• Athens, Greece | Sneak Peek

Welp, because of EXTREMELY slow internet on the cruise ship and the ridiculous amount of $$ that it cost per minute…. I’m just showing ya a little peek of where we were yesterday! Athens was amazing, absolutely amazing! Can’t wait to share more….. and enjoy high speed internet again. However! I’m definitely not wishing away our time here… if I could wake up and see beautiful mediterranean coastlines passing by every morning I would be in heaven! We love being here! Enjoy the sneak peek and happy Thursday from across the world!

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  1. Nate reply

    Awesome pic! Can’t wait to see more of Greece! Glad you to are having such a great time

  2. Brendan reply

    Jealous. But this picture is awesome. I am glad you two are having a blast! And FYI, its Wednesday here in the states.

  3. Mallory reply

    I am so jealous!! I hope you are really enjoying your honeymoon! Can’t wait to see more pictures!

  4. Brenda (Momma) reply

    Wow! That picture is amazing. Oh. . . . I wish you could send some more. :) Too bad the internet is so slow and expensive. But your time on the ship is supposed to be relaxing and laid back. So have lots of fun; enjoy the sights; and bring back lots of pics! That’s a silly thing to say, because of course KK is going to take lots and lots of pictures! Luv you both.

  5. Sydni Gould reply

    what a magnificent photo!! glad you’re having a blast!

  6. Mandy reply

    This is beautiful!!! Can’t wait to see more…and I’m so glad ya’ll are enjoying your trip!!! :)

  7. michelle brooks reply

    These posts are making me JEALOUS!!! I cna’t imagine such beautiful places in the world. Keep ’em comin’ (pain gonna make everything all right!) :)

  8. Becca reply

    So pretty! Great picture! Can’t wait to see more and hope to see some posts about how you picked out stuff for yalls gorgeous wedding!

  9. Pasha Belman reply

    Love it.. WOW – How beautiful

  10. caroline reply

    i love how Brenda puts momma in parenthesis!
    did i tell you that the parthenon is my favorite??? I built a model of it in 5th grade complete with play-dough sculptures of Athena and the treasury chest thing :)

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