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When you’re buying a home, the last thing you’re thinking about it selling it! But the irony is that you SHOULD be thinking about selling it when you’re buying it! Michael and I have owned two homes since being married and in both cases, we received REALLY great resale advice. It’s funny, when you’re a newlywed, people will offer you TONS of advice about EVERYTHING. Some of it goes in one ear and out the other and some sticks with you!! During our home build two years ago, we received some awesome advice about making decisions with resale in mind and I’m sharing a few of them today! 

When Michael and I started our home building process, we were told that this would be one of the greatest strains on our marriage. That was definitely not true.  We LOVED this process and looking back, it was one of my favorite adventures with Michael. Every day we would drive out to see what was new. This was and still is the biggest project we have ever done together and it was actually GREAT for our marriage. We enjoy making decisions together….even though Michael would agree that when it’s a design decision, he usually defaults to me since I love that stuff!!

We are so thankful that we had several experienced home builders give us advice during our home building process because it really helped us make some smart decisions!  My favorite advice was about resale. We learned so much about what to look for and how to think ahead instead of just in the excitement of the present!

Here are 5 tips for Making Smart Decisions for Resale! 


  1. Splurge on the Master Bath!  

    This is the one room in the house that you can guarantee is going to be USED! We don’t use our kitchen as much as some families do. We don’t use our loft area as much as some other people do. There are always going to be areas of homes that appeal more to different people but the master bath is ALWAYS going to be high on a home buyer’s priority list! When we built our home, we opted for the master bath upgrade and we’re still so thankful that we invested in that! …. Not only for us but for whoever owns our home down the road! They’re going to love that space!

  2. Go BASIC upstairs!

    We saved a lot of money by keeping our upstairs plain. It’s nothing fancy. No tile, no granite, no crown molding. There isn’t really any need for it! Our master is downstairs and so our upstairs is for guests and future kiddos. Someone told us to use that upgrade money for other things…. like upgrading the master bath! :) We’re so thankful that we listened to that advice!

  3. Invest in Awesome Floors in the main area of the home!

    We invested in hardwoods in our most highly trafficked areas and then chose cheaper carpet for the other areas.  Carpet is cheaper to replace and has to be replaced more often than hard flooring. We saved money by choosing cheaper carpet and then we allocating those savings towards beautiful floors in the main portion of the house. Floors matter to home buyers… big time!

  4. Pre-Wire for Ceiling Fans!

    I honestly NEVER thought of this. Ceiling fans seem ugly to me… but tons of people want the ability to have them in their bedrooms, offices, etc.  I didn’t realize the need for this pre-wiring until we decided after we moved in that we needed a fan to move air around in the living room.  If we hadn’t pre-wired for the fan, this would have been nearly impossible to do. We have 18foot ceilings in our living room… adding additional wiring after the drywall went up would not have been ideal for anyone!! We prewired fans and lighting in our bedroom, morning room and on the front porch! After we moved in, we found really cheap outdoor, rubbed bronze fans to add to the porch and me LOVE them! I just love that they remind me of Charleston! :)

  5. Double Sinks!

    You wouldn’t think that this would be a game changer but it really does make a huge difference in the look and functionality of a bathroom. If I was looking for a new home and we knew that we wanted kids one day, I would be pleased to find a double sink for the kid’s bathroom!! This is a relatively cheap upgrade that can make a huge impact!! :)

Ohh there are so many more things I could share!! But I’ll have to save that for another time because I’m visiting my sister and her husband up in PA and I don’t want to be a party pooper that’s on my laptop any longer than I have to be!!! If you’re in the market for a new home, look out for these things and SO many others. This was just the tip of the ice berg!!! I hope this was helpful! Enjoy your Wednesday andddd…..

Ps. We’re putting our house on the market soon! Any takers?!! :)

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Jessica reply

    You’re putting your house on the market?! Where are you going, did I miss that in a previous blog??Well…..looking forward to more decorating posts in the future with the new place!

  2. Kristi reply

    WOOHOOOOO!!!! SOOOOOOO excited for you all!!!!! And LOVE these tips!!!!!!

  3. Lauren Swann reply

    Yay!!!!!! Xoxo!!!!

  4. Lelia Marie reply

    This seems like an April Fools joke! You can’t possibly be selling this house!!!! (Though if you really are, I can’t wait to see the new adventure you are embarking on!)

  5. Molly reply

    we are building a house too, where did you find the floor plan that you liked? Through the builder or yourselves?

  6. Tatyana reply

    Congrats on the upcoming move!

  7. Cindy reply

    Well said Katelyn – I worked 8 years in New Home Sales in NOVA and what you and your husband did with your home is the best use of your option and upgrade budget. I am sure your home will sell FAST! Let me know if you need real estate photos taken since it’s the type of photography I do.

  8. Mandy reply

    Wooooooohoooooo!!! Everyone’s dreams are coming true!!!!

  9. Sarah Bradshaw reply

    Girl, you’re going to sell this in a HEARTBEAT!!

  10. Jess reply

    Gahhhh!! So exciting!!! xoxoxo

  11. Abby Grace reply

    Ahhh if only we were in Richmond, I would TOTALLY buy your house. We’ve actually thought about moving down there, just because of how much more affordable housing it- it’s NUTS here in northern Virginia!!

  12. Tyler Herrinton reply

    woo! So excited for you guys. Remember, guest bedroom is always open to you! ;)

  13. Kellie Penn reply

    You’re selling?!?! AHHH!!! (suddenly praying that God calls my husband to Richmond & out of Illinois. haha!) Can’t wait to hear where this journey is leading you!

  14. Emily reply

    Whaaaat. UM I would adore that house (you can just leave all of your fabulous decorating there, I’ll take it as is) LOL <3

  15. Heather reply

    Oh my goodness…you’re moving?!?! Seriously, you left us all hanging on that news! Your house is of course gorgeous and the tips are awesome!

  16. Meghan reply

    Wow! Exciting news!

  17. Katie reply

    If only Andrew were getting stationed in Richmond… Which isn’t even a thing ;) love you guys and your beautiful home!

  18. Nicole Salter reply

    Where are you going?! I love your house. Convince Max that we need to move 660 miles?! :D

  19. Caroline Logan reply

    Love you guys!!!!!!!!

  20. elizabeth. reply

    Thanks for sharing, Katelyn! And, oh, you’re moving?! “any takers” – um, yes, that would be quite the dream home, especially for photographers with all that natural light! LOVE. :) Are you planning on building again? Many blessings!

  21. Stephanie Messick reply

    AH! You’re moving?!!?! This is exciting!!! Cannot wait to see where you take your business and what designs you will do next in your future house!

  22. Amanda Deibel reply

    AHHHH, is it selfish that I hope this means an interior design/home improvement blog??! I’ve been in serious withdrawal since “Young House Love” and “7th House on the Left” stopped blogging! Good luck on selling your house!!

  23. Jill Powers reply

    YAY!!!! I love how casual you announced that!! no big deal! :) Can’t wait!! xo

  24. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    Ahh I am on the edge of my seat over that announcement!!

  25. Kat reply

    bahhaah you are hysterical. You WOULD have that as a “PS” :)

  26. sarah h reply

    AHHH! your selling!? Please don’t move far, far away!! & we are selling our house too, so if we sell ours I’d buy yours if you leave all your decor as I love, love, love your house!

  27. Kristina W. reply

    Ahhhh!!! You’re putting your house on the market soon? Oh my goodness, why?

  28. Esther Ayers reply

    No way!!!! Where are y’all moving???? Great tips, thanks for sharing!!!

  29. Jessica reply

    We are actually looking to buy a house in Richmond in the next year! I can’t wait to see when it goes on the market, we would love to look!

  30. ashley link reply

    What a cliffhanger! It’s worse than a Walking Dead episode! haha. Congrats!!! :)

  31. Ashley Duke reply

    Ahh!! So excited for you both!! Looking forward to God has in store for your future!! We need to plan our date night! :-)) xoxo

  32. Annamarie reply

    YESSSSS! NBD :) So excited for you guys!!!!

  33. Sydni Jackson reply

    What!! Where are you moving to?? Also, where did you get those pillow cases in the guest bedroom? I love them!

  34. Caitlin Swanson reply

    Such a beautiful home Katelyn! I agree, owning our first home has been one of our most fun adventures being married! I completely agree on the double sinks – we put them in our master bath and in the guest bath (which is our girls bathroom now)! Now I just need for you to decorate my home haha!

  35. Molly reply

    Why are you moving????

  36. Bethany McDonnell reply

    I love your decorating style. Someday, when I own my own home, I think I am going to have to hire you to decorate it :) :) :)

  37. Erin reply

    I reeeeeeally love those curtains in the bottom picture!!

  38. resi reply

    Say whaaaaaaat??? Where are you moving? Your home looks beautiful right now; no idea what’s happening but I’m sure your next home will be just as homey too ;)

  39. Jessica reply

    Oh my gosh that is shocking and amazing news! I moved all the time as a kid… my mom would come home and be like… surprise, we’re moving down the street… or around the corner… it’s such a fun process!! Good luck you guys… can’t wait to hear what the next adventure is!! :)

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