Max + Nicole | Engaged

  • Historic Downtown Richmond Engagement Session

This beautiful session from so many gorgeous locations in downtown Richmond is so special to us for many reasons! First, this sweet couple drove over 12 hours for their shoot! Can you believe that?! That is one amazing road trip! There is no denying that they were dedicated to having amazing engagement portraits. Secondly, Nicole is a photographer and attended one of our workshops back in 2014!! It’s fun to have a familiar face in front of my camera but it’s also so amazing to photograph another photographer!!

Whenever I photograph other photographers, I feel a certain level of pressure because they KNOW what I’m doing. They know what good light looks like. They know what a great location looks like. Sometimes this makes me nervous but more often than not, it really just allows me to be a little EXTRA creative and it gives me an additional push to see things differently!

During Max and Nicole’s session, we walked down to the river at Belle Isle. Nicole had mentioned multiple times in our email exchanges that she wanted to have portraits on the river rocks! Richmond is known for its’ gorgeous rocks on the James River, but as we walked over the suspension bridge to the location where we normally walk out on the rocks, we realized that they weren’t there!!! The river was RAGING!! I have never seen the water so high but after multiple flash flood warnings in the area the few days prior, it makes sense why it was so high! Thankfully, after some searching, we found ONE spot where there was an accessible rock that was still visible on top of the water!

Moments like this remind me that engagement session are more about the adventure and the experience than they are about the images. The images are important but the quality time that we get to spend with our couples is what means the most to us! We loved our time with Max and Nicole and we are so excited to see them again in September!!

Enjoy this beautiful session! It was on a perfect summer evening and the light could not have been more amazing!!!



Our KJ All Access students are going to laugh when they watch me shoot this! There were people smoking to the left of us and a raging river splashing to the right! It’s a miracle these turned out how they did!

I know I normally teach in my courses to make sure that your front exposure is brighter than your background exposure…. but in this specific scenario, breaking that rule worked!


Just so thankful for that glow! It was beautiful!


xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Nicole reply

    GIIIIIRL I’M DYING <3 These are everything I could have asked for and more!!! We waited for this for SO LONG and we can't wait to have you with us on our. WEDDING DAY!!! Can't wait to plaster these everywhere!!!! You and Michael were the best!!! xoxoxo

  2. Rebekah Carter reply

    Oh my goodness, she is stunning! I LOVE her dress but the simple tank top & jeans made for a perfect outfit too. I’m already excited to see their wedding pictures. Ha!

  3. Carissa reply

    These are DREAMY!!!!!

  4. Toni C. reply

    Oh Katelyn, you are truly so gifted! This session is just gorgeous… not to mention how utterly, adorable your couple is!! You continue to inspire me as I journey into photography.

    Toni C.

  5. VirnezStudios reply

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  6. Stephen Davison reply

    Lovely couples… Her dress is beautiful.

  7. Valerie reply

    These two have the BEST model faces of anyone you’ve ever shot. They seriously look like professionals. Wow!!!

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