• The New House

you say? Well, it’s a very, VERY confusing electrical map of our first floor of the new house. While it looks like a hot mess, it’s really quite exciting. We walked through the whole house yesterday morning and added receptacles, scooted recessed lights and talked about switches. We’re so new to this and we’re so thankful for our site manager’s patience. The crazy thing is that we’re leaving for California for a week and so who knows what will change while we’re gone!! Pretty soon we’ll have siding and STONE (yes, stone:) and some brick! The windows are in, the plumbing is run and the electrical is a work in progress.

It’s coming together!!! FAST!! We’re so so excited but as we leave for a week on Saturday, we’re leaving two important things behind…. a constantly changing new home and sweet little Bokeh Boy. As we continue to prep, pack and prepare… I’m seriously lining up bokeh-sitters AND new house sitters! ha! I’m hoping Daddy will make some trips over there and text us some pics of the progress!! There’s just so much to do before leaving for a week!! I’m off to conqueror the to-do list. Happy Thursday everyone!! And because every post is better with a lil Bokeh…. here’s a picture from last night…what a cutie:



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  1. Caroline reply

    OH my goodness!!! How exciting!! and quite colorful :) Have a BLAST in California!!! Love you!

  2. Shelley Hohe reply

    You will be in my state but still over 8 hours away. I wish I was going to UNITED so I can meet you! Are you sure you don’t want to make a quick little trip to the San Francisco Area…it sure is gorgeous up here :) I guess I will have to book a coaching session or sign up for one of your workshops the next time I visit my family on the East Coast. Enjoy your time in California!!!

  3. molly stillman reply

    wow everything is moving SO fast!! it seems like y’all are going to be moving in SOON!

  4. Sarah Adams reply

    Have so much fun in california! Jealous of your Bokeh-Sitters! what a fun job :)

  5. Ashlyn reply

    Awww, he’s SO cute!! :) the house plans seem to be so exciting… Can’t wait to see more!! :)

  6. Carrie logan reply

    WAHOOO!!!! thrilled for you! it’s going to be beautiful!!!

  7. Shauna Ploeger reply

    Sorry one last important thing. I also keep coming back because your images are great. I follow a few photography blogs and what keeps me coming back are great images. Your images are always tack sharp and beautifully exposed.

  8. Lindsey McClennahan reply

    WOW that looks crazy sauce! BUT what fun a new home will be : ) TIme to fill it with babies ; )

  9. Melissa Kate reply

    You’re going to need a little Bokeh security guard,… he’s so adorable I just want to steal him! ;)

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