September 2011

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again. A new month.  August didn’t fly by quite as fast as the other months this summer and I’m thankful.  I think that’s because I had a weekend off… YESSS! We still had things to do and weren’t in town but it was a weekend away with Michael and no wedding! The Lord knows what He’s doing when he gives you a weekend of NOTHING. I know a lot of photographers (including myself) have seasons of doubt when it comes to booking for next year.  We quickly become worried about those empty weekends… and I remember at one point last year thinking “Why is my AUGUST SO EMPTY?!!”.

Because I’m a girl and a little emotional at times… my first thought was “Oh no! The business is going under! August isn’t full so something is WRONG!”.  But that’s actually not the case at all. I DESPERATELY needed a break last weekend.  That free Saturday was what I needed in order to make it through the next two months of CRAZINESS!!! And so I’m ok with empty weekends because I know that there is a reason for them! For example, I’m shooting a wedding this Sunday… why is Saturday not booked? I’m not sure… but it just so happens that my whole family will be together this weekend and guess what…. I GET TO HANGOUT WITH THEM!! So once again, I’m thankful for an empty Saturday and I’m slowly learning to TRUST God with my schedule these days!  So here’s what’s happening in September!


Things I’m looking forward to:

– Shooting some beautiful weddings!!

– Pumpkin Spiced Latte’s!!

– Getting to start pulling out the FALL clothes!

– Sprucing up our back deck and USING the fire pit!

– P31 Conference starts at the end of the month!! woohoo!


Some Personal Goals:

– Continue using Myfitnesspal! I’ve stuck with it ya’ll! I’ve lost 2.9 pounds… not a ton but every little bit helps!

– Continue cycling classes. I don’t know how this happened but my friend Jen got me into cycling. I’ve been doing it for about 4 weeks now and I’m astonished that I keep going back!!

– Check out hardwood floor options… we’re getting rid of our nasty carpet SOON!

– Spruce up the back deck!

** This may not happen in September but our house needs to be Powerwashed too! Oh the joys of being a home owner **


Business Goals:

– You guessed it, the Bridal Guide…it’s 5 pages further along than last month…. so I guess that’s a step in the right direction!

– blog earlier… which means I need to get up earlier.. ugh.

– Prep for the p31 conference!!

– Continue my little project that will be done in October!



Huge thanks to Annamarie for the self-portrait! She wrote the sweetest post about her coaching session!! 
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  1. Elizabeth reply

    congrats on the weight lose….I know we all want to drop like 20lbs overnight but it’s those little steps that will make the biggest difference! Looking forward to the Fall myself and as the season changes….and I am shooting my first wedding this October so I am so excited and nervous! Have a wonderful day off and enjoy the day with family.

  2. Lacey Rabalais reply

    So looking forward to the P31 Conference and seeing you there!!!

  3. Abby Grace W reply

    I am really looking forward to the Pumpkin Spiced Latte’s also!!!!!!! I LOVE FALL!!!! That picture of you is beautiful:):):):)
    God Bless!!!!

  4. Laura Elizabeth reply

    Have fun getting ready for Fall! You have some awesome goals this month :D

  5. Laura Elizabeth reply

    I love Fall!! Great September goals!

  6. Annamarie reply

    YAY!!!! You’re so pretty! Check out that awesome model face;)

  7. Kristin Greenwald reply

    Haha, Katelyn! Your goal of blogging earlier is a double edged sword for me. Every day I come into work and check your blog. And while sometimes there isn’t yet an update, I know I have a little something waiting for me in the afternoon when I need a pickmeup!

  8. Sara Benghauser reply

    Can’t wait to meet you on September 26! So excited that our engagement session is less than a month away!!!!!

  9. Angela Snyder reply

    I think this is my FAV self- portrait you have ever posted!

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