If you noticed, I said that I was going to do a session with all of my roommates before the end of the year but that didn’t happen. Steph and Brit had theirs but Kel and Em’s sessions are still to come! The sad part is that it’s going to be really hard to do Emily’s since she’s moving to Maryland and just graduated! Ah! It’s so bittersweet. Watching her walk across the stage with her diploma in hand was probably one of most bittersweet moments I have experienced in a long time. I’m so incredibly happy for her but oh how I hate to see her go.

This girl is by far the closest thing I’ve ever had to having an older sister. I love being an older sister but I’ve always wondered what it would be like being the younger one. When I picture in my mind what that older sister figure would look like…it’s em. I just love her! I love her laugh, her smile, her compulsive cleanliness, her heart, her passion to be a momma of many, and her love for the Lord. This girl has spent hours upon hours sitting on my bed or curled up on the couch listening to me whine and cry about whatever the wind was blowing in that day. She’s always been there and she has loved me well since the day I met her.

Needless to say, I’m going to miss her. I’m going to miss her doing the dishes (because she always picked up my slack!:) I’m going to miss hearing her box fan through the wall at night. I’m going to miss our talks about how we are NEVER going to figure out the opposite sex. I’m going to miss her laughing at how I know NOTHING about the kitchen. I’m going to miss finding random pictures of adorable babies and hearing her squeal when she sees them. I’m going to miss my go-to girl, my friend, my sister. I’m going to miss her.

But as hard as it is to watch her go… I am so excited for this new chapter of her life.

Em, I know it’s a little uncertain and everything is one big transition but the Lord has done incredible things through you the last four years and he has even greater things in store for the future. Please know that you have changed lives and you are leaving a beautiful legacy behind. Congratulations and I love you!

She’s didn’t get a session but I got a few cute ones of her and the boy after graduation! I love those two!

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  1. Leslie reply

    this is depressing. love you em!

  2. britney reply

    aww emmy!!! beautiful as always…u too seth haha.

  3. Emily Rice reply

    Katelyn… though I wrote you an extensive email about how much this meant to me, I feel that a blog post is also necessary. This brought me to tears (don’t underestimate my tears although it is a daily thing right now :) but it was happy and sad tears all combined into one. I love you a lot, and thanks for getting these few pictures of Seth and I. One is my facebook picture… I wanted to get one with your logo on it, I might try again to see if I can do that. I love you a lot and thanks for letting me be a part of your life the past 3 years and from here on out :)

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