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Michael, my roommate Steph and many others are probably exiting out of their browsers right now because just the thought of a McDonald’s filet-o-fish sandwich makes them gag! Well you know what?! I LOVE them! Seriously! In my opinion, if I have to eat fast food from Mickey D’s, I would most definitely choose a filet-o-fish sandwich.  Why? I don’t really know. I just really like them and as gross as they may seem, they’re actually quite tasty!  I try to order them but if Michael is with me, he immediately gives me “the look” that says “Really? You’re going to make me smell that thing?”.  I kid you not, one time when we went through the drive through and Michael was ordering, I told him exactly what I wanted, a diet coke and a fish fillet.  He ordered his and then continued to order me a CHICKEN SANDWICH! The nerve!! I actually take great pride in the fact that I love something that most people think is disgusting.  It’s just one of those things that makes me different… and maybe a little weird.


So if you’re a fellow fish fillet lover, we’re going to stick together and be friends. Enjoy your memorial day weekend and if you find yourself hungry and on the road like I am going to be (2 weddings this weekend!), stop at McDonalds,  get a fish-fillet, and be proud of it!

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  1. Rachel reply

    I think you’re the only person that could make a filet-o-fish container look classy.

  2. Laura reply

    AHHHHH!!! No now I have the stupid song stuck in my head. Thanks a lot. I’m forever haunted by that song because one of my teachers decided that it was a great idea to play the song over and over and over and over again to illustrate a point. I don’t remember the point, but I remember the song.

  3. Blaine Sledge reply

    Definitely proud of Michael for denying you a filet o fish. He has your best interest in mind.

  4. Michael reply

    I HATE THOSE THINGS!!! “all natural, ain’t nothing natural about that”. Thanks Micah Martin.

  5. Anna reply

    I think it’s stinkin’ hilarious that Michael did that to you! But seriously, they are NASTY!!! And they do stink… stick to the chicken :)

  6. Kevin reply

    Fish is supposed to be good for you. But the Mickey D’s fish might not qualify. I like them too.

  7. Betty reply

    they’re also my favorite! something about the cheese & tartar sauce…

  8. Jan reply

    I HATE fish, but I love McD’s filet-o-fish sandwiches. I guess because they really don’t resemble real fish. Glad we have something in common and I don’t have to be alone in my weirdness! Enjoy your weddings this weekend!

  9. Josh reply

    Fillet-o-fish for life too!!! Oh how that beautiful thing melts in your mouth! Do you have it with Tartar sauce too? Like dipping into extra tartar sauce on the side, if you haven’t you should try it! Ask them for it next time you order.. I do that, always, without fail!

  10. Traci reply

    Hysterical! I order those all the time…and I thought it was just me and senior citizens keeping them on the extra value meal. I am a fan of the steamed bun…and the perfect square shape of course!

  11. Tiffany reply

    Wish I had one now!

  12. Molly Davis reply

    I find it hysterical that I check out your blog today and guess what I just ate for Sunday lunch…Yep, a Filet-o-Fish from no other place than McDonald’s and it was DELISH! Classy, huh?! Haha!

  13. Aimee Brooks reply

    Did you know that the filet-o-fish is the MOST unhealthy thing on the McDonald’s menu? It’s more unhealthy than the big mac! ah!

  14. Leslie reply

    ew who are you? britney?

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