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It’s hard to admit…. but all of these years of hunching over a computer have caught up with me. I honestly don’t think that it was JUST leaning over the laptop or iPhone that made things as bad as they are today… I think my pace of life and holding a heavy camera are to blame as well! The truth is, being a wedding photographer is HARD on your body!! I found out two years ago that I had a reversed neck curve. Eek! If you don’t know what that means, I’ll tell you this…. it’s NOT GOOD.

Basically, my neck bends the wrong way and that was caused by years of having a “forward neck position”!!! It can be fixed but it’s going to take A LOT of patience and persistence to heal. So, I’m sharing my story in the video below and I mention in this clip that there are THREE ways that I’m improving my posture and my neck curve! :

  1. My Chiropractor is seeing me multiple times a week and prescribed a Cervical support neck pillow that I lay on for 20 mins a day! You can see what they look like HERE!
  2. I use a LAP DESK when I’m working in the car or on the couch! This keeps me from looking down so far! (See image below!)
  3. Lastly, I have been using a STAND for my laptop and a bluetooth keyboard and mouse! This is has been a life saver!!! See video and images below!


xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Caroline R reply

    Funny how having a baby really wakes a mama up to the parts of her body that have been neglected! After my son turned one I finally went to a sleep clinic and learned I’ve had sleep apnea all these years! Thanks for sharing this, I have a similar problem in my neck too and this was just the reminder I needed!
    Cheers to taking care of our health!

  2. Janine reply

    THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH for sharing this! I needed this more than you know and will be implementing these ideas asap! I am loving all the new vlogs and how you have adjusted to life with your sweet baby girl! It’s been super inspiring to see you make the changes to suit your life BRAVO girl!!!

  3. Kylee reply

    Thank you for sharing. I am headed down the exact same road except I am 8 years older than you! Same issue exactly work at computer all day, slouch when I sit and have the knot on my back. Some days it looks bigger than others which freaks me out. Where can I get one of those restructuring neck pillows? Thanks a bunch!

  4. Christi reply

    Have you ever used a standing desk? My husband is a computer programmer and works at a computer all day long. He works his full time job then comes home and works on his side business until late! He has a fancy desk that can move up and down with the push of a button! So he can alternate between sitting and standing!

  5. Brittany Pannebaker reply

    Wow, I seriously thought I was the only one struggling with this! I have the same neck problem. I didn’t even know they created one of those stands! Where did you order yours? Thank you so much!!

  6. Travis Carlton reply


    My wife Ivonne and I are a husband and wife Wedding Photography team in Arizona. We follow you all the time. I felt compelled to comment on your recent post. As I am hoping some of my professional experiences may help you. Besides being a photographer. I am also a Physical Therapist of 17 years.

    You are exactly right! With the type of work creatives do, the spine can definelty be put in a tricky position and can be subject to overuse injuries and malalignments My wife and I are staring to feel that too. We are implementing a few strategies that I thought you might be interested in.

    First, Ivonne and I are trying to shoot with better form and postures by keeping our shoulders pulled back when shooting. Pulling back the shoulders will automatically help to correct a forward head posture and help put your neck curve in a better position.

    Secondly, we are moving away from a “Slouched Editing” Posture; no more couch editing! In our editing space we are implementing a Varidesk. This is an amazing standing desk that helps to fascilitate an improved upright standing posture while on the computer. They start at around $175 for laptop models and will hopefully make a HUGE impact on our posture during long editing sessions. We made sure to also have a weight absorbing mat to stand on to lessen the weight on our leg joints.

    Lastly, we are also implementing Active Sitting as often as we can with the use of a Physioball Chair (about $70) at the editing desk. When sitting on a plain old Physioball (about $20) or one on wheels like a Physioball Chair, we are engaging our core musculature, helping to facilitate a better spinal posture while sitting, and helping to improve tummy muscle strength and support for the upper parts of the spine. The neck and shoulder blades need a strong lower and mid back too. We alternate Actibe Sitting with standing at the Varidesk every so often. We are hoping these small modifications to our PROLONGED “Creative Postures” will help us in the long run.

    I hope this comment and information helps you :) Good luck on your road to a less painful spine. We REALLY want you to keep doing what you do and stay healthy for the rest of us!


    Ivonne and Travis

  7. Mabyn reply

    Hi Katelyn,

    Thank you so much for this post! I’ve been in the industry for about as long as you and I’ve really noticed tension in my neck this year more than others. I’ll be going to the chiropractor soon! I wanted to check out that pillow yours gave you, but the link isn’t working on my end. :( Thanks for your help!

  8. Marquette reply

    Reading this makes me sit up straighter! Yikes!! I already have a neck support pillow, but I’m going to have to look into the stands! Thank you!

  9. Stefani reply

    I have been developing somewhat of a hunchback since starting photography. And my neck and upper back are always stiff. I’ve been working out to try and build up the right muscles so it doesn’t get worse, but I think these other tips are gonna be really helpful! Thank you so much for sharing!

  10. Sarah reply

    I have the same issue..I am a dentist with a passion for photography. I have had this issue for 6+ years. Iteh one thing I have tried that had worked (other than Ablation treatments by a pain doctor) is a device called a Fasciablaster. It has a funny name but if you look it up and read up on fascia you will see why it can help with this type of problem and many other issues. Just wanted to share.

  11. Lauren reply

    Thank you so much for this blog post and video! I had been having pain in my shoulders and neck as well, only to find on my x-ray that I had reverse neck syndrome too! Super helpful tips- I may have to get one of those pillows! Thanks again! :)

  12. Alanna reply

    YES!!! I am a photographer and I am married to a Chiropractor!! We loooove helping people with these issues! Its crazy the effects a reverse curve can have on our health! Its about sooo much more than headaches and neck pain, it messes with hormones, causes depression, anxiety, sleep disorders and so much more!! Chiropractic can help return your body to homeostasis without drugs and surgery!! yay! If anyone ever needs to find a referral to a GOOD Chiro in your area reply to my comment and I will help you find someone!!

  13. Leslie Natale reply

    I retired a few years ago after 31 years of desk jobs. I’ve been photographing almost 10 years. I had a neck surgery a month ago. Looking at doing something with my left shoulder next week. I’ve always had good posture, active outside of work, etc., etc. Your comments are spot on. There is much mental adjustment as well. (I’m 58 going on 26!) Patience and persistence will go a long ways to recovery. Good job on this important message!

  14. Pam reply

    I found a black neck pillow but it doesn’t really look like yours. Do you have a link to get the white like yours? Thanks!

  15. Ivana reply

    Thank you Katelyn! As a private photo editor I completely agree with your comments on the issue and support the decision to share this with us all! I’ve recently found some short exercise routines for strengthening the upper back and shoulder muscles and it’s been great! It makes you more aware of your posture throughout the whole day! If anyone is interested in the exercises feel free to message me!

  16. Rici reply

    Thank you so much for sharing!! I definitely have some of that… :/
    I am trying to do more sport regularly and oh, I feel that my posture is not good…

  17. bullet force reply

    Thank you so much for sharing. I really need this!

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  19. Shanna Bradbury reply

    Thank you for this Katelyn! As a photog thats married to a chiro, I appreciate you getting this message out there. It’s so important! xoxo

  20. yify reply

    I think this is an informative post and it is very useful and knowledgeable. I really enjoyed reading this post. big fan, thank you!

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