Sandy is a comin!

  • A "Hurrication"

new word I made up. Tomorrow I’m taking a “Hurrication”…. basically, it’s a day off because of hurricane Sandy. She’s heading up the coast and she’s making her way onto the coast! As I type, I hear acorns hitting the roof and the branches are a swayin!! We’re headed up to my parent’s house since we don’t have a generator. And lets be honest, we don’t want to miss out on a hurricane party!! My sister is in town, Michael’s not working tomorrow and schools are cancelled across the state…. so I’m taking a break too!! Ps. I wouldn’t get much done without power anyway!! So to all of my northern east coast friends, stay SAFE!!

I’ll be thinking about those that are in the heart of the storm! Prayers are coming your way! xoxo


And THIS was supposed to be the blog post for Monday but I guess we’re just going to have to adjust the blogging schedule this week!! Get excited for Noah and Kaylie! Aren’t they the CUTEST?!!

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  1. Emilia Jane reply

    Be safe! I’ll be praying for the Lord to protect you all!!! And what a gorgeous sneak peek :-D

  2. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    Enjoy your time off! I love the word “hurrication” – Matt and I are at my parent’s house also – thought a house with a basement was safer than a top floor apartment next to big trees :)

  3. Vanessa Chupp reply

    Stay Safe! We’re driving to Buffalo Tuesday AM from Toronto Area to catch a flight to GA for a trip to visit Kyle’s fam – hopefully it’s not too bad by the time it makes it north and our flights don’t get cancelled!! :S

  4. jamie reply

    You don’t sound that worried… but be careful! Haha! Enjoy your time with family and stay safe!

  5. Brittany Claud reply

    Haha Hurrication! I am trying to get as much work done as I can right now because I am afraid we’re going to lose power! Stay dry and safe and can’t wait to see the rest of that engagement!!

  6. Cindy Habel reply

    Stay safe, and enjoy your time off!
    PS Love seeing your gorgeous photography…!

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