. Harris reply

    I am so thankful for youth ministers wives. Growing up in a small, but close youth group in my middle school years we had a wonderful female role model in our youth ministeries wife and when God called them elsewhere I missed that. I’m thankful for youth minister and for my mother, but its also nice to have a younger female interacted with a youth group who can relate.

  11. britney reply

    aw this looks like tons of fun kk! i bet a few of them know Grace! i love the shot of the sleeping bags lining the hallway.

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