It was just always easy to fall back into our friendship and pick up where we left off. Caroline traveled the world in her early twenties. She went to grad school, became a doctor and then moved to Alaska for a few years! I always loved getting the call to find out where her next adventure would be. However, it was during those calls that the conversation always turned to the “boy” discussion. As much adventure as Caroline had in her life, we both still prayed and wondered when God would bring her future husband into the picture. I always told her that when he came around, it wouldn’t be a battle. She wouldn’t have to fight for his affection or wonder what his intentions were. I would say that to her, and then get off the phone and pray that it was good advice!!! Ha!

Well, a couple of years later, while helping her mom at the State Fair, she struct up a conversation that turned into a date… and then another date… and then some more dates, and it wasn’t long before I got another phone call explaining that she had met someone, and it just felt right! She loved his family and his roots, and that he understood the life of a farmer, because that’s all she had ever known growing up. He loved and accepted her family which meant he had Fisher’s (Caroline’s brother) approval, and he loved Amelia (Caroline’s little sister) well. The next call I received wasn’t from Caroline, it was from Brandon!! He had a ring, and we met him on the top of a mountain to capture his proposal!! Now that the big day is over, this year has seemed like a beautiful blur, and we couldn’t be more excited for these two!

Brandon and Caroline we love you both!!! It’s such an honor to be a part of your life, and we loved being with you for every second of your celebration this weekend. This is just the beginning!! Welcome to the old-married-people club!!!! Enjoy GREECE and the beginning of this new adventure!!!!

CANNOT believe I’m posting this!!! haha! But it’s for the memories! 

They got my daddy to wear a Virginia Tech tie! Only for Caroline!!! :)

Dress Store | Bridal Elegance

Ceremony Venue | Salem Baptist Church

Reception Venue | Bowling Green Town Hall

Coordinator | Anna Burke Events

Catering | Leon Nixon Catering

Florist | King William Florist

Hair Stylist | Meghan Beasley

Makeup Artist | Shelbi Puccio

Cake | The Mix House

Groomsmen Attire | Men’s Wearhouse

View Caroline + Brandon’s Engagement Session HERE! 

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xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Anna Burke reply

    YAY!!!!!!!!!! What a great day to end our 2016 seasons :) Gorgeous images of a beautiful couple!

  2. Kayla reply

    Absolutely beautiful wedding! It must have been so much fun to work with your best friend from childhood!

  3. Jill reply

    So so beautiful Katelyn!! I LOVE her details, the slight color in her dress, and those sunset pictures! They look so sweet and joyful together!

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    These photos are just beautiful as always! :)

  5. Cyndi V H reply

    Absolutely stunning!!! Caroline, you ARE beautiful. Truly a beautiful person, and a beautiful bride. I am so grateful to see the sheer joy on your face as you step into this next phase in your life. Katelyn, you and Michael are blessed beyond words, to witness and witness to, so many very, very dear friends in your lives. The Lord continues to bless you. Unfiltered joy from Amelia abounds and the pride and love of Doug and Gayle oozes off the screen. GREAT shots capturing such a special day! Ah mazing!

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    Katelyn! These images are beyond gorgeous! You’re amazing!

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    Awww what a wonderful sweet wedding in Sparta! Congratulations to Caroline and Brandon!

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    So incredibly beautiful! A wonderful memories for a lifetime.

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    Omg, I love the bride’s dress as well as the bridesmaid dresses. They are all so gorgeous. I also love the the bride’s name is Caroline. That’s my new baby girl’s middle name.

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    Stunning! As always! The girl’s flowers are just gorgeous!

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    These photos are amazing!

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    I can definitely see the pure happiness between the couple and their families. Work well done!

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    Beautiful work as usual! I think my favorite part is how much they are laughing and smiling together. That’s a sign of lasting love.

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    I am an amauter photographer. Many interesting information I found at Your photos are beautiful and inspiring.

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    Such beautiful portraits Katelyn, and I love the shot of the bride with her grandmother.

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