• Dubrovnik, Croatia

CROATIA! When Michael first told me that this was one of the destinations for our cruise I thought to myself “Where in the world is CROATIA?!”  Well, we have come to find out that Croatia is home to one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world! It’s gorgeous! We stopped in Dubrovnik, Croatia for an afternoon and to be honest, I was surprised! I have been excited about Venice and ATHENS (coming tomorrow!)… but Croatia hasn’t been on my list of “must sees”.  Well, now that I have had an official tour of Dubrovnik, Croatia, have walked its’ white stoned streets and have eaten more of it’s tasty gelati than I should have….

I can now advise all of YOU to put it on your “Must See” list! It was simply gorgeous and I just had to share some shots! Michael and I are having such an incredible time and we’re so thankful for a chance to RELAX! No to-do lists, no details to plan, no house to decorate (even though that is NOT considered a chore) and no work to be done. We are simply enjoying our honeymoon! Yay!

Loved this one! The shutters are kinda sorta TEAL! Don’t ya think??

I would have given anything to have a bride standing there in that corridor! Ah!

My husband will do just fine:)

A little Croatian kitty:)

Yea, we’ve eaten a lot of that…. a WHOLE lot.

Thank you to all the cute random ladies that want to take our pictures! We love you!

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  1. Adriane reply

    ABSOLUTELY beautiful!

  2. Chelsea Patricia reply

    Love the honeymoon pics so far! Hope y’all are having a blast!

  3. Emy reply

    BEAUTIFUL! It looks and sounds like your trip has been awesome so far. And KK, you look gorgeous! Love you.

  4. Molly Whitmore reply

    Yay! Croatia is such an incredibly beautiful place – I remember going there with our touring choir junior year in high school. Enjoy you two love birds! ;)

    On a side note: LOVE your outfit with the red sweater – TOO cute!

  5. Anna Burke reply

    Looks like you’re having a BLAST! And being a WIFE looks AWESOME on you :)

  6. Jessica reply

    I love that Michael is rockin’ the Gayton hoodie internationally!!!

  7. Shuva Rahim reply

    I am fascinated, amused and impressed you’re blogging on your HONEYMOON!!! I tried “working” on vacation once and it didn’t settle with me… but more power to you as it looks like you’re able to enjoy and blog (even if it is personal)!! I love seeing your posts, keep up the incredible work and congrats to you both!

  8. Allison reply

    Ya’ll are too cute!!!!!!

  9. Lauren reply

    WOW! oh my gosh, so beautiful. i want to go to croatia now!

  10. Kelsi reply

    Amazing! Hope that y’all are having a wonderful honeymoon.

  11. Laurajane reply

    wow i had no idea croatia was so beautiful! one year, many years ago, the shoe box that i sent with operation christmas child went to a girl in croatia. and i ended up sending a few letters back and forth with the girl and she sent a picture of where she lived and it looked nothing like these pictures. it looks like you’re having so much fun on your honeymoon. i love how your travel pictures never look like just a snapshot. it’s awesome.

  12. Jennifer Krieg reply

    How beauuuuuuutiful!! Gorgeous pictures! Love the pic of Michael standing in corridor gazing out!!!!! Just plain awesome!!!! Happy Honeymooning.. :)

  13. Syreena B reply

    OMG… how goWageous! Congrats you two… And Katelyn, you could wear teal and salmon every single day and it would be just fine with me Mrs. GoWageous :) btw… i love your work!!!

  14. Heather Corporan reply

    I’ll be moving there. . .in my dreams anyways ; ) So, you should definately be getting a canvas print of the one with the shutters for your new home! How perfect? It’s teal, and it’ll be a constant reminder of your awesome honeymoon! LOVE these pics!

  15. Margarette Lynch reply

    Lovely pictures, enjoy your honeymoon!

  16. Charlotte Krovic reply

    You know the Krovic’s came from Croatia!!

  17. Aunt Susan reply

    What flavors of gelato is Michael eating? You need to try, one scoop of chocolate and one scoop coconut. It’s awesome together!!

  18. Jill reply

    If we all go back next year, I’ll be the bride that stands in that corridor!! I’ll start looking up flights haha! :) have fun, love you both!

  19. beverly reply

    seriously…. i fall in love with you guys more and more!! there is so much behind both of your smiles! rejoicing over your special time together :) love you guys!

  20. StephanieB reply

    So glad to see you are having such an amazing time at such a beautiful place!! You two look so perfect together.

  21. Brenda (Momma) reply

    KK, thank you sooooo much for posting the beautiful pics. You & Michael look so relaxed and happy! I luv the way you keep calling him your “husband” . . . Yes, I know you are glad to finally be married!!!!! You were and are a beautiful bride. A picture of YOU in your wedding gown in that corridor would have been amazing! By the way, the wedding & reception were incredibly wonderful and I enjoyed every minute of the celebration. I’ve looked at J*’s blog many, many times and look forward to seeing the whole gallery of pictures. Enjoy the rest of your trip and keep sending those pics . . . especially the ones that the “cute random ladies” want to take of the two of you! Where is JR these days? I need a little competition with this looooong comment. Come on JR . . . I bet you can beat this! :) Luv u both !

  22. Nate reply

    So AWESOME! Thank you so much for keeping all of us back here updated throughout your amazing trip. I appreciate the escape from the leadership paper I am supposed to be writing right now! haha. Keep having fun! Congrats!

  23. michaela reply

    Wow these are stunning! I’m so inspired by all of the architecture!

  24. Kristina N. reply

    Oh my goodness Croatia looks so beautiful! I’m pretty sure I say this all the time but you’re such an AMAZING photographer! I LOVE your photos! And you and Michael look so great together! I am just sooooooo happy for you two! :) :) :)

  25. caroline reply

    katelyn, you are always just so stinkin cute. i love these pics :) you broke your “one picture a stop” rule ;)

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