10.10.10 is coming fast!

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Soooooo excited! 10.10.10 is almost here and even though I am still overwhelmed with all that needs to be done, I’m excited.  This past weekend I was a bridesmaid in another one of my college roommate’s wedding.  Emily Rice is now Emily Baxter and she made the most beautiful bride!!! The strangest part of their wedding day was hearing people tell me… “It’s your turn next!!”… AH! Wow. I’m next! I’m the next one to be married and that’s CRAZY!!! Having a long engagement sometimes makes the wedding seem like a far off fairy tell that never seems to get any closer. Well, it’s closer!!! It’s less than two months away!

The closer I get to 10.10.10, the more I find myself looking forward to several specific things:



1.  No more goodnights. Michael and I have been saying goodnight and goodbye for 8 YEARS!!!!!! ah! I’m so excited to be together… like….forever. Not trying to be cheesy… that just happened to rhyme:)


2. I’m excited to share a bank account! That seems so superficial but I’m really looking forward to it for some reason!


3. I’m actually looking forward to cooking. (gasp.) My mother never thought those words would EVER come out of my mouth but it’s true. I have A LOT to learn but I’m excited to try and use our new Caphalon Pots and Pans!!! woohoo!


4. I’m excited to serve with Michael. Michael is the full time upper school youth pastor at Gayton Baptist Church in Short Pump, VA and I’m so ready to be a part of that ministry! It’s really hard to be there and be involved 100% when I still live an hour away! I’m trying to be involved when I can but it is going to be so much easier when I actually LIVE there!


5. I can’t wait to have all of my STUFF in one place… PERMANENTLY!  Because of college, I’ve been moving my life back and forth from home to Newport News every 6 months or so. I’m excited to move one last time and be done with those big plastic storage bins for a while!!!


6. I’m thrilled to just be a wife!  I have no idea how to be a married but Michael and I are excited to learn together. We know we’re not perfect and that during our first year of marriage, we have A LOT to learn but we’re so excited to go through this together!


Yay for getting married!!! I could go on and on about everything I’m looking forward to but the list is huge! I’m trying to focus on work today…I’m severely behind and I need to get a ton done today! Focus Katelyn Focus! I’m working on finishing up some past weddings, 5 starring Em and Seth’s wedding and then working on the engagement session from yesterday (that you’re going to LOVE). So have a very happy and productive Tuesday!!


Many thanks to the wonderfully talented Rae Barnes for helping me out with Em and Seth’s big day! More pics to come on Thursday!! Ps. You should definitely check out Rae’s post from the wedding… just disregard my smile in the first shot…. I guess I was just excited, really excited! Yikes!

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  1. Connie Beth reply

    I would like to say I am excited about all that stuff too!!! Your wedding is so close, and mine is even CLOSER….holy cowwww. I can’t wait to see you in exactly 1 month from tomorrow!!! <3 Congrats and good luck with the rest of your planning :o)

  2. Karynne reply

    I can totally relate with your number 1. It was so weird to never have to say goodbye or goodnight. Although we only had to it for 5 years we were apart for three so it was so nice to never have to say goodbye for months! Great Post!

  3. Rae Barnes reply

    All of those things about marriage are SO great and even better than you can imagine. Hang in there! It is coming so super fast and before you know it, you will be celebrating your 5th anniversary wondering how the heck so much time has passed! :-) And… by the way… Katelyn, you crack me up. I was trying to decide between the major cheese and the full length shot, but I knew you were embarrassed your boots were “too short”… so, i opted for the cheese. basically because you are THAT happy for them. ;-) you are so cute! great meeting you!

  4. JasmineStar reply

    SOOOO excited for your big day…you have NO idea!! 101010 baby! :)

  5. Charity DellaCamera reply

    I am so excited for you! Your wedding is going to be incredible and I cannot wait to see pictures :)

  6. Kim DeLoach reply

    Katelyn, I just saw Rae Barnes blog post and it all makes perfect sense now…I wondered WHY you were in a bridesmaids dress shooting a wedding! ah-ha!
    LOVE your work! been a Rae fan for a while now, too! Lucky couple to have you both behind cameras at their wedding!

  7. Jenny Coffey reply

    Katelyn, I know exactly everything you are feeling, and believe me none of it is superficial! All I wanted my whole life is to be a wife, I truly believe it is one of the main things God created us for. So, yes, you should TOTALLY look forward to sharing a bank account, cooking, and saying goodnight in bed together instead of at a car window. These are the exciting parts of marriage! I really am so excited for you!!

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