And We're Off to Hawaii

  • It's Katelyn's Birthday!

We have had so many emails asking why Michael does not blog more! Well today is the day! I’m filling in for a quick guest blog post. This is Michael, Katelyn’s husband, and I am blogging today because it is a very special day. Today is Katelyn’s 26th Birthday!!! Katelyn, it has been so exciting to watch you grow into the woman you are today. I can remember the “Katelyn’s Krafts” days when we all thought you were going to paint plates the rest of your life! (Thank goodness that wasn’t the case.) I can also remember this time last year when we were about to take the first steps of becoming a husband and wife team.

It’s crazy how fast this year flew by and it has been amazing.  I love this season of life and that we get to do this together. I cannot think of a better way to celebrate your birthday and an amazing 2013 wedding season than to take you to Hawaii! Happy Birthday!

We are going to be off the grid this week on the north shore of Oahu with some great friends of ours! We can’t wait! If any of you have some favorite dinner places or sights we should see, be sure to share them in the comment section.


xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Lida reply

    Happy happy Birthday katelyn! We are birthday twins! I’m 30 today!!! Wishing you the best birthday ever!

  2. resi reply

    Happy birthday Katelyn! Enjoy your holidays and may your next year be filled with many more blessings and lots of love!

  3. Holly reply

    Boots and Kimos in Kaneohe has the best banana macadamia nut pancakes….a must!!!!

  4. Rebecca Jarvis reply

    Oahu is my favorite place on earth! Enjoy your trip and your birthday! You deserve it!

  5. Brittany reply

    Boots and Kimos in Kailua is phenomenal! You have to try it!!! And you will have to go to the file plantation and try dole whip (fresh pineapple ice cream)

  6. Kelly reply

    Dukes in Waikiki has a great breakfast (and dinner), Oceanside :) have a great time!

  7. Elizabeth reply

    Happy Birthday Katelyn!!! I hope y’all have an amazing time in Hawaii!!!

  8. Katie jones reply

    Happy birthday katelyn! Preston and I went to Oahu in June and LOVED it!! We recommend Ted”s bakery near sunset beach–we Ate there every morning. There’s a beach near sharks cove that has giant sea turtles come to shore around 4 pm. Also, we drove to Honolulu for a luau at a place called Germaine’s. That was a blast! Hope y’all have an amazing trip!!!

  9. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    Happy Birthday Katelyn! I hope you and Michael enjoy your much-deserved vacation!! :)

  10. Kristina reply

    Happy birthday!!!! :) Enjoy your vacation!

  11. Stephanie Stewart reply

    Happy Birthday, Katelyn!!! Enjoy Hawaii!

  12. Annetta reply

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATELYN!! Hope you have a wonderful day. Enjoy your much need break and can’t wait to see you vacation photos.

  13. Elizabeth Cox reply

    Y’all HAVE to go to Mama’s Fish House in Maui if you can make it over there. Went there 8 years ago and it’s still to this day my favorite restaurant I’ve ever been to. Happy Birthday Katelyn & enjoy Hawaii!!

  14. Missy reply

    Happy birthday katelyn! I hope you have a fabulous vacation! I live here on Oahu, I wish we could meet up and I could take you to a few places! :) There is a little hole in the wall place called olives in wahiawa, a quaint place with super yummy Italian food. next door to Olives is a cute coffee shop. I would also go to the windward side and hike the Makapu’u lighthouse trail, right now you should be able to see the whales! :)

  15. danielle honea reply

    yay!!! both for Michael posting and for your birthday!!! I was at P31 to hear you speak, and you made me weep! lol The good weep, and how you spoke about your husband was amazing. YOu are both blessed with each other!! Enjoy the vaca, and make sure to stop and just appreciate each other :)

  16. Kristina W. reply

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATELYN!!! Have a wonderful time in Hawaii!

  17. Missy reply

    Happy Birthday Katelyn!! I Hope you have a wonderful time on Oahu! I live on Oahu, I wish we could meet up and I could go with you to explore! :) I suggest going to this quaint little Italian place in Wahiawa called Olives, super yummy Italian food. Also next door is a cute coffee shop. On the windward side I suggest going to hike the Makapu‘u lighthouse trail, right now you should be able to see the whales! Have a great time!

  18. Leslie Clark reply

    omg happy birthday kk. so excited you guys are going to hawaii.. make sure you go to dole plantation and get some ice cream its amazing, go to a shrimp truck in haliewa and also get shave ice from matsumotos in haliewa. AND find a Leonards Bakery or Leonards truck and get a malasada its amazing. if you go to honolulu and waikiki definitely go to dukes. go to the beach in kailua- thats where we lived when my dad lived there the beaches are great. on the north shore make sure you go to waimea bay but its always packed so go early. and sharks cove is good for snorkeling. okay thats enough i could keep going for days but im sure you will have plenty to do! have fun love you both!!

  19. elizabeth reply

    I hope you have a {happy} birthday, Katelyn! =) I’ve been so inspired by your beautiful photography work + hope you have a blessed year, rejoicing in our Savior. Adorable picture, too, btw. =) Have a memorable time in Hawaii! <3

  20. Kathryn Grace reply

    Happy birthday!

  21. Beth reply

    Happy Birthday!! Enjoy Hawaii :) Make sure to visit Turtle Beach!!

  22. Melissa reply

    Happy Birthday, Katelyn!! :) I was almost born on your 4th Birthday, mine was yesterday. Enjoy Your vacation!!

  23. Evonne & Darren Wong reply

    Happy birthday, Katelyn! Have a great time on Oahu! We lived on Maui for 5.5 years and Oahu for a year (we just moved back to San Francisco in 2012). It was an awesome experience and hope you’re enjoying yourself at our “2nd home”! :)

  24. Christy Tyler reply

    Definitely check out Sunset Beach at SUNSET! It was amazing!! We spent Thanksgiving night there… so gorgeous. Have a blast!

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