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WEDDING WEDNESDAY today! ….. GASP!!!! Isn’t that crazy?! I don’t think I’ve skipped a Wedding Wednesday since I started them! …. Maybe once or twice…. but this hardly EVER happens! I always have a wedding-ish something to share! Welp, this week I just couldn’t stand it anymore…. I HAD to show you what we’ve been working on since the wedding!  OUR HOUSE! Now I can’t give it all away in one post… we’ll do this room by room and for some of you… this is extremely boring and I understand that. HOWEVER…. some of you may recall that this blog is also my “digital scrapbook” of life! I don’t have time to scrapbook hundreds and hundreds of

memories…. so I blog them and wah-la!… they are documented! So of course I want to document the transformation of our FIRST HOME!


When we decided to start looking for homes we were extremely overwhelmed and had no idea what we were doing…ever heard of the show “Property Virgins”?…. We could have been on that show in a heartbeat. When we first found this cute little cape cod, our real estate agent, George, said the water pump was a little old and may need to be replaced… and I was thinking “What the heck is a waterpump?!”.  We needed some guidance and thanks to my dad, Michael’s dad and George….we bought our first home in July of 2010! Michael moved in a few months before the wedding and it looked like a man’s house. He was watching TV in lawn chairs…. he slept on an air mattress on the floor of our future bedroom and his clothes were everywhere. It was sad. (See the “Before” pics below and you’ll understand what I mean).  Our house was not a “happy” place. We needed some paint, we needed some COLOR and we needed LIGHT!…. The youth at church make fun of me because I literally have like 5 lamps in every room but I LOVE light… I can’t help it!


So, right before the wedding… Michael and I made a decision to have painters come and paint the house during our honeymoon. BEST. DECISION. EVER.  We came home to a freshly painted house and I got to hang stuff on the walls right away! I was in HEAVEN! Thanks to Wendy Kelly for helping us pick paint colors so quickly!!! We couldn’t have done it without you!  So the first room that is 100% DONE is our master bedroom. Here it is BEFORE… and please disregard Michael in the corner of all of the before shots… he was on the phone and wouldn’t move off of his pitiful little bed for me to take the picture!

Haha… oh Michael is going to hate that I’m posting these… it’s the only BEFORE pictures I have! ….wasn’t it a MESS?!

Oh yea and you see that bathtowel there on the door…. he still leaves his there….every morning:)

Anddddddd here is the AFTER!! Woohoo!

He has the “masculine” night stand and I have the “girly” version! Ps. Please disregard the pen on the floor on my side… obviously I haven’t written in my journal in a while.

My jewelry has a home!!! Finally!! (and all the necklaces that don’t match the room are hidden on a rack behind the bedroom door… I know, I’m weird like that.

Red is our accent color and so I tried to add a little hint of RED all over!

Pieces of our decor are from the wedding, from college, and from CRATE and BARREL!…best store in the world! ….(furniture is from IKEA… 2nd best store in the world!)

All of our prints in our bedroom are from the HONEYMOON!

Hope you enjoyed the first installment of “BEFORE and AFTERS”!!!! More to come!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Kristin Partin reply

    WOW katelyn. You have quite the talent! I can’t wait to post before and afters of my new apartment. Everything looks MAGNIFICENT! see you soon :)

  2. Leigh reply


  3. Whitney reply

    MY GOSH! I love your bedroom! How are you so awesome? You are an amazing decorator…Okay, I’m off to clean out our house and totally revamp it!

  4. ashley barnett reply

    I love it!! Those colors play off each other so well and the room is so bright and vibrant! I can’t wait to see the rest! I have a total soft spot for interior design and before/after houses :)

  5. Em reply

    So cute girl!! We have the same dresser!

  6. Dede Edwards reply

    Katelyn- Just amazing! Love it!

  7. jenn reply

    people better not think these posts are boring… i’m so excited about seeing your house! your work is gorgeous, i knew your house would be also :)

  8. Liz reply

    I’m in love with your room…I wish you could decorate mine

  9. Amy reply

    Gorgeous! You are talented with decorating & accenting, too! I love it!

  10. Resi reply

    What a lovely place to call your home! Thanks for taking us inside your home, especially with the before-and-after-shots, amazing!! I really like your style!

  11. Rachel reply

    oh my goodness, KK you inspire this future bride to think more about decorating my future little home! It gets me way to excited! You did a fantastic job. I may just hire you for my personal decorator! Love you!

  12. Christy reply

    You have an amazing gift for photography as well as interior design. I love looking at each and every post! They are never boring.

  13. Katie reply

    I LOVE your style. Your room looks amazing! Hope you’re enjoying your new house!

  14. Katie Jordan reply

    I love seeing how other people decorate. You will definitely need to post before and after pictures for the other rooms in your house! You did a great job decorating. It looks much more adult-like now!

  15. Sierra reply

    Amazing!!!!!! Seriously! You should do interior design if you had any spare time

  16. Kristina N. reply

    I LOVE YOUR ROOM!! Thank you sooo much for sharing. Ikea is one of my favorite stores ever and I love shopping there! I recognized the prints in the photos instantly, you chose great frames for them! Beautiful!

  17. Spring reply

    WOW- can you come decorate my bedroom???? I try so hard to make my room look this cool and it always looks like a very sad attempt at chic. I need to hire you as my interior designer.

  18. katie b reply

    ummm, can you come over and help me decorate!!!!

  19. sydni jackson reply

    wow!! great work…i love all of it! don’t feel bad about not posting something related to weddings, this was just as fun!

  20. Amanda West reply

    I love all your posts but this has to be my favorite! Not sure if it makes me really weird or just means I love decor!! And you do it sooo well! Thanks for sharing a peak into your home! Can’t wait to see the rest

  21. elise reply

    love love love every bit of it :) and love that i’ve seen it in person! this time, i was particularly attracted to the framed photo above your bed- the one of the light green windows/doors in venice. i didn’t notice it before but it’s fabulous!

  22. Stephanie reply


  23. heather reply

    it is GORGEOUS! I love that you painted the trim white as well:)

  24. Nina Delaney reply

    just beautiful. And of course I love the red since that is my accent color in my den and kitchen!

  25. Gielle reply

    This looks beautiful! You seriously have an eye for beauty– if you lived in Michigan I would ask you to be my photographer && my interior designer! :) x

  26. Laurajane reply

    if you weren’t a photographer, you’d be an interior designer or event decorator for sure. usually i’m not too fond of matchy matchy, but you do it so well that you make me love it. i can’t wait to see the rest. this kind of make me want to post before and after pictures of my bedroom.

  27. Becca reply

    SOoo gorgeous Katelyn! Loved the pictures!! You are as much a designer as a photographer!! Looks awesome =)

  28. Leah Harvey reply

    I’m inspired Miss Katelyn! I think when I get back to my home in a couple weeks I will re-do a portion of our house before my hubby gets back from Afghanistan. And Pullleeaaase….I can’t wait to get to Ikea for said re-do. =) Love it!

  29. amanda reply

    these are FABULOUS!!! i love the color scheme! (and i’d totally do the same thing with my necklaces! haha)

  30. Josh reply

    Wow! Some nicely decorated room you have there hey!? Could definitely use a bigger TV! Just sayin’! (= Love it.

  31. Rachel May reply

    Absolutely gorgeous!! I love the color scheme, your NECKLACES!!!, and the hints of red!

  32. Girish reply

    Well if you ask me I love the bed placement in the first few shots, directly on floor. Perfect to laze on the afternoon ;)

    It looks warm after the entire setup. Very nice.

  33. Ashley reply

    Absolutely stunning! What a change!! It looks so comfortable and lovely now! Love the photos from your honeymoon on the wall

  34. Oona reply

    You have an amazing eye for color and placement. I love all the little hints of red around the room – ties it all together without being overwhelming. Lovely!

  35. Gina reply

    I LOVE this! Can’t wait to see more! Are the pictures of you and Mike from your engagement shoot?

  36. Karla reply

    Katelyn, you have such a great taste! I love your bedroom decor! The colors, the patterns. Thanks for sharing the before pictures. I wonder how can men leave without all these beautiful things? Great job!

  37. Mary Dunlap reply

    LOVE!!!! I love the crisp white furniture and frams with the bright colors! IKEA and Crate and Barrel are my fav’s too!!

  38. Leslee reply

    Chris leaves his towel on the door EVERY DAY too… No matter what, I can’t get him to take it back to the bathroom.

  39. JasmineStar reply

    LOVE all the pictures!!
    And the pen on the floor made me LAUGH!!! :D

  40. Yinka reply

    I hate to use the word amazing because it could be considered so banal or trite but the transformation and just the light and beautiful touches everywhere in the room, really leaves one at a loss for words, so….UH-MAZING!!!!!!!! mmm mmm!

  41. Michaela reply

    This is an amazing transformation. I’m an interior design major, so this post thrilled me!! You have some serious style (:

  42. alison reply

    How romantic to have pictures of your engagement AND your honeymoon in your master bedroom! Beatutiful room!

  43. Mary reply

    oh my goodness!!!! all of your pictures are completely amazingly stunning dear goodness!!! and your house!!!!!!! yes it’s only the master bedroom that’s on this post but oh my goodness it looks like something out of a heaven magazine!!!!

  44. Lydia reply

    Katelyn, you are an amazing decorator! Love the collage above your bed and how you used photography everywhere to personalize your space!

  45. Karena reply

    Wonderful!! I am so happy you don’t have to sleep on the floor! The colors are amazing!

    To brighten your day…

    Come and join in my Gorgeous Giveaway from Blydesign!

    Art by Karena

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  47. Tori reply

    I FINALLY know what to do with my necklaces now!!! THANKS! :))) I love the images from your honeymoon all over the bedroom. lovely.

  48. Emily reply

    Do you remember what the tan color of paint you used was called??

  49. Kate reply

    wow… hmm maybe you can take all my wedding photos one day when i do get engaged and then maybe you can decorate our home. HAHA.. no but seriously. everything looks like it’s straight out of a magazine!

  50. Kristi Witek reply

    This is beyond wonderful, Katelyn. I love your work. like LOVE it and your decor is just as amazing. Color is so incredible and your use of it here… fabulous.

    I am totally book marking all your befores and afters for future reference. Thanks for being such an amazing example of a woman of Jesus who loves her Savior, her husband and her work… :-)

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  52. Kaury reply

    Absolutely beautiful. Well done Katelyn! You and Michael did a wonderful job with the Bedroom, I feel inpired :)
    Btw, love the details!!!

  53. Brittany Kuhn reply

    I was following links from your other post with the Christmas decorations and started noticing a trend of having the A in your decorations? Just wondering what it is for?

  54. Alanna reply

    Was wondering where you got the little hook things for your necklaces? they are so cute!

  55. Normally | Virginia Wedding Photographer | Katelyn James Photography reply


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