• Our 80 Foot Floating Adventure

we took our little boat out on the lake, he would talk about them. In some ways, he almost seemed OBSESSED.  He would say “That’s so awesome! We need to do that! Daddy lets do that one summer!”.  My brother was obsessed with the idea of vacationing on a houseboat.  My sister and I always thought that was the most redneck vacation option out there. Live on a floating TRAILER for a week?! No thank you! But Corey insisted that this would actually be FUN and that we should try something new one year and just DO IT! So we did. This past week my family and 10 other friends broke the mold for family vacation and tried something brand new.

Let me show you a little peak into our 80ft adventure!  The trip started a little rough. I stayed up all night on Sunday night… and when I say “all night”… I mean I watched the sun come up.  I just had so much to do. Thankfully my sister drove down, helped me pack and I was ready to leave by 5am.  The 7hour drive to Norris Lake in Tennessee wasn’t too bad since I slept most of the way. We arrived, parked the cars and then we saw it! There it was, in all of it’s glory… our home for the week! Surprisingly, it wasn’t a floating trailer…. it was a legit, 80 foot boat that just so happened to also be a house that could sleep 16 people! Yea! It came with 6 bedrooms, a living area and kitchen, a front deck, an upper front deck, a curvy slide off the back, a hot tub and a patio area on the top deck.  It was awesome!! The surround sound speakers allowed us to have theme music playing as we set sail everyday. It was so much fun! I’ll explain more as we scroll through some images!


The kitchen! 

A tiny bedroom!

Some bedrooms were tucked underneath one another!

Two essential parts of the boat.  Thank goodness for air conditioning! 

That slide looks like fun but it’s responsible for losing my sunglasses. Ok maybe I should have taken them off BEFORE plunging into the water.

welp, there I am with no sleep… don’t we look lovely.

This is what I THOUGHT a house boat looked like. Yikess!!

Our captain! (aka, Daddy)

The two responsible for this adventure!

This trip was a graduation gift for Emy and Corey (my brother and sister!)

She’s excited… and really close to the edge!


That’s scary…

Michael’s dad! 

We took our little baby boat along for transportation and tubing!

Night swimming! I didn’t NOT do this… I hate dark water at night! ah!

Tying up and parking an 80 foot boat is harder than it seems!

And then a storm rolled in….

And we watched from the top deck…

Then we ate Emy’s “Pinterest” inspired popcicles that were awesome and so photogenic!

And then we went on a boat ride….

And this could have been such a masculine picture if he wasn’t wearing Emy’s Anne Klein sunglasses. haha

Houses we would all love to own…

We swam….

And tubed….

and floated…..on an air mattress?  Michael got to come for 24 hours! It was a short stay but so worth it! 


and then we hung out…

And then we pushed off and set sail!

My husband was excited…

I was very tempted to photoshop this and make me tan… but that’s not realistic. I’m very much a redhead!

And then we cruised for a while…

Really Emy?! Photobomb.

And then they found a cave that was begging to be explored…

And then they found a rock that was begging to be climbed…

And then they passed out!

And then it was dinner time…

Don’t know why I included this… I just liked it I guess!

And then Emy made a commercial for bug spray….

And then we took a group picture…

And then Michael and I had to leave:( But it was fun while it lasted!! 

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    This looks like so much fun!! Those pictures of Michael coming down the slide onto the air mattress made me laugh! All of your captions made me laugh! So glad you got to fit a vacation in there in the midst of your busy season!

  2. Sharon Elizabeth reply

    annnddd thennnnnnnn!!! lol

  3. Anna Burke reply

    AWW YAY! Looks like you guys had a blast. Sparta missed the crew this week, but I’m glad everyone was able to have some time away :)

  4. Deborah Zoe reply

    bwahhahaha. that photo with Emy photo bombing with the binoculars had me dying!! So glad you had some time away with family:) PS — your bathing suit is adorable and you’re tan for a red head. believe me;)

  5. mollystillman reply

    oh my gosh this looks like SO MUCH FUN!!!!! and hahahahah i am with rebekah – those pics of michael sliding onto the air mattress cracked me up!!!!

  6. Kari reply

    Thank you for posting this trip. I have been trying to con my family into a houseboat trip for years. They all think I’m nuts. This post should help. I love your blue swim suit.

  7. Michelle Jones reply

    This looks like such a good time! My inlaws have been talking about doing this, and I have been hesitant, but by the looks of your pictures – it looks like so much fun! :) Congrats to the Hokie Grads!

  8. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    This vacation looks like so much fun! I love this idea!! Thanks so much for sharing…

  9. Ali W reply

    I’ve always wanted to live on a boat!!!!! It would be perfect for me. A simple life where you eat outside and swim everyday: my dream. I love your suit, btw.

  10. Annetta reply

    Looks like you all had a blast. I had a good laugh at Micheal’s expense. Some guys are still boys at heart. :)

  11. Amanda Miller reply

    Looks liks SUCH a fun adventure!

  12. Simone Fox reply


  13. Simone Fox reply

    That hottub on top looks awesome! So Fun!

  14. Kristina W. reply

    This looks awesome! You’re a good advertiser for house boats, haha! I loved the captions explaining stuff!

  15. caroline reply

    YAAAYY!!!!!! I love reading your blog :) yall are great! love you!

  16. Katie Yuen reply

    Wow! What a vacation! You have GREAT color for a red head! :)

  17. Angela Snyder reply

    Looked like so much fun, my family always rents a house on Norse Lake, but we have never rented a house boat, must try!

  18. Tiffany Sigmon reply

    As I looked through these pictures my husband was over my shoulder saying “I’m so jealous” haha. I can see this happening in my future.

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