I knew It!

  • Snow Storm Saturn

I knew we would have one more snow!! The snow critics kept saying “No way, it’s totally missing us” but deep down I had some hope! Yesterday morning we woke up to several inches and the snow just continued throughout the day! It was beautiful! I could work and watch snow falling EVERYDAY! The crazy thing that I’m realizing this year is that all of these big storms now have NAMES?! What? Snow storm “Saturn”. First of all, who decided to start naming snowstorms and WHY would they pick “Saturn” after we just had a “Sandy”?! Give us a little variety here!

Sometimes I feel like the people at the weather channel get bored when nothing crazy is happening and they come up with these things to fill their time! (I hope no meteorologists check the blog… I probably just offended someone!) While some don’t appreciate the snow, us Alsop’s love it! …. Even Bokeh boy! He took a few adventures into the snow yesterday morning and immediately became a wet mess of a puppy! But the pics were worth it! So if you’re in the VA area or north of us and you were hammered with some white stuff, stay safe and warm and enjoy the day off!!! :):)

He was sniffing out all this white stuff. He has never been in the snow WHILE it’s still snowing:) 


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  1. Johane reply

    Hi, I live in Montreal Quebec and seriously the first storms of the season (read november and december) are great. After that, in town, storms could stop and stay at the mountains. Our meteorologists are not so creative here. If they were they would have difficulties after a few years! Taking photo of the snow is very difficult as often there is no sun and it look dull and grey. Have a great day.

  2. Alli McWhinney reply

    I love the Bokeh in action photos!

  3. Melissa Kate reply

    Yeah… Up here a snow storm is 30+ inches in 24 hours… and yet nothing closes! I think Bokeh would like it!! ;)

  4. rosie reply

    Great photos! We live in Northern Ontario and get lots of snow starting in October/November.
    IT is so beautiful, and the winter sports (skiing, snowsheoing, snowboarding, etc) are fantastic! Enjoy it while you can, spring and summer are just around the corner and you’ll miss it soon enough. :)

  5. Anna K. reply

    such a cutie!

  6. molly stillman reply

    he is the cutest!! so jealous of your snow. we want snow! we want snow!!

  7. Urška Majer reply

    Cute! my dog is also crazy about snow :) She loves to catch snow balls and eat them :D

  8. Ashlyn reply

    your puppy is so cute. I’m not a dog person (or an animal person for that matter) but that dog gets me every time.
    haha,loved your rant about the snow storm names. totally agree!!.

  9. Laura Gordon reply

    Ha! I love Bokeh… he is the cutest little thing! I love the snow too :) I totally tried to get Theodore out in the snow for pictures but he was not having it… lol… hey, at least I tried!

  10. Kristi McKeag reply

    HahahA, KATELYN! YOU ARE TOO FUNNY!! You had me laughing from your first couple of sentences!! I don’t think our meterologists knew what they were doing…ANDDD i said the same things about naming the storms!! hahahaha!! hope you all enjoyed the snow…and bokeh is way too adorable!!!!

  11. Tira J reply

    We call the dear meteorologists…….weather guessers. They just can’t get it right! Love bokeh in the snow! Hope to see you in vegas.

  12. Melissa Coetzee reply

    Don’t tell my puppy, Winnie, but I think Bokeh is maybe the cutest dog I’ve ever seen !

  13. Caroline reply

    sssooooo jealous. oh goodness. so glad you got your snow storm!!

  14. Alexi reply

    Bokeh is so cute! Love him “sniffing” the snow :) My little dogs love the snow too, but being Texans it is a RARE occasion that they see it!

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