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my FIRST worship team practice, EVER….. and there he was. Alex Vargas. At first sight, he can be intimidating… he’s always taller than everyone in the room… however, I quickly found out that Alex Vargas is one of the most gentle spirited people I have ever met. Someone once described him as a big teddy bear and I think that title fits him perfectly. He cares so deeply for people and even though he may never show up to practice on time… he’s one INSANELY TALENTED musician. Alex actually played in the band at OUR wedding ceremony and so when Alex and Rachel asked me to be a part of THEIR wedding day, of course

I was thrilled!!  These two are amazing. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for this couple because they have dated since high school and that’s HARD to do. When you date over 6 years… you enter into this “umm, we should be married by now” phase and it can be tough. Michael and I dated for 8 years before we were married and so I know how excited these two are! I mean, can you imagine calling someone your “boyfriend” over and over for almost a decade and then one day getting to say “And this is my HUSBAND, Michael!”  I still love saying that…. sometimes I’ll ask a teenager at church “Hey have you seen my husband?” just because I can. It’s wonderful. Marriage is wonderful and I’m so excited for Alex and Rachel’s big day!! I can tell you already that there will be TEARS a-flowing!


Alex and Rach, I loved my time with you! I’m so thankful for your friendship and SO incredibly honored to be a part of your big day!! Bring it on September!!!!!!!! Enjoy my favorites!!

Rachel you’re so photogentic! I love it!

One of my favorites!!!

No, sorry, THIS is my fav! I have many! Gosh!!! How cute are they?!

Alex you have such a great smile! …. and laugh…Alex laughs constantly……like, CONSTANTLY. If he’s not laughing… something is wrong!:)

I made them stand in a briar patch for this one…thorns and all… I’m so MEAN! But it was worth it:)

I love how cute Hilton Village is! Why don’t we design houses like these nowadays?!


Rach… there are no words. Simply beautiful!

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  1. Tammynize reply

    oooo. those pictures of them sitting down! I love the poses and composition on those. :) The last one with her hair whipping in the wind is beautiful.

  2. Lawren Bryce reply

    Rachel and guys are officially my favorites! Rachel, you are stunning, inside and out! I love you guys so much!! Katelyn, you did a fantastic job (as you always do) of capturing their personalities and their love. YAY for having friends on the blog!!

  3. stephanie b reply

    hands down one of my favorite esessions ever. she is SOOOOOO beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

  4. rhonda reply

    oh Katelyn – how beautiful – you captured their true beauty and love for each other!! Great job!!!! Love them all!

  5. amanda reply

    simply one of the best sessions ever because I can feel the loooooove more than ever! I AM IN LOVE WITH THE RING SHOT!

  6. Isabel reply

    Love! They all came out fabu!

  7. Erin Cefalu reply

    The last one and the 5th to last one are my favorites! Ah so good!

  8. Rachel reply

    Katelyn, thanks again for a fantastic day! The pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!!! And I LOOOOOVE the ring shot!!! :)

  9. katie yuen reply

    GORGEOUS! I think the colors are all really beautiful too! muted and wintery but still vibrant.. great job katelyn :)

  10. Ann Usack O’Grady reply

    Such beautiful photos! So happy for you two!

  11. Bridget reply

    They are so beautiful, Rachel and Alex.
    Katelyn, what an excellent job.

  12. amanda west reply

    Oh My! The first one from your making them stand in the briar patch……….. there is something so totally innocent there. It’s breath taking!! You can literally feel it!! You are so awesome.

  13. Angela B. reply

    So beautiful!! Congratulations to you two!

  14. Lynne Boveri reply

    These pictures are fabulous and Rachel you are so gorgeous!!! :)

  15. Bethany Boveri reply

    I love them all! You guys are adorable!

  16. crystal parks reply

    Very cute photos. Love the water ones especially.

  17. erin steuber reply

    I miss you guys terribly and these are absolutely beautiful! I am so happy for the both of you. Love you guys.

  18. Kelly reply

    Awesome photos! Best of luck Rachel and Alex.

  19. katie matthews reply


  20. Gina Crockett reply

    These pictures are the best!!! Rachael and Alex are such a handsome couple!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  21. kate iseman reply

    BEAUTIFUL!! all i cant think of is…..FINALLY!! and so happy for you both.

  22. Ellie Blalock reply

    Congrats to Rachel & Alex! The photos look great!!

  23. Janice reply

    wow, amazing pics but it’s easy when your subjects are as beautiful and charming as these two! I remember when they first started dating, being from
    the same area and watching them grow up at Onancock Baptist. They have been in my prayers over the years and I am happy for them and their future! “Love, true love is what brings us together today: God bless Rachel and Alex!

  24. Rachel Patterson reply

    These are fantastic pictures! Rachel and Alex – you are such a fabulous couple!

  25. Quagmire reply

    giggity giggity goo!

  26. Sara reply

    OHMYGOSH I CANNOT PICK A FAVORITE. I love them all…I love Rachel…I love Alex…I love “them” being a “them”…AHHHHH LOOOVEEE!!!!

  27. Michelle Thomas reply

    Beautiful pictures, guys! So excited for your big day! :)

  28. Vickie Sams reply

    Congratulations! I LOVE these pictures…you two look great, and very impressed with Katelyn James.

  29. jon burrington reply

    WOOT WOOT!!!! What a good lookin couple!!! Congratulations guy!

  30. Shannon reply

    You two look soo cute together. My fav pic is the one with the ring in the bushes. On how the red leaves (love) surround the ring

  31. Christy Lewis reply

    I absolutely love these! My favorite is the one with their reflection in the window. What a beautiful couple. Awesome as always!

  32. Allyson reply

    As always…. LOVE! These are amazing!

  33. Laura F reply

    Omgosh…so lovely! Such a cute couple, and gorgeous shots!

  34. crystal stanley reply

    these photos are gorgeous!! congrats!!

  35. Joe reply

    These are really great pictures! It portrayed not only Alex and Rachel but the love that they have between them.

  36. Jenny Lovell reply

    These are soooooo beautiful! Great photographer, great people. :]

  37. Allison C. reply

    Just beautiful! Congrats, you two!

  38. Bev reply

    What incredible photos!! Incredible composition, incredible light, incredible settings, incredible expression…and most of all two incredible people!!!

  39. Emma Sanz reply

    Such a beautiful couple!

  40. Ellen Miles reply

    Wonderful, beautiful, happy people!

  41. Beth G reply

    I love you guys so much and these pictures actually capture how amazing you are! I can’t wait to see you get married!

  42. Lauren W reply

    So cute! Such a beautiful couple- and Katelyn, you did such a great job capturing their personalities!

  43. Lydia reply

    Beautiful pictures, Ra. Love the ‘Monica’ necklace. Can’t wait to watch you walk down that aisle!

  44. Elizabeth reply

    oh my….these are amazing!!! i love love love them!!!

  45. jess reply

    these are so pretty so happy for you two!

  46. Diana Cox reply

    WOW! you guys are sooooo adorable!!!!!!! I love it!!!

  47. Daniel Gordon reply

    I love it! You guys are amazing! and adorable!!!!

  48. Alex Vargas reply

    Wow, Katelyn. You did such an amazing job. I honestly can say that I expected nothing less from such a gifted, talented and humble professional. Thank you so much for a being a great friend to me and Rachel! We love you!

  49. Bryan Collins reply

    Holy crap! My best friends finally getting married!!! So ridiculous happy for you guys! I literally felt like crying have looking that these pictures cause im soooo ridiculous excited and happy for you both! I love you both and again great pictures! You both look amazing!!!! Katelyn, great job with the photos as well!

  50. Jeremy reply

    I love you guys…seeing you guys in these pictures all looking amazing….I love you guys!

  51. Danyelle reply

    LOVE these!

  52. leah reply


  53. caroline reply

    that ring is so unique! beautiful couple!!

  54. Amy J reply

    You two are amazing! So excited for you both! Great pictures KK!

  55. Girish reply

    That’s one big shoot :), love it. Great candid poses and shots, well use of focus. Good light (overcast I think)

    Well done !

  56. Paul Rienerth reply

    Hey congrats you two… I know someone said it earlier but nice ring by the way for real…and these photos are very classy and I like a lot of the black and white ones too…surprised there wasn’t a few random ones of alex doing something ridiculous though :)

  57. wendy eveett reply

    Rachel and Alex your pitctures are beautiful. Congratulations to you both.

  58. Anastasia reply

    SO excited to see these! Gorgeous pics. Katelyn – you are so talented. These guys have been raving about you for months, I’m glad to finally see for myself!

  59. Anastasia reply

    PS I love the sweater dress choice Rachel! :) :)

  60. jessica b reply

    thes photos are amazing! I’m so exited for the two of you!

  61. Skyler reply

    Alex, I am so luck to have been your roommate, even if it was for just a few short month. You have such a heart for people that its intoxicating to those around you (in a good way, of course). Brown pandas couldn’t be any more tertiary under proximal conditions ;-) Anyways, I love you guys! Congratulations!

  62. Elizabeth and Ryan | Elizabeth Ryan Photography reply

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the reflection pictures!!!

  63. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    This is my favorite engagement post yet! I love the outfits, the poses, the light and the couple!!! I LOVE these pictures!!!!

  64. Patrick reply

    These photos are wonderful, but I should have expected nothing less coming from Katelyn James. I’m so happy for both of you, this is so great!

  65. Mary reply

    Excellent photos! Congratulations to both of you.

  66. Bethany Floyd reply

    Beautiful pictures :) You can see thelove exuding from both of you. Congratulations again!

  67. Leigh reply

    These pictures are breathtakingly beautiful…..a true reflections of an amazing couple!

  68. Janelle Esposito reply

    This is one of the most ADORABLE and joyful engagement sessions I have seen in a long time from anyone.


  69. Trudi reply

    Absolutely lovely

  70. Michael Piper reply

    Great photos! Beautiful couple. And in my neighborhood! Took me a while to catch on.

  71. Cordie Lee Davis reply

    First of all, congratulations!!! Secondly, you two are by far the most perfect match made in heaven! You both have the kindest of hearts and the most loving ways! These pictures definitely showcase the compassion you have for each other. Best of luck on all your further endeavors! :) <3

  72. Danielle reply

    These pictures are amazing! Love you guys!

  73. Kari reply

    Aww, they’re so very great guys! LOVE them! Congratulations again! Wish you all the very best!

  74. Melody Brackett reply

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures! Alex and Rachel, they are beautiful! You both are beautiful and Katelyn you did a beautiful job! I am so excited for you both and Zach and I love and miss you guys!

  75. Jackie reply

    Beautiful Pictures! I’m so happy for the both of ya’ll! Congrats!

  76. Nikki reply

    These pictures are awesome! Best of luck!

  77. Sarah reply

    Absolutely gorgeous! Love the ones in the briar patch! Rachel, you are lovelyyyyyy. :)

  78. Alex DeMarco reply

    Great pictures

  79. Jenna Detter reply

    Really beautiful pictures!!!

  80. Micayla canales reply

    These are wonderful pictures guys! congrats!!!

  81. Susan reply

    They are so wonderful Rachel and Alex. Rachel, what are you doing selling books, coffee and stationary at the Book Bin? (PLEEEASE Don’t leave us, though!!!!) – you should be modeling!

  82. Leanne Wight reply

    Really love the last picture with them leaning up against the white wooden building with black window trim, where you can see their reflection in the window! That is really beautiful! And what a pretty ring! I’ve never actually seen someone with a heart shaped diamond! Cool!

  83. Meghan stapleton reply

    You two look amazing… I’m so happy for you… Congrats :)

  84. Naomi reply

    Gorgeous! I ADORE the ring shot! Unbelievable…and also the last one with the little piece of hair blowing in the wind. So beautiful!

  85. Matt reply

    Congratulation Alex and Rachel! You two are such an awesome couple and I’m so happy to check out these photos. Nice job on the ring ;)

  86. joe reply

    Wow Alex, you certainly are marrying up ;). So glad to see such a genuine caring man get such a gorgeous wife.

  87. Ariel reply

    Great pictures

  88. Pam reply

    Great photos!

  89. Dave reply

    Photos look great! Great looking couple.

  90. Andrea reply

    Beautiful pictures!

  91. Brittany reply

    love the pics :)

  92. Lillie reply

    These are absolutely stunning! I’m so happy for you two. :)

  93. Carmaleta Ann reply

    Love these pics!!!!! My favorite would have to be the one that shows their reflection in the window! AMAZING!

  94. Rebecca reply

    These pictures are amazinggg. You two look awesome and i love you both!

  95. Kristin Nicole reply

    So cute!

  96. Hope Carroll reply

    OK, please tell me – what lens is your fave and which did you use the most for this shoot?

  97. Emily Henry reply

    These pictures are absolutely amazing! You two are adorable

  98. Emily reply

    Ahh Rachel and Vargas! Your pictures are beautiful! Favorties are the ones where Rachel is smiling at the camera and Alex is just looking at her. Love it. :) Congrats again you two!

  99. Jason Turner reply

    looks great

  100. Sara reply

    Love!!! Great job!!

  101. Brooke Leatherbury reply

    The engagement pictures are great! Rachel you are beautiful and I wish you both a long, happy life together!

  102. Reva reply

    Congratulations!! The pictures are absolutely beautiful. I wish you both the best!

  103. Zach Brackett reply

    Alex you are so superdeeduperdee SEXY! Rachel is so lucky to have such a sexy hunk of man meat!

    Miss you guys! Can’t wait for the big day!

  104. Lauren Rowan reply

    These really are gorgeous. Congratulations you two!

  105. Emily Lacasse reply

    Awwww you guys are so cute! Congrats Rachel! I’ll probably see you this summer sometime so I’ll congratulate you again then! :)

  106. Emily Lacasse reply

    Aww you guys are so cute! Congrats Rachel! Maybe I’ll see you this summer! :)

  107. Catie reply

    Oh my gosh I love them. They make me smile! Congratulations you two <3

  108. Stephanie reply

    What a natural beauty :) Great photos.

  109. Teresa Chandler reply

    These are great! It would be hard to choose a favorite…. your wedding pictures will be stunning!!

  110. mary ellen cornwell reply

    LOVE the pictures guys!!! Really like the one with Rach in plaid and you two looking at each other. Sweet and touching!! Best wishes always!

  111. Barbi Talbert reply

    Beautiful! Just beautiful! Love you, both!

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  113. James reply

    Looking sharp, Sauce. Real. Sharp.

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