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Tis the season for roommate/friend pictures! It’s just that time of year.  My dear sister asked me a few months ago if she could bring ALL of her roommates down for a visit! … I thought this was a bit strange but then she asked “and can you take roommate pics?!!!” .  Ahh, it all made sense now! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED it. These girls are incredible.  I couldn’t be happier for Emy and her new house full of amazing friends. I secretly get a little sentimental when I see them together for two reasons. One, it reminds me of my house of girls! We’re sharing our last week together this week and I can’t help but tear up when I think of the amazing memories we’ve made together. The second reason I get a little emotional watching Emy and her friends is because I prayed so much for her during her freshman year. Virginia Tech is an incredibly overwhelming school and all I wanted was for Emy to find amazing girlfriends like I had found at CNU. Well, the Lord always knows what He’s doing and Emy is living with 5 fabulous girls next year! It’s going to be one CRAZY house!!!

Enjoy their roommate session in Hilton Village!

Haha! And theres a little bush I liked.

And then we found a little friend!

Yay! A jumping picture! Love you girls!

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  1. Clare reply

    Oh whoops! I commented on the wrong post hahaha. My bad. But I love this shoot! These girls are crazy gorgeous!

  2. em reply

    YAYAYAYAY!!!!!! KK you’re awesome!

  3. Tina reply

    What a hot group of girls! Man, this makes me MISS college like no other! I so wish I would have done something like this with my roommates when I was in school. So fun:)

  4. Alex reply

    three random things i love about this that made me laugh: the bush, the possibility of a special someone seeing em’s tattoo and britne’s face in the last picture! ha oooh and the puppy, everyone looks so happy in that picture. im so excited!!! Thanks Katelyn =]

  5. Julianna reply

    Yay!!! They’re awesome! Katelyn, you’re so talented. Ladies… how awesome is it that we have a picture with a chocolate lab?…. Foreshadowing, anyone??? Haha

  6. Susan Maier reply

    Great pictures!! I love all the bright colored scarves and tops.
    FYI- the bush…. is a Sedum Autumn Joy. It is a perennial (it comes back every year) flower that blooms in the fall.

  7. Terresa reply

    Ahhh…so fun! What a blessing for them to have these pictures now and to look back at when they graduate! p.s. great pics, as always! :)

  8. Brittany reply

    I LOVE these!! Makes me wish I had thought about it when I had roommates!

  9. caroline reply

    love love looooove these girls. oh man. GO HOKIES! yeah. and i really like that shoe shot – hope nanny doesn’t notice ;) hey i love you. thank you for pouring time into these awesome ladies :)

  10. Diana Cox reply

    Katelyn, your sister and her friends are so adorable! The Tech jerseys were such a cute idea!

  11. Elise reply

    Katelyn you are awesome!!! This was so much fun and I’m so excited for these pictures in our house next year!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!

  12. Girish reply

    Brilliant ! Simply brilliant shots.

    Fun group this. I hope your sister (don’t know which one) has a great time ahead.

    Wonderful single portrait or head shots.

    The last shot is too good.

  13. Anna reply

    These are really good! And I love the shoe shot as well… Emy, I’m impressed with your HIGH heels :) And like others have mentioned, I hope you don’t get in trouble for that tattoo! You might die from that.

  14. Jessica Beale reply

    As if she doesn’t already do it enough, I would like to bring a little attention to our friend, “Willa Willis”. Can we first please notice her face in the picture with the puppy? And secondly, can we please take a moment to observe that she successfully threw up the deuces in the last picture. Reasons 4,908 and 4,909 why I love her. These are so great, KK…as if you’re capable of producing anything less than superb!!! Love you!

  15. Lauren W reply

    That jumping picture is the same exact spot Megen and I took our jumping picture! and some of the same locations for our shoot- glad to see you used them again. Amazing group shots! love them :)

  16. Mark Brooke Photographers reply

    I love the shoe shot! Very fun!

  17. Jan reply

    Emy, I never would have recognized you in those TALL shoes had it not been for the little scribble on your foot. I would have guessed the more sensible gold sandals. Katelyn, beautiful as always!!

  18. Heather S reply

    I love the jumping picture, as well as the one with the dog (and the one right behind it); the light in those pictures is so awesome, and its just such a classy photo! Love it!

  19. Spring reply

    These are amazing!!! I wish I had pictures of me and my college roomies!!!! What a fantastic idea :)

  20. Maria reply

    Absolutely beautiful! All of them! Great job Katelyn

  21. Britne reply

    I am so happy!!! This experience was so great and I love that we have pictures to always look back on it! AHHH!!! These make my heart melt. Thank you sooo much for recording such an awesome time and amazing friendships!!

  22. Kristina N. reply

    I’m so happy for these beautiful girls to have found such good friendship in each other!

  23. Leslie reply

    THESE ARE SO GOOD! emy you and youre friends are so cute. i love so many of these i dont know if i have a favorite, but i do love the second serious one. theyre all good. you girls are beautiul, and kk youre so talented.

  24. Julianna reply

    Katelyn, if we reach 100 comments do we get a free canvas?? Only 86 to go!!!!

  25. Julianna reply

    Math joke…

  26. Michael reply

    We should have used the props that we bought at the thrift store…julianna could have been sitting in her rocking chair…britney at her desk…come back to newport news and we will go thrifting again!!

  27. em reply

    Michael get it right… “Britne.” haha And what about me a my mirror?! can’t i take a picture with it?

  28. gayle reply

    All of that beauty!
    The wonderful colors of maroon and orange!
    My heart just skipped a beat!

  29. gayle reply

    one more thing…when are we going to see some old people on this blog?

  30. Randy Thomas reply

    cool stuff really its fun watching you guys do cool stuff as you grow

  31. Tira J reply

    SO MUCH FUN!!!!! I think everyone should do something like this when they are in college! Creating those lasting memories is priceless!

  32. Amber reply

    I love these:)

  33. Bianca Brandveen reply

    Wow, I am so impressed with these pictures! I actually know two of these ladies personally and they’re gorgeous in real-life, but you made them look even better in these pictures! Kudos to you. Awesome work. Just beautiful! And, oh yeah…GO HOKIES!! ;)

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