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they were brave when they asked to do their engagement session in January! Lauren emailed and asked if we could schedule this shoot and said they were up for the challenge so we made it happen. This past weekend I drove up to Harpers Ferry, WV and shot Adam and Lauren’s session and it was CHILLY! Oh man was it cold! It’s already hard to get “warmed up” in front of the camera, figuratively speaking… but we LITERALLY needed to get them warmed up! The 30 degree day was definitely a challenge but they made it happen and I’m so thankful

we were able to accomplish such a fun shoot! Not only did we have an amazing location, we had their puppy TUCKER as well! Now, I shot this engagement only a few days before we got Bokeh! So I was little excited and I was all ears when it came to puppy training and what to expect. It’s a HARD job….. and it’s even harder when you are dealing with a dog that can literally pull you down a hill! Tucker is SO strong!!!! (We won’t have that issue with Bokeh… he barely weighs 4 pounds! He’s all FLUFF!).  Tucker cooperated for his portion of the shoot and then we headed out to the rest of Harpers Ferry to use up the light that was quickly fading. Despite the cold, it was a beautiful day and a perfect afternoon for some picture taking!! Lauren and Adam are such a great pair. Lauren’s bubbly personality and Adam’s calm, soft spoken-ness (I just made up that word) makes them such a well balanced couple and they are a joy to be around!  They kept going and trying my crazy ideas even when they couldn’t feel their hands or toes. I left their session so excited for their big day that will be here before we know it!! It’s going to be a fabulous celebration!!


Lauren and Adam, thank you so much for allowing me to capture this phase of your life!!! Next time we’re together… the temperature will be above freezing and we’re going to have a blast!

Awww Tucker… Good boy:)


NICE guys!!!

Lauren you’re the best:)

Taking advantage of the super loud and obnoxious train passing by!

Adam… very impressed with the model face sir!

A fav for sure!

Work it!

Yessss… thank you for laying on the frozen ground!

Second favorite:)

Lauren you’re gorgeous!

Love that dress!

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  1. Nancy Mitchell reply

    These are GORGEOUS! Even if the shoot was in January! The scenery is just beautiful!

  2. Stefanie reply

    Love this post! What a great location. Looks like it was worth it despite the cold. :)

  3. j gar reply

    harper’s ferry. greatness.

  4. Lauryn reply

    looks so great Katelyn!! Lauren, I love your hair!! So pretty :-)

  5. Regan Carter reply

    Beautiful!! Every shot is captivating!! I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such pretty January photos! Amazing job! :)

  6. Kimberly Stone reply

    You are amazing! And this location rocks! So glad to follow your work friend!

  7. Amelia Renee reply

    these are so wonderful! and it doesn’t look like it was cold at ALL!

  8. Kristina W. reply

    I love the location and these two are models! My favorite ones are the ones with all the different houses behind them!

  9. Lupe Ruiz reply

    AHHH!! The location is amazing!! Every photo is beautiful!!

  10. Tiffany Farley reply

    Gorgeous! Love the fun expressions!

  11. katie yuen reply

    love love love! the colors are so BRIGHT!

  12. Abby Grace reply

    That vertical image of them kissing at the barn doors is GORGEOUS! Love her hair- I think I have curl envy right now.

  13. Taryn reply

    Ahh! There is SO much emotion in this set of pictures!! Love them!!

  14. Emily reply

    These are amazing! And how fun to do the session at Harper’s Ferry…love that place!

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