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Happy Friday! If you’re a fellow east-coaster, you may be having a pretty DREARY end to your work week. It’s POURING here. Buckets and buckets of rain are falling from the sky and it’s miserable. It’s the type of day that makes me want to lay in bed and do nothing but watch a movie and relax. But instead of doing that… I had a great client meeting, ran errands, went out to lunch with my husband and made a Target run. Productive, wouldn’t you say?  Oh Target. You steal so much of my money and yet I’m ok with it because I love what I come home with.  I’m in the process of a mini-reorganization project in the office and Target had just what I needed.

It also had a ton of stuff that I didn’t need.  I refrained from the impulses to walk out with some new  teal earrings and a mustard yellow peacoat… instead I just left with my project materials, some dry shampoo and a package of “Falsies”.  I LOVE me some dry shampoo. I shower people! Don’t judge! But there are just some days when the hair needs a little help and there isn’t time for the whole washing/blow drying/styling process.  The Falsies are yet to be experimented with. I’ll let you know if this mascara is a total waste or a fabulous find.  All of our high school girls tell me it’s AMAZING. We’ll see if they’re right. So enjoy this Friday evening and pray for no more down pours!  We want Alex and Rachel’s wedding to be rain-free tomorrow!!




xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Ashley reply

    I just started using the Falsies! It’s a great find in my opinion!

  2. Stephanie Wilkinson reply

    I LOVE the dry shampoo. I got it the other day to try it and loved it… :)

  3. Monica Coleman reply

    I love my falsies!! Your high school girls are smart!! :)

  4. Kristina T. reply

    how’s the dry shampoo? I’ve been dying to try it, but haven’t worked up the courage or faith yet!

  5. Becca reply

    These are two of my all-time TOP BEAUTY MUST-HAVES! So excited to see someone recognize the awesomeness that is dry shampoo, and who is willing to try out the PURE MAGIC that is the Falsies! :)

  6. Lydia reply

    Psssssst dry shampoo is amazing! I sometimes use it just to prevent my hair from getting icky too soon!

  7. Amber reply

    Give up falsies..and go with ANY mascara from Ulta! Seriously, doesn’t even compare!

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