• Brian + Cathy

…a long list. This list consisted of 100 things he was looking for in a girl. From listening to friends and family during the wedding day, it was easy to figure out that Brian is extremely type A. He’s organized and precise and so when Cathy came among and heard about his list…. she made him tell her about it…. on their 2nd date! Brian told this story at the reception and he ended it by explaining that Cathy met 99 of the 100 on his list and that he was just going to have to get used to the cats. He also thanked her for making him a better man, for loving him and for being everything he could have ever dreamed for in a wife. I LOVE this couple and I loved getting to know them on their wedding day. We didn’t get to do engagements and so…

my first time photographing them was on their wedding day! … but they ROCKED it! SO photogenic it’s ridiculous! I met Cathy at Panera several months ago and after over an hour of talking about wedding plans, I knew I wanted to be a part of her day! She was so relaxed and yet really cared about the photography for her wedding… perfect match! The summer flew by and as we got closer and closer to August, Cathy’s emails were filled with more and more exclamation marks! (and you know I love exclamation marks!!!)  It was finally here! Cathy was so chill and calm as she got her hair done at the salon.  I was with her from the time her hair was up in curlers until her grand exit with her husband! I love that! I especially love the time I get to spend with the bride and the bridesmaids in the morning because that is my chance to really get to know them… and oh how I loved Cathy’s girls! I fell in love with her bridesmaids and by the time we were at the reception, I felt I had known them forever!…. I’m not just saying that….some of them left chanting “10.10.10”…love them!


So Brian and Cathy, I hope you’re enjoying Hawaii!!! But if you get a chance to find internet, you have a full post of wedding pictures to go through and I’m so excited to share them with you! You two are a gorgeous couple… inside and out. It was SUCH an honor to celebrate alongside of you and capture your day! Thank you!!!!! Enjoy!

Ah!!!! I took like 500 shots right here… seriously.

I could have photographed just Cathy for probably 3 hours straight! Such a beautiful bride!

Oh. My. Gosh.


Bridesmaids… this is their “Epic” shot! oh yea!!

Couldn’t pick between these next two… so you just have to look at both of them!:)


Grand entrance!

Loving that old car! … But you can see the driver in the background telling people to get their sparklers away from it! Too funny!

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