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gone ALL week. Tuesday I shot a bridal session and then drove to Virginia Tech to visit my sis before she graduates and enters the REAL world. (Seriously, watching 3 movies a day and hanging out with your best friends unfortunately isn’t the real  world)  But it’s fun to act like I’m still in college every now and then. After the VT trip, I met Michael for a conference and we’re in the mountains until tomorrow.  Normally people would be away from home and miss their bed, or their routine…… but I miss this furry little face.  After 3 days away from him I forget that he chewed a hole in the carpet last week, I forget that unfortunately he isn’t 100% potty trained

… and I forget that he cries like a two year old every time I leave the room….. all I remember is his face….his FLUFFY, smiley face. I miss that face and I’m excited to see him tomorrow night!! So happy friday everyone and if anyone needs a happy face to get you to 5pm… I’m happy to provide that today:):).


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  1. molly reply

    OMGOLLY i can’t handle him! SO CUTE.

  2. Annetta reply

    Sweet! Almost makes me want a house dog.

  3. rachel reply

    oh I totally know what you mean! when the cute little fur ball curls into my lap after biting me or barking his head off, crying when i leave the room, etc I seem to forget just how bad he was 5 minutes ago! enjoy your time away!

  4. Stephanie Stewart reply

    I would miss that fluffy face too! He will be SO excited to see you guys!!!

  5. Kristina W. reply

    It’s so good to see him looking HAPPY! Thank you for Friday cuteness!

  6. Meredith Sledge reply

    I need to meet him!!!!!! AHHH.

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