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living our house building experience through pictures right now. It’s a little nerve racking to think that we’re missing a full week and a half of work but we have some great house sitters (aka, our parents) who are keeping us up to date on the progress. Building a house is just a crazy experience…. and we do love it! We are just so thankful for the advice that we received about visiting the site everyday and taking a ton of pictures (like I would really have an issue with that). Right now they’re probably finishing the stone on the front and who knows what’s happening on the interior!

It’s so much fun to see the rooms drywalled!! It really looks like a HOUSE now!!! Since they have cleaned up the floors and picked up the nails, we let Bokeh boy run around for the first time last week. He LOVED it. In our house now, there isn’t a big enough space for him to really pick up speed! We quickly found out that he loves running laps in the new house! We ALSO found his favorite “lookout” spot!! There’s a window downstairs that allows him to see everything that’s happening on the road. He’s such a cutie! Enjoy some more house updates and I can’t wait to share what has been accomplished when we get back!!


The walls of the garage will be covered in stone, as well as above the porch on the second floor! Thanks to my momma for the pic!


He found his “spot”…. I’m preparing myself for the “nose” marks we’re going to have all over the house. The windows are JUST low enough for him to see out of! :)

Happy puppy!


He explored….


And then he got tired…. :)



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  1. Abby reply

    I love that arched molding work!! Can’t wait to see everything once it’s finished!

  2. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    Awww he’s adorable. WOW this is looking amazing, Katelyn!!

  3. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    Too cute!

  4. Mallory reply

    The inside of your house looks so awesome!! I cannot wait to see the final product when you’ve decorated and everything!! :)

  5. Alli McWhinney reply

    Any photo of Bokeh running is just hysterical!

  6. molly stillman reply

    yay!!!! oh my gosh it is REALLY coming along!!

  7. Caroline reply


  8. Melissa Coetzee reply

    It’s so funny, by your house updates, it sounds like you’re building this house just for Bokeh ! My dogs like to run laps too ! So funny ! Your house is looking great though ! So exciting !

  9. Anna K. reply

    This is so pretty Katelyn! I am so excited for you guys!

  10. Gabrielle C reply

    everything looks so great! And that stonework! mmm definitely want that on my next home. Love all your updates, can’t wait to see the final product!

  11. elizabeth reply

    How exciting! My parents put an addition on our house when I was growing up… and I agree, when the drywall goes up, it changes everything!

  12. Rachel May reply

    It looks gorgeous!! Congrats!

  13. Jennifer Krieg reply

    Loving seeing the inside come together!!!

  14. jamie reply

    that is so exciting. Bokeh is so cute runnin around!

  15. Sarah Adams reply

    So so wonderful!!! Can’t wait for more updates!

  16. Deborah Zoe reply

    you better have a house warming party and invite all your cross country friends!! :-P I can’t wait to see this house finished… it’s beautiful already!!

  17. ali W reply

    oh man! how fun! hope you’re enjoying your time “off” ha… take in that CA weather cause it’s doing the normal 60 degrees, snow, 60 degrees, snow back home!

  18. Christy Tyler reply

    Ah!!! haha. Adorable! Also – SO excited to see this house come together! I’ve never watched this from step 1 all the way through to completion – it’s so fun!!

  19. Kristina W. reply

    Your house is coming along great! So excited for you all, including Bokeh with his nose prints. :)

  20. Megan Ferguson reply

    And when people say your windows are dirty, you say, “No, that’s my dogs nose art!!”

  21. ashley link reply

    you are going to have SO MUCH FUN decorating! haha. love how happy bokeh is! congrats on the progression of your house!!! so cool!

  22. Ashlyn reply

    You have a beautiful home!! Wow! Bokeh is so cute!! :)

  23. Annetta reply

    The house is looking good!! Can’t wait to see what has changed since you’ve been gone.

  24. mike larson reply

    looks like fun! build in some secret compartments and stuff only you guys will know about.

    – mike

  25. LEOLAK reply

    Wow….looks awesome!!!

  26. Alexis reply

    How exciting! Love your teal boots! ;) And your new home is beautiful :)

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