Hello Vegas!

  • Hello Vegas!

That’s right! VEGAS! I’m staring at the MGM Grand sign as we speak…. or type….. I’m running low on sleep so this is going to be short and sweet! Basically we left the house at 4:40 AM and have been going ever since! WHAT A DAY! For those of you who don’t know, Jessica Smith and I are attending the WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photography International) conference this week and let me tell you, IT’S INTENSE!… and a tad overwhelming at times but it got ALOT better when we randomly ran into J* in the lobby!! Yes, the Jasmine Star and I’ll admit I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I kind of squealed/yelled/freaked out for a split second…….

it just caught me off guard! What are the odds?!  It was an honor to talk to her and thank her for being an incredible inspiration and teacher. She’s just as bubbly, genuine, and beautiful in person and I loved getting the opportunity to meet her!

So needless to say… I pumped about the next 3 days! I’m going to be bombarded with tons of new info/ideas and I’ll definitely be sharing it all with you!!

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  1. Katie Beale reply

    I’m so glad to see that you found my best friend. Tell her hello for me:)

  2. Michael reply


  3. Meghan reply

    So awesome that you got to meet Jasmine Star!! You look so giddy in the picture!! I wish I were in Vegas!

    I don’t know if I have commented on your blog before, but I follow it. :D I am a friend of Andi Grant.

  4. Jack Jack reply

    KK!! good to know you’re having an awesome time! we’ll be praying for you!!

  5. Anna reply

    I wish I could hear Emy read this post out loud!!! I’m actually surprised she hasn’t left any sarcastic comments yet!!!

  6. Lauryn reply

    You look beautiful katelyn!!!

  7. Emy reply

    ahhhhh J*…. oh my freaking goodness… Did you pass out? Pee in your pants? attack her? or just take 1,000 pictures of her????

  8. Momma reply

    KK!!!!! I am not surprised that you found J* as soon as you got to VEGAS! The pic is great and I am sooooo excited for you. Have a wonderful time!

  9. Lindsay reply

    YOU MET J STAR!!!!! Soooooo cool!

  10. Susan Maier reply

    Awesome pictures! Have a great time in Legas!!

  11. Sydni reply

    OH MY GOSHHH! no wayy! LUCKY!! have fun in Vegas!!

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    […] and bind company that I use for all of my Coffee Table albums.  I went to their HUGE booth at th WPPI conference in Vegas and fell in love with their stuff!  There is a link on their Facebook page that will take you to […]

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