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have a lot of friends in the industry… friends that we met at conferences, friends that live down the road… friends that we’ve met via the blog… etc. Lots of friends! It’s such a gift! When I ventured into the photography world over 6 years ago, I never entered expecting to find community… much less, lifelong friends! Thank goodness God has other plans. Over 3 three years ago we met Jeremy Kester…. and our life has never been the same! He’s literally one of the funniest, light hearted, most genuine guys we know. The more we got to know him, the more we realized that not only was he hilarious, he was also very REAL.

He shares his heart, his flaws, and his dreams so openly and that’s one of the things we love about him!! Soon after meeting Jeremy, we had the privilege of meeting his wife Ashley!! To say she’s incredible would be an understatement. This girl helps Jeremy with his multiple businesses AND takes care of their 4 kiddos!! Yes, FOUR!!! (And they are adorable!!). What we love about this couple is their honesty, vulnerability, their love for people and their heart for photographers.

Jeremy teaches photographers, photographs seniors and weddings and runs an awesome company called “H.H. Boogie”! HH Boogie sells handcrafted wooden boxes that hold unbound albums and different elements of the wedding day! These Amish-made boxes are stunning and I have been eyeing them for years now! I really want one for OUR wedding pictures! (Hint hint Michael!) I casually mentioned to Ashley and Jeremy that I really wanted to own one for myself one day and being the amazing people that they are, they surprised us with one when we arrived home from our Australia trip!!!!!!!! AHHH!!!!!

Ya know how when you look at something from a distance for a while and then when it’s actually in front of you it seems like it’s not real?? … That’s how I feel when I look at my very own HH Boogie box sitting in my living room!!! I love it!!!!!

So, for weddings, you can fill your H.H. Boogie box with gorgeous mounted prints and you can also store some elements of your day. Our Australia box has bordered prints (from, gum tree leaves, Australian money, Opera tickets and some other little trinkets from our trip. It’s so awesome to have a beautiful, classy way to store all of this!!! So, because I loved this gift so much, I just have to share some photos of it!! If you’re a photographer and you’ve been looking for something NEW and unique to offer your clients, contact Jeremy!! They come in all shapes, sizes, styles and colors!! HH Boogie is loved by SO many amazing photographers and I’m just so proud of Jeremy and all that he’s doing with this incredible company!!!

Jeremy and Ash, THANK YOU GUYS!!!! You have busy lives and yet you thought to send us a gift for no reason other than to show us you love us and we were blown away! Thank you!!!! We’re obsessed!!!…. and now I want a BIG one! This could be dangerous!!! :)

I’m kicking myself for not stealing some Australian sand for these cute viles! 


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  1. Anna Burke reply

    I’m thinking I may need one of these to hold our memories from Italy next year!!!!

  2. Tiffany Heidenthal reply

    I’ve been meaning to order one for myself and can’t because I cannot decide which wood is my favorite. Now the white is a major contender too!

  3. Sabrina reply

    Love HH Boogie! We’re getting our first one with a session we’re doing with Caroline Howard for our anniversary down in Charleston next month so I’m definitely bringing home some sand from that trip! :-)

  4. Meg Courtney reply

    Oh my goodness this is amazing!! And the white ash looks SOO good!

  5. Megan reply

    These are so amazing. A wonderful addition to the wedding industry!

  6. Lindsay {Everistta bridal} reply

    Love this idea! We are in Mexico right now and would love to do this to remember the trip.

  7. sharon reply

    Next time I go home for a visit, I’ll try and remember to pick up some of that Aussie sand for you!

  8. Anna – OMG Yum! reply

    These boxes are absolutely beautiful!!!! <3

  9. Julie reply

    Oh my word! I want one so bad! Our 1 year anniversary is coming up and I would love to get one for my husband and fill it with our memories. We always go on adventures and I have tons of pictures and little items from them. eek!

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