Housekeeping and Hokies

  • Housekeeping and Hokies

There are a few little housekeeping details that I needed to share with all of you faithful blog readers!


1. The Basic’s Workshop is now officially closed! We have a GREAT group of photographer’s coming from all over Virginia to hangout and talk photography ALL DAY! I’m so humbled and honored that people are interested in coming to my first EVER workshop. It’s going to be a blast!!


2. Lisa was my 1000th COMMENTER on the blog! YAY! I was soooo excited it just happened to be one of my latest brides! Lisa you should receive an itunes giftcard shortly!(Buy you some Whitney Houston girl!)


3. I had such an awesome weekend with friends and family at Virginia Tech! The fun started on Thursday when my bestest friend Caroline randomly surprised me and showed up at CNU!  I could have cried!  I absolutely loved my time with her, sitting at panera all day Saturday and just catching up. She’s wonderful and I am such a better person because she is in my life!


I had an engagement session Friday night and late that evening I met up with Michael and my brother Corey to travel to Tech! We arrived at 2:30am! Kudos to Michael for driving the WHOLE way and letting me just sing. ha! We had an awesome weekend and got to go to the homecoming game. Emy is doing so well there and I just love that she loves it so much! She’s such a die hard hokie. Michael and I both agree that we have lived our “big school” experience through Clemson and VT. We love it and we can’t wait to go back!


Enjoy a few favorites from the weekend!

Gotta’ love her.

Evidently this means “Key play!” …. I realized this at the END of the game, don’t judge me!

Flip it around and it’s the state of VA. Very impressive marching band!

Kayli and Caroline!

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  1. emy reply

    WONDERFUL!!! excuse me… where’s the turkey leg?!?!

  2. James T. Hosack Jr. reply

    M.Alsop doesn’t know this but I saw him in these pictures first. One point to me. Just kidding!
    These are awesome!

  3. Jess Moze reply

    I’m so jealous of those leaves. And your beautiful enhanced colors do not help my coveting of the seasons. Uhhh… Anyways, these are wonderful Miss James(figured I should start calling you that while I can)! Miss you guys!

  4. Leslie reply

    i luh this post.

  5. caroline reply

    oohhh how fun :)
    hey guess what? i love you!

  6. Lisa Figs reply

    hahaha! Yes, I was the 1000th person the comment!! That was a very exciting email to read this morning! Thank you. And, I love those pictures. Fall is a great time to be shooting!

  7. Lauryn reply

    idk why but i love this post.

  8. Michael reply

    A few things.
    1. I’m still not sure if Katelyn understands why everyone was shaking their keys. (Key Play on 3rd Down Katelyn)

    2. Where is the pic. of Emy and her $8.00 turkey leg

    3. VA is the greatest state. The marching band made me proud when I saw Virginia form.

    4. In the second to last picture, EMY ALMOST DIED, all the girls dog piled on top of her and she could not breath, and Katelyn kept taking pictures.

    5. I made a list so that the bar on the side would be smaller, so it looks like more comments.

    Thats how much I LOVE YOU!!!

  9. Susan Maier reply

    Great pictures Katelyn but I have one question……
    Michael~ Why aren’t you wearing ORANGE?? You love orange!!
    You guys know that Will George is looking at VPI? I know… you guys call it VA Tech… but old people like me… it will always be VPI!

  10. Carrie reply

    Nice picture of the MVs!! :)

  11. Julianna reply

    So cute! GO HOKIES!

  12. Cati reply

    Goodness, I WISH I lived in Virginia, cuz after seeing these photos, I want to take the workshop!!!!!!!! SO AMAZING!

  13. Anna reply

    I love these… and what I really love is that as I was reading Michael’s comment I immediately knew he was making it long to get some scroll bar action for you! He must really love you, KK!

  14. Lauren Cecora reply

    love the colors in the tech photo shoot

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