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Can I just say, it is so much fun to have your portraits done when you’re a photographer yourself! It’s SO good for us to feel what it’s like to be on the other side of the camera. I asked Emily Gerald (a dear friend, past KJ Bride and incredible birth/newborn photographer) if we could hire her to do Graham’s newborn portraits and she said yes immediately! I was 1. relieved… because I had waited until the last minute to plan this and 2. So excited to have portraits done with both of my babies. When you lose a baby, there are little things that sting a little deeper than others. For me, I had envisioned getting to have beautiful portraits with Evy and Baby James before we knew how sick he was.

I quickly pushed that hope and desire to the back of my mind once we knew that we were going to lose him.  When I became pregnant with Baby Graham, I thought about how I wanted portraits with my two babies again…. but it is really hard to get excited about something when there is so much fear that it will, once again, not come to fruition. Maybe that’s why I put off planning this session until  the last few week of his pregnancy. I just wanted to know that he would be here and that he would be healthy. Thank you Jesus, he’s here and he’s perfect. Somedays it’s still hard to wrap my mind around that.

Emily is amazing and she did the best job encouraging and instructing these tired parents on what to do. She put up with a few Evy-meltdowns and yet still managed to capture everything I had hoped for while also hiding a large majority of the weight I still hope to lose. Three babies in two years will do that to you. I was worried about having portraits done two weeks after having my third…. but Em helped me find a dress that I loved and made all the necessary adjustments while we were shooting to make sure I looked my best.  These little things are what make a photography experience beautiful and I’m so thankful for her!!!!

I could sit here and write paragraphs about how much these pictures mean to me…. but we have two kids and free time is limited…. so enjoy my absolute favorites!! These portraits capture one of the greatest answered prayers of our life. I’m so grateful for this precious baby boy!

Photos By: Emily Gerald Photography

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Sara reply

    You look gorgeous! The picture of you holding Graham in front of your special wall for James is so beautiful. You all look wonderful.

  2. Jesi reply

    These are so beautiful!! Your family is beautiful and I’m so glad that Graham is here and healthy!!

  3. Hiliary Stewart reply

    Oh my gosh! These are the most beautiful picture I’ve ever seen! Congrats Alsop family!!

  4. Meredith Sledge reply

    Wow these are SO SPECIAL and you look absolutely beautiful Katelyn!!! Wow! What a gift to have images like this!

  5. Nicole Amanda reply

    Ahhh girl they are absolutely perfect!! Amazing job Emily!!!

  6. kimber Scotland reply

    These are the most gorgeous newborn family portraits I’ve ever seen.

  7. Kristina W. reply

    Beautiful! What wonderful newborn photos!

  8. Melissa Jones reply

    Such beautiful photos! My heart is full for you!

  9. Helena Woods reply

    I’ve been following your journey for a few years now Katelyn and when I heard about baby James, my heart broke for you but I’m so overjoyed to see how your story unfolded with your now family of 4! Congratulations on such a wonderful time and such a beautiful family – and you look fabulous in these portraits! These black and whites are so timeless and classic. I love portraiture that will always be in style, years and years from now. Beautiful and thanks for sharing! :)


  10. emma reply

    wow so strong and inspiring. For more

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