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I had told Michael that I didn’t want to show any pictures of the house until I felt like it was done…. like 100% decorated. Well, I quickly realized that that is not realistic… at all. I LOVE to decorate… it’s my hobby and what I choose to do for fun! So when we moved in, I went to town! However, there is little thing called a “budget” that can really slow down the decorating process and I have reached a point where I have had to stop and take things one step at a time. This is totally fine because we’re in the midst of wedding season and I don’t have much time for decorating right now.

So there are parts of our home that I have big, beautiful ideas for but those projects will be completed later on.  In our old house, decorating was FAST and easy to accomplish in a short amount of time! …. Because it was a tiny little house! I remember Michael going away for a work trip right after we got back from our honeymoon and I decorated the whole house in a matter of 4 days! It was AWESOME!! I was naive to think that the same thing would happen with this house! We over doubled our square footage with the new house and so I’ve come to realize that this is going to take some time. Now don’t get me wrong, we have accomplished a lot in 4 weeks time! We had two large events here in June and so that kicked me into high gear after we moved in! We’re still missing some curtains here and there and some furniture is backordered and frames are up but they are empy…. that will come together eventually! So I wanted to show a few glimpses of our new house because I am proud of what we have accomplished so far and I want to document this fun stage of our life together!! Enjoy a little sneak peek of the new house and I’ll try to remember to source as much as I can! :) HUGE thanks to our sweet friend Wendy Morton for helping me pick paint colors! :) The ONE color I picked by myself, I don’t like… and I’m not showing that bathroom! haha.

So this is my new office! It’s a lot smaller than my old office but this this really all that I need! I LOVE IT!!! It’s more formal but still welcoming and classy! Eventually there will be a pretty fan or chandelier hanging down! Paint color is Sherwin Williams: Waterscape, Desk: Pottery Barn, Chairs & White Table: Homegoods, Mirror Table: Target, Rugs: Target.

Coming down the foyer, you’ll enter the living room! ALL paint is Sherwin Williams. This color is “Amazing Gray”… even though it looks like a taupe! 

All white pieces are from IKEA! Even the shelves… we’re bargain shoppers for the stuff that won’t last forever! The couch however is from Bassett and it came with custom pillows! 

Rug: Pottery Barn

Chairs: Bassett, Mirror: Homegoods, Lamp: Homegoods

Table & Lamp: Target

It was early, he was half asleep:)

My crazy half bath! It’s more “teal” in real life:)

The kitchen!

Pendants from Pottery Barn online.

Bar stools… funny story, I ordered “two” and got “four”…. evidently they come in sets of two! They are from  The kitchen table was from our first house and it’s IKEA! GREAT purchase! So cheap and it has held up really well so far!

Vase from Target!  Paint: Seasalt

Morning room… this is the room that won’t really be furnished for a while. Whenever that day comes, it will be seasalt and coral!! Rug: Pottery Barn, Table: Pier One, Sette: Target (a long time ago!), Lamp: Homegoods

Cute vase was a gift from Anthro

Heading down the hall to Michael’s office…

Very manly:) Paint: Cityscape, Chair: World Market, Ottoman: Crate and Barrel,  Desk: IKEA, Curtains: Crate and Barrel

Master bedroom… and Bokeh’s favorite spot:) Bedding:, Headboard & Chevron pieces: Joss and Main, Lamps: Target, Mirrors: Homegoods, Nightstands: IKEA, Paint: Demin blu & I forget the gray color’s name! oops!

Isn’t that a cool lamp?! It’s from Homegoods! Curtains are 96″ and IKEA sells them for so cheap! They aren’t lined but they worked great in this room!

Our bathroom wasn’t presentable this morning but the shower appeared clean! 

The loft! It overlooks the living room!

EVERYTHING except the TV is from IKEA.

This is our funky room! Half of it is a craft area, the other half is like a mini bedroom! (IKEA)

Bedding isn’t in stock anymore, furniture is from IKEA, Paint: Meditation Blue

Bedding: Target, Paint: Amazing gray

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Tina reply


  2. Anna D reply

    You have a very nice house :) Lovely decorating! <3

  3. Tina reply

    yikes! did not mean to write that all in caps! lol Sorry!

  4. Rhiannon reply

    girl! You are a MACHINE! Looks incredible :)

  5. Suzanne Hines reply

    Oh my word! You nailed it! I love your bold use of colors, and the placement of your pics and accessories! Come decorate my house please! It’s just beautiful!

  6. Brooke reply

    OMGGG your HOUSE IS absolutely gorgeous! So jealous :)

  7. Mandi reply

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! Next time you come to Rome, can you please stop by Atlanta and decorate my house? You could totally be an interior designer with that amazing touch. Inspiring me to add stuff like that to my house! BEAUTIFUL!

  8. Kathryn Andrews reply

    I swoon! Complete home office envy! It’s gorgeous. I love your home. You are so lucky to have all that space.

  9. Blythe K reply

    i love your home!! Can you come decorate ours when we finally settle down & buy!?! :)

  10. Vanessa Santos reply

    wow I am Brazilian and I love your blog. Congratulations for the beautiful photos.

  11. Chelsea Patricia reply

    Ummm, wow. That is absolutely gorgeous.

  12. Allison reply

    Ah! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! So happy for you, Katelyn :)

  13. Vanessa reply

    I love everything about your home. You need to come decorate mine!

  14. Aimee Marie reply

    Your house is like a dream come true, you must be SO proud!! It’s GORGEOUS.

  15. Stephanie Stewart reply

    Oh my goodness! I love your house! Makes me so excited about ours – we are about mid-construction right now, and seeing all of your beautiful colors and furnishings makes me so excited! Will you come decorate for me?! pretty please! :) you can bring bokeh to play with my dog, Lucy, and 9 month old who LOVES dogs, remington!!

  16. Stephanie Stewart reply

    p.s. I love your office, a perfectly beautiful work environment, so cheery and bright!

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  18. Carrie N reply

    Amazing! You’ve just captured my dream house! This can serve as inspiration as my husband and I begin designing our own home. Congrats!

  19. Amanda B. reply

    Wow, I love it all! Looks phenomenal.. I am the worst at decorating. :)

  20. Kayla reply

    Gorgeous! you may as well take on interior design too ;)

  21. Jasmine Yule reply

    your decorating it all yourself! thats insane!!! its massive!!! looks so good what you’ve done so far… :)

  22. Caitlin Alexander reply

    Hello GORGEOUS! Katelyn! This is incredible. I’m dying over that office! Beyond gorgeous- and SO you guys :)

  23. Annetta reply

    WOW!!! Your home is beautiful!! I LOVE your kitchen. i could work in there all day. Great job on the decorating. Wish my house looked so put together but kids change that.

  24. Melissa reply

    Wow, Katelyn! love the whole color theme throughout the house. Such a good tour it feels like I was there to visit you! :)

  25. Jennifer Krieg reply

    Beautiful!! Your eye for decorating is amazing!!

  26. vanessa reply

    I love how there is teal every where. Love it all I am a huge ikea fan but the closes ikea is about 2 states away! : (

  27. Natalie reply

    Wow! You could be on HGTV Design Star. For real.

  28. Wendy Morton reply

    Katelyn & Michael,
    I loved working with you on your new beautiful home. The Photographed rooms look so beautiful. I am glad that you like the colors. P.S Katelyn if you need help with that bathroom color that you chose give me a call :) Can’t wait to see the house in person.

  29. Vanessa Chupp reply

    Oh my word your house is so cute!! Now you just need to make a little trip on up to Canada and help me with mine!! haha xox

  30. Christy reply

    Wow. I wish you could decorate my house. This is beautiful.

  31. Erika reply

    Positively gorgeous! Your decorating is as impressive as your photography!!

  32. Danesha reply

    Your home looks amazing, Katelyn!

  33. Kathryn Grace reply

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! You are an amazing decorator… can you come decorate my house? :-) I adore your office!!!

  34. michael and carina photography reply

    great shots! not only are you a gifted wedding photographer, but a great interior photographer as well!

  35. Rachel reply

    Gorgeous! Love how light and bright it feels! Congrats on the new home!

  36. Elizabeth reply

    BEAUTIFUL — wow….gorgeous home looks like a great place to raise a family and don’t worry we (my husband and i) are ikea fans as well and i have some stuff that’s about 10 years old….i cannot go to ikea i get into big trouble…

  37. Kate reply

    absolutely in love with your house!!!! The colors and decorations all work so well together!! <3

  38. Shelley Hohe reply

    I love your new office! I can’t wait to get mine done. I am glad you shared this, I have French doors that go into my office too but they are not glass…I might have to switch out my doors because they look nice being glass!! Nice job on the decorating!

  39. Paulina reply

    katelyn, your house is gorgeous!! everything flows beautifully and i can tell how hard you worked on it! congrats =)

  40. ashley link reply

    LOVEEEEEE your house!!!!! gah! so gorgeous! you can come decorate my life any day! :)

  41. Alyssa reply

    Love to follow your work! amazing! I can only dream of a house and office space like yours someday! love love love!

  42. Ali Mclaughlin reply

    So fabulous!!

  43. Winnie reply

    You are truly blessed artistically. Thank you for the pictures. Your dog is so accommodating, it’s hilarious to see him in the pic’s!

  44. elizabeth reply

    {wow} It looks *fabulous*, Katelyn! :) Love everything from the colors you chose to all of the special details <3 Ahhh…love it all! Hope you are enjoying the blessing of living in this awesome new place…you did such a great job decorating it :) Much love!

  45. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    Simply amazing! I love it!!!!!!!

  46. Carrie logan reply

    so AMAZING!!!!! i am just so happy for you both :)

  47. Annmarie Swift reply

    I can’t even handle how stunning your home is! Are you sure you’re a photographer?! Please come to MA and let me pick your designing/posing brain! :)

  48. Amanda reply

    Love the house – it is amazing! The sofa in your loft is the one we are getting ready to buy for our living room – same color!

  49. Amy Harris reply

    Love everything! Will you decorate my home?!?

  50. Jody gray reply

    Love love love. You’re so good at what you do. Want to come and decorate our new place? :)

  51. molly stillman reply

    i am dying! your house is amazing. wow. wow. wow!!!

  52. Meghan T reply

    Your home is amazing!! Beautifully decorated to every derail! Where is the shelf in the left of the last picture from? I have been looking for something like that for 8 months! :)

  53. Angela Snyder reply

    I have that same quilt from Target :) You are quite the decorator! Also, Bokeh is such a ham for the spotlight! But with good reason.

  54. Emilia Jane reply

    WOW! Katelyn this is beyond stunning…and you’re “just getting started” Ha! Incredible. I can’t wait to hear stories of all of the joy and fun in this new house! XXOO

  55. Janna reply

    I would love to know which builder you used and house plans. I live in Canada and houses here are just not as quaint…….Love yours. If you have 5 mins to share I would love that info:)

  56. Chris reply

    your home is gorgeous! Your photos are gorgeous! where did you get the energy to do all of the decorating in such a short period of time? wow!

  57. Elizabeth reply

    Katelyn, your home looks like it came straight out of a magazine!!! You did such an amazing job decorating it! I love it! :)

  58. Jen reply

    Your home is beautiful. Thanks so much for being willing to share photos and where everything is from. :)

  59. Ashlyn reply

    wow. You are SO good. Wowwwww. And that office is killer. Seriously… Is there any way you could give us some of your interior design skills? My goodness. This is amazing.

  60. Lindsay {Everistta} reply

    I could pin the whole thing! Simply stunning. I love the pop of color and pattern in the living room. very cool!

  61. Elizabeth reply

    oh my!

  62. simona reply


  63. Kristina W. reply

    Yay!!!! I love this post! I’ve wanted to see your decorating for so long! :) Thanks for sharing! :)

  64. Jessica Vidmar Photography reply

    What a beautiful, beautiful home Katelyn. Congratulations!

  65. Meg reply

    Wow! Your house is gorgeous. You clearly have such an eye for design and using color.

  66. Sarah reply

    Hi! All of the color are beautiful!! Are all,of the wall colors a specific brand? Thanks!!

  67. Tira J reply

    Oh Katelyn & Michael, your new home is absolutely exquisite! Something to be very proud of. Congratulations on the next step! Enjoy it and remember that there are a lot of amazing things and hard things that come along with home ownership, but that God is in complete control of all of it. I know that HE is going to bless you, michael and everyone who walks through the doors so richly. xoxo

  68. Holly reply

    Oh my GOSH I love this! My favorite spaces are the loft and your office! I love what you’ve done with the ceiling in there :) Hopefully one day i’ll get to sit with you in that office!! :D

  69. Sarah Adams reply

    If you weren’t such an AMAZING photog- I would say you should be an incredible interior designer! EVERY room is awesome!

  70. Ana reply

    Please please tell me which rug that is in your living room from pottery barn. Is it the scroll tile rug in grey? And where did you get the white shelves in living room?

  71. Emily reply

    Do you remember the name of the teal bathroom color? I love it!

  72. Caroline reply

    hehe :) love it!

  73. Andrea Brooks reply

    Love everything about this home!

  74. alicia reply

    What a great house. I love everything. Thank you for including where you bought some items. The house looks great.

  75. Linda reply

    WOW. Your home is absolutely gorgeous! But I can’t say that I expected anything less from you!

  76. Melissa Smith reply

    Your house looks AMAZING! And I love that you named your adorable puppy Bokeh :)

  77. Thanushka reply

    Your home looks like a dream! So gorgeous!!! What is the name of the the paint color you used on the home office?

  78. Melissa reply

    What type of hardwood flooring is that and what color is it? I love the color and we are building a house right now and would love to have those floors.

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    Will you please tell me the paint colors in the master bedroom! So pretty! I have been searching and I think I finally found what I want to do! SO inspiring

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    That would be the room with the blue accent wall

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    Your design talent is off the charts! Do you love your pottery barn rugs? Did they shed? Do they feel cozy to sit on? Thank you so much in advance!

  84. Natalie reply

    I love your paint choices and Abe pulled several for my own home. In fact, my husband may ban me from using waterscape in anymore rooms!!!! Can you tell me what color you used for the powder room/half bath – the blue/teal? Thx!

  85. Megan reply

    What color paint did you use for your office

  86. Wendy reply

    Absolutely beautiful. All of it. I am curious though about the living room. What is the accent color on the fireplace wall? I may have missed it, or is that the Amazing Gray? I was thinking AG was on the “other” walls, and a darker color used as an accent? Thanks for sharing your lovely home pics.

  87. Joanna M reply

    Those are very stunning designs inside your home. I am working on ours but with two kids our interior is more Lego than Pottery Barn.

  88. Owl reply

    What a gorgeous dog! So beautiful!

  89. Laura reply

    Amazing decorating taste! Your old office with the brown and white couch was the first AND ONLY office pin I ever saved a year ago. Now that I finally have a home of my own, I’m putting together the office using your excellent template. So far, only SW Waterscape is done :) thank you!!!

  90. Christina Solano reply

    Your new home is beautiful! I’m not sure if it missed it, what color is your kitchen and morning room?
    Thanks :)

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