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this post for HOURS. Every time I blog a wedding I tell myself “narrow down your images Katelyn! You can’t blog them all!”.  I’m seriously trying to work on it. I’ve found a little trick that is helping me blog fewer images but I’ll share that later on the in post! So this past weekend was my first double wedding weekend of the year! Whew! My feet are still recovering! However, I have never felt more loved than I did at these two weddings.  So many guests and family members were so encouraging and very excited to see these images! That’s so amazing for me. It’s a great reminder that what I am doing is such a huge part of the wedding day

and these images are such a gift to my couples.  Alex and Nikki are amazing people. I loved them every since their engagement session back in the fall with their dogs! I got a little peek into their life and I knew as I left downtown Richmond that day, that their wedding was going to be wonderful.  Alex is one of the friendliest guys I have ever met and he can make ANYONE laugh and Nikki is the type of girl that you meet and immediately wish she was your best friend!  They were married this past Saturday and their backyard wedding was ACTUALLY held in the FRONT yard of Nikki’s parent’s home in Goochland, Virginia. (loved it! Of course, I’m a little partial to having weddings in the backyard:) The wooden chairs were lined up perfectly and the trees were just large enough to cover all of the rows with shade.  It looked perfect… until the thunder rolled in. We hurried  through bridal party pictures and then ran inside to wait out the storm. After 45 minutes of nervous pacing and radar watching, the clouds cleared and the sun was shining. Guests grabbed towels and started wiping down chairs. Their ceremony was so beautiful and the rain helped diminish the heat! As Alex and Nikki vowed to be best friends for a lifetime and to always put each other first, I snapped away and was reminded of how awesome it is to be surrounded by ALL of the people that love you most. Weddings are such a crazy experience. There is nothing like it. As a bride and groom, you feel so LOVED and everything is just perfect… even in the rain.


Alex and Nikki, from the First Look to climbing on top hay bails at your reception…. I had a blast with you guys. I’m so grateful that I had the chance to work with you and get to know both of you. What an amazing couple you are!! Enjoy your honeymoon and I can’t wait to show you ALL of these images!! Congratulations!!!


I SO wish I had been wearing TOMS on Saturday! Nikki, you’re a smart bride!







There he is! He pulls off a tux really well! Super classy.

I have figured out that if I do “triple” image displays, I can show MORE images!! So let me know what you think of them. If they’re really not cool, just let me know.:) LOVED their first look! Alex’s reaction was priceless!

That pic on the right is the “Whew! Girl you look GOOD!” expression from Alex.

Those charms on Nikki’s bouquet have pictures of grandparents inside!


I seriously can’t get enough of these! Nikki and Alex, you’re wonderful!

get it girl!!!!

Gahh!!! Is it weird that I want this hanging in my house?

Ya’ll are killing me! Probably one of the most genuine images I’ve ever shot.

Alex, WOW! Your model face is impressive. It’s gotten more intense since the e-session!

Nikki my dear, there are no words….

Everyone in this bridal party is on my “I owe you one” list!  The rain was starting and we had about 4minutes until the downpour and they made it happen!

Ceremony location in the front yard:)

After the rain stopped, the ceremony began and it was perfect in every way…. even the light was awesome!

Nikki this is going to sounds so incredibly cheesy… but you looked like an angel… you were like, GLOWING!

Married!!! and super excited about it!

how cute are these two?!

Love this!!!

Most of the centerpieces were potted plants! Such a great idea!

Their guests received “Seed Bombs” in the shape of a heart and included instructions on how to make them grow.

Cookie bar! There were different cookies made by different family members and friends. Nikki made recipe booklets that had recipes for all of the cookies on display!

One of my favorite cake toppers…

If you’ve been following the blog for a while and STILL don’t know who these two are…. something is wrong!! Loved having Jared and Lauryn there!! Jared MADE the Mr&Mrs signs and the cake topper!

It wasn’t easy getting up there…. It was worth it guys!!!

I know I show so many PORTRAITS… it’s my favorite part of the whole day! However, there are so many other images that I skip sometimes. I’ll try to get better at posting more images like this:




FLOWERS | Louisa Flower Shop

DRESS | Bella Rosa

VENUE | The Melton Home! Business in the front, party in the back:)

DJ | Choice Entertainment



FAVORS | Seed Hearts from Etsy





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  1. Abby Grace Photography reply

    pheeeeew! these are awesome!!! that photo of the back of her dress– swoon. the effect the window lighting had on the fabric and buttons is delicious. also, I like the triptych thing!

  2. sherri lynn reply

    Beautiful pictures! I love the ones with the hay bales and the ones that show their personalities coming out. And no, the triple images is not too much, i like it!

  3. Deborah Zoe reply

    I LOVE all the details:)!

  4. Lauryn reply

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Omygosh I am so excited to see these!!! Nik, you are so beautiful…this is my favorite wedding ever…biased or not! Katelyn, you did perfectly! Love the light in all of them…so glowy. Al, I love you. Im so happy. EEEEEEEEE!

  5. patti lashomb reply

    Great Pics! Glad to see my lovely niece and her handsome husband again!

  6. Johnna King reply

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! I love looking at your work! You are so talented!! Amazing wedding yet again!

  7. nikki reply

    THESE ARE SO PERFECT!!!!!! i cannot wait to see the rest. katelyn, thank you for everything – you are so awesome and you had such a big part in making our day so great!!! especially love the one in front of the grapes, and the ones with the tractor, and the ones with ian and cassidy, and the ones on the hay, and the ones with the cake….yeah, okay, i especially love them all. and you!! thank you thank you thank you!!!!

  8. Kristin Partin reply

    1379 is my very favorite! Great job, katelyn. You’re fabulous!

  9. Alicia Candelora reply

    Love all of these, especially the details shots!!

  10. Sara reply

    Okay this has got to be one of my favorites of yours, ever!! They did such a great job with the details, and I LOVE the candid shots. AHHH!!

  11. Rachel Leigh Greene reply

    I LOVE these! Of course I always love your work :D. The bride reminds me of the girl from the movie “Elf”. She’s SO cute! :D

  12. Clare reply

    LOVE this wedding! Love love looove!

  13. Marie Bailey reply

    Katelyn, you are amazing. I think I want to marry Stuart all over again so you can take pictures! These are my favorite so far.

  14. Rachel reply

    Katelyn, these pictures are ROCKING. What a wonderful job you did! Nik and Al, love you guys! :) It was a perfect day.

  15. Danny Douglas reply

    These are beautiful! Love the “first look” images!

  16. Shauna Ploeger reply

    These are beautiful images. Such a great display of detail shots, portraits, and candids. Lovely work!

  17. Eileen White reply

    You captured the love and joy of this day! Your work IS exceptional and You were wonderful to watch and to work with; you are so pleasant and patient and you are incredibly creative! I’m very thankful Alex and Nikki found YOU!

  18. Stephanie Conn reply

    I love the images in three’s. I do that on my blog sometimes and think it really works :) I love looking at your blog Katelyn, I get posing inspiration from your posts before I head out to shoots :) so thank you!!

  19. Emily Williamson reply

    The three side-by-side images are great! Definitely keep those up :)

  20. anne taylor reply

    so. beautiful. also the shot of the tables at the reception looks like the dining hall at hogwarts… not kidding. you made the tables float, katelyn. a whole new level.;)

  21. Girish reply

    Absolutely stunning images. I love the images of the couple and details around. Stunning.

  22. Kristina N. reply

    Oh my gosh, so much wedding inspiration in this blog post!!! I’m having lots of purple in my wedding, Tyler and I have been making our own little signs, and my bouquet is going to be purples and blues with a wildflower look too! Having the cookie bar is such a great idea, wish we had thought of that! And the photos are pure amazingness. I LOVE this post! And I think the 3 images in a row are good, it gives it an album vibe.

  23. Amy reply

    These images make me want to re-marry my husband just so you can do our pictures! Love, love, love these!

  24. Brenda reply

    These images are reeeeeeally beautiful. This is one of my favorite posts. Love the colors, the details, the first look, the pic on the hay bale, and that the bride and groom looked so relaxed and were having so much fun! Great job KK.

  25. Amanda Honaker reply

    Congratulations, you two! Nikki, you are gorgeous! Love all the details & so glad the rain cleared up for you.

  26. Cati reply

    Beautiful as usual- this wedding was so sweet and casual. I also happen to LOVE her engagement ring, because it’s the same as mine! :)

  27. Sydni Jackson reply

    these are all so PRETTY!!! i love the ones with the hay and in front of the barn!

  28. Leslee reply

    There are no words to describe how much I love this wedding. The theme and colors reminded me of my wedding. Awesome job Katelyn!

  29. Mary Marantz reply

    Beautiful Katelyn!! I LOVE the hay bales!!

  30. Alexis Nicole Photography reply

    um, yeah….these are officially AMAZING!!!!!! love love love!

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  32. Brittany reply

    The “First look” pictures are absolutely breath taking. Brought tears to my eyes. Your ability to capture such a moment is amazing!

  33. Mercy Thompson reply

    The wedding was beautiful and you truly captured the entire event in these photos. They are just wonderful.

  34. Kendal reply

    this was a beautiful wedding and you did an amazing job! just wondering… do you know where she bought her dress at??? it is absolutely gorgeous!

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