I made it!

  • I made it!

Have you heard that song by Kevin Rudolph? It goes….”I used to dream about, the life I’m living now. I know that there’s no doubt, I made it. I made it.”  Yea, it’s been stuck in my head all day and I’ve been humming it constantly!


That’s probably because I made it! I’m finished with college and have the papers to prove it! I successfully completed a Bachelor of the Arts in Communication Studies and minored in both Studio Art and Art History. It feels so good! No more papers, no more theories, no more exams! Wow. It’s so freeing! However, the ABSOLUTE BEST part about today was that at around 11am, I officially became a FULL TIME PHOTOGRAPHER!!!  Could life get any better?!!  Yes. Yes it can. To top off an amazing day, I’m on a plane that is about to land in Cali and I will be hanging out with other photographers from around the country for 2 days! I will be learning a lot about the business side of this industry which is AWESOME! I can’t wait to hear from some of the best like…. Dane Sanders, Jasmine Star, David Jay, Jeremy Cowart, Becker and the list goes on!


I will be sure to share about my 2 days as a Californian and hopefully include some sweet images as well!  If you REALLY want to stay connected, follow me on TWITTER!


Enjoy some Graduation shots! Brit and Kel, this is by far my most favorite picture of you two! You are GORGEOUS!


Aw good friends!!! We’re missing about 20 others though!

Girls, don’t hate me for posting this! …. I just loved it:) haha

Our parents donated a brick since we’re both Alumni now!

Meet Abe! He’s a dear friend from Downtown that we have come to love and adore these last four years!!

Thank you Caroline, Gayle and Bobbi for sitting through a 2.5 hour ceremony for me!! Love you!

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  1. Brendan reply

    Ok, I am commenting twice in one day.. But my favorite is the one of you and Michael’s feet around my discovery. Haha. Congrats again Katelyn!

  2. Jessica Beale reply

    I never thought the day would come where I would hear you quote Lil’ Wayne…I love you KK!! So happy and proud of you!!! Can’t wait to see what God has in store for you.

  3. Cati reply

    Congrats, praise God, and be blessed! :D What great things HE has in store for you!

  4. Sarah Hayes reply

    love the jumping shot! and the candid in the mirror! :]

  5. Michael reply

    Its Kevin Rudolf not lil wayne. You don’t like lil wayne. But I do love that song. Hope you are enjoying the iPad on your trip!! Tell J* I said hello. I like the shoe pic too!!

  6. Deborah Zoe reply

    You’re adorable! Congratulations, such a GREAT feeling!

  7. Anna reply

    Love the brick/show picture! Precious… and the one of you with your Sparta mothers :) Have fun in Cali!

  8. Karly P reply

    i’m not nervous to comment anymore and i absoultely love this post, as well as hate it! i love you all so much and am really excited for all the different places the Lord is going to take you! good pictures! i love the brick!!

  9. Girish reply

    Super congratulations. It’s going to be really great to follow you further journey as a prof. photographer. It would like a learning session for me as well.

    You are too good as a photographer, and I am sure you have great success ahead. Wish you all the best.

    Hope to see a lot more of photographs, workshops, tips for photographers (really looking forward for this) and whole lot of shoots.

  10. Michelle reply

    Congratulations Katelyn! You are definitely going places girl and I feel honored to have been part of your journey!

  11. Ryan Shaughnessy reply

    Fez is weighed down by all his cords in the jumping picture…Thanks for being such a great friend over the years katelyn! 10.10.10!

  12. erin reply

    congrats! I’m SO excited for you–and It’s so amazing that you’re officially a full-time photographer! Also, you looked SO CUTE, I adore that dress and those shoes!!

  13. Katherine reply

    These are great! CONGRATSSS!!!! I can’t wait to see all the images to come!

  14. Tira J reply

    Congratulations Katelyn! I am so excited and happy for you! Earning a college degree is a HUGE accomplishment! Now, on to the next chapter!

  15. Nina reply

    Great pics, Katelyn!!! I love the one of you and your family and the feet around the brick. Congratulations!!

  16. Nina reply

    Great pics, Katelyn!!! I love the one of you and your family and the feet around the brick. Congratulations!!

  17. Brittany reply

    Congrats, Katelyn! I actually heard that song yesterday and remember thinking how perfect of a song it was for the all grads! LOVE the mirror shot of the girls. :)

  18. Monique Vitche reply

    Congratulations! I love the jumping shot!

  19. gayle reply

    What a great time! and..YAY for old people on the blog!

  20. j gar reply

    can’t believe i missed the kevin rudolf post. and i know michael got you into this song, but don’t let him fool you. the first time i played it for him, he said it was awful. eventually it grew on him, and now he probably takes all the credit for finding it. whatever, i’m used to it by now. sorry i haven’t commented in awhile, i took a sabbatical for college’s best 2 weeks, and probably some time before that too. but i’m back in full swing now, wooo! probably not as much as elin woods, but you get the picture. too soon? anyway, i’m so stoked we’re all graduated and you get to rock photography 100% of the time instead of 99.99999% of the time. too many 9’s? probably not.

    p.s. i think the one of you guys checkin your hats in the mirror is probably my favorite. kelley’s face, wow. no words. and now i have a scrolly bar for the comment. this is getting ridiculous.

  21. Mandy reply

    KK I am so sentimental…this post was really sweet. I love all of the pictures especially the one of the girls looking in the mirror :) I am so happy for you and proud of you! I love you a lot and I am excited for what is to come! You are an amazing photographer, and when you are world famous I am going to brag that you were my roommate and make lots of people jealous!

  22. Liz Kausteklis reply

    Congratulations Graduate!!! :)

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