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may just be one of my most favorite senior shoots to date! Beautiful girl, beautiful light and some fun locations and outfits made for a GREAT shoot on Monday! Kelsey is just the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet. I remember thinking that as soon as I met her at youth group a couple of years ago. Her smile and her personality can make anyone love her instantly!! I have been looking forward to her portraits because I knew they would be a blast! … And they were! I can’t wait to share my favorites and let you see some gorgeous portraits of this amazing girl!

We had so much fun running through fields, finding random locations and dodging briar patches. All of that hard work was so worth it! Enjoy Kelsey’s senior portraits!!

Kelsey, I am SO thankful that you’re in my life! You have exciting things ahead of you and I can’t wait to see all that God does through you the rest of this year AND as you leave for COLLEGE! woohoo! So excited for you!!

Just beautiful!!!

Such a natural!!!!

Love these!!

Oh this spot was such a great find!!!

LOVE this!

The light was just perfect!

We ended in a field across from my house and the sun was setting behind some clouds…

And then it decided to come back out again and it was amazing!!

Love this golden light!


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  1. Laura reply

    These are gorgeous!!! I love how you captured her personality…

  2. Michael Alsop reply


  3. Leanne Wight reply

    Really beautiful Kelsey! Great job Katelyn! Those eyes are gorgeous!

  4. Kathryn Grace reply


  5. Thomas reply

    I find your blog page just super. Beautiful pictures. You can feel the love of photography. I love it. Maybe look over at me sometimes.

  6. Megan W. reply

    Kelsey you’re gorgeous! These pictures are so great Katelyn!

  7. Meredith Sledge reply

    I LOVE HER OUTFITS! Oh, these are so good! I love when you shoot seniors! :)

  8. Lauren C reply

    She’s Beautiful! Love your posing. And Her Scarf…Would Love To know where she got it. :)

  9. Brooke Carroll reply

    that last set of photos is unreal! They’re so amazing :)

  10. Richard reply

    Katelyn, amazing work as always. You should create an E-book or workshop on location scouting which highlights some of your favorite local spots for shooting portraits

  11. Constance Nadaskay reply

    What a beautiful job you did! I am studying photography and your photos are a real inspiration to me! Thank you!

  12. Abby reply

    wow,Katelyn these are just amazing! And what a beautiful model :)

  13. Christi reply

    Was this all during one session? The light looks too amazing in all of them! How did you fit so many outfits and changing during one beautiful session? I feel like I am always racing against the sun with senior portraits and trying to incorporate different locations and outfit changes!

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