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is what I like to call a “Heavy Load” for the blog.  Everyday there is going to be a full shoot posted of some kind… mostly engagements…. and it’s A LOT for the blog to handle! So the right side of my brain is saying “No, post more! The light was pretty and the poses were fun!” but the left side of my brain is saying “Technically, there would be too many kilobytes to process if I posted everything I wanted to”.  Unfortunately, after a discussion with my hosting company, I have to listen to my left brain this week.  The last thing I have time for is an overloaded server! So enough nerd talk! Let me introduce you to this fabulous couple!

Jameson and Lauren met me last week for their engagement session and let me just say this….they. are. awesome.   I love meeting couples for the first time… especially when I already know we’re going to be a great fit. Lauren and I have been emailing for quite some time and I know she cares so much about the photography for her wedding day. So of course, she was well prepared for her engagement session as well! Their outfits were AWESOME… the location was AMAZING and we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day! Gorgeous! We swatted away some flies but hey, I’ll take on some flies in order to get some incredible images! Lauren asked me about shooting at Rosewell Plantation and since I had never been there before, I was all for it.  I’ll admit, I read that she mentioned something about “ruins”… but it didn’t really register with me how AWESOME this was going to be until we got there and saw the brick remains of a 4 story plantation home!!! AHHH!!! It was so epic…. (and I don’t ever use the word “epic” because I feel like you have to be in a boy band to use that word)….. but that’s just how cool this place way! I loved my time with this sweet couple and I couldn’t be more excited for their wedding! They are literally just as sweet as they look in these images! Enjoy my favorites!!!

Love this:)

Lauren I’m so jealous of your dress collection!!

Whew!!!! Stunning!! You’ve got some beautiful eyes girlfriend!

Loving the boots!

Perfect example of “coordinating” but not “matching”! Loved these blues!

Oh hey 400 year old stump!… you made a GREAT prop!

And here she is!!!! GAH!!

Seriously, how awesome is this? They should totally make this a wedding venue!

Love it!

Wowsers! New favorite right here!!!

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  1. Martha reply

    What a sweet couple–and what a GORGEOUS location! Such a lovely job Katelyn!! i’m so glad you blog so frequently–even if it makes your server grumpy ;)

  2. molly stillman reply

    GAH. this is gorrrrrrrrrrrrrgeous! i love her dresses! SO MUCH! i love the location! i love this couple! beautiful. and the light? stunning.

  3. Gail reply

    Ohhhh how you had me at Hunter wellies. If you don’t personally own a pair, you need them in your life. Perfect for shoots in the weeds! Add that hers are yellow (moi’s favorite color) and I’m a smitten kitten!

    PS – The locations for this shoot? AUH-mazing!

  4. Amanda Brendle reply

    I love how effortlessly your photos tell a story.. what a great-looking couple to work with, and amazing images in all!

  5. Brittani reply

    Oh my word…how do you STOP yourself in a location like this?! And they are an awesome couple! I love how he’s so rough around the edges but looks like a total sweetheart, and she is just gorgeous and I about DIED over her leather and rope BELT!! Ahh, find me one!!

  6. Sydni Jackson reply

    These are so great!! The ruins are amazing and I love the yellow rain boots!

  7. Sarah reply

    WOW. Amazing location, especially love all the shots at the ruins! My goodness..I want to go there and explore! Beautiful light and photos, as always!! :) Love her compass necklace and blue/orange/tan pleated dress! Too cute!

  8. Annetta reply

    WOW! I love this session! Awesome location, beautiful colour and lovely couple. THe house must have been gigantic when it stood tall and proud. I’m jealous of your rich history and architecture.

  9. Amanda reply

    Katelyn, you’re amazing! I love you work! I rarely comment, but I just want to say that I do consider you an “industry leader” and definitely my favorite photography blog that I follow regularly. Thank you for your inspiration!

  10. katie reply

    Ruins! Beautiful Dresses! I love it! I super duper love the one that’s 2 above the ruins with Lauren looking through the lens and Jameson smiling at her! Such a precious moment!

  11. Bethany Ann reply

    I love brides who put thought and dedication into their photography!! :) Love these! What a fun and gorgeous couple. :)

  12. Katie Nesbitt reply

    OMG!!! Love her outfits, especially the boots!!! And that location is the business!!! How awesome??

  13. Lauren reply

    I can NOT stop looking at these Katelyn! They’re wonderful!!! I think you captured our personalities SO perfectly :) Now I’m just antsy to get to the wedding photos… I can’t WAIT to see how those turn out! <3

  14. Lauren reply

    And PS- Not to sound like an Oscar speech, but I have to send a little thank you to the other folks who commented on this post… Jame & I were already over the MOON about how our engagement shoot turned out… & then all of your sweet comments just made us feel like a million bucks! What a GREAT mid-week confidence boost! :)

  15. Momara reply

    WOW !! Beautiful photo shoot~~everyone of them so special ! This is so exciting in anticipation of the wedding shoot~~Kate~~ AMAZING capture of an amazing couple~~I may be a little partial~~I’ll be looking at these all night.

  16. Erin Schrad reply

    I’ve been to Rosewell… it really is a neat location! And wow! Lauren does have some gorgeous eyes!!

  17. Allison reply

    WOW Yes I agree that would be an incredible wedding venue!! Gorgeous shots! :)

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