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…college when my turn came.  I was confused as to what I wanted to do.  I thought I was leaning towards graphic design. However,  I KNEW I couldn’t do an office job and the thought of having a boss that would tell me which designs were good and which were not acceptable scared me! …. to death!  Then my little hobby that I loved turned into my career. I fell in love with my job and I became more and more passionate about my business and making it happen! … It was my dream job! I had found my dream job!  Michael has ALWAYS… and I mean ALWAYS loved kids.  When I was in 8th grade and Michael was a freshman…


… we used to keep the toddler nursery at church….just for fun. I’m pretty sure I just did it so I could hang out with him but Michael did it because he reallllly loves being with kids. He went to college planning on being a History teacher for high school students and that was his plan. He had it all figured out… or so he thought.  He majored in history but right before he graduated… the Lord did His thing and started bugging Michael about his future.  Did he really want to work with teenagers? YES, ABSOLUTELY! Did he really enjoy teaching? YES! OF COURSE!  Did he really want to teach teenagers about History? …… Not really.


January 2008, Michael felt called to go into full time ministry. I remember it so clearly. He took me out to dinner at Glory Days and slowly started to explain to me that being a high school teacher wasn’t for him. He knew he wanted to teach and pour into teenagers but it wasn’t until 3 months before his college graduation that the Lord showed him that he would definitely be teaching teenagers….he would just be teaching them about HIM…. not history.  That was AWESOME! I was so so happy for him…. but nervous at the same time. It’s scary to start following a dream that is so uncertain…. I know this all too well.  When I started investing in high-end photography equipment with no certainty that it would be paid for….it made me nervous.  But it was a risk I was willing to take in order to follow my dream. Michael felt the same way. He walked away from the security of knowing that he would have a salary and knowing (at the time) that he could probably find a teaching position, no problem.  His future was so unknown.  He moved to NC for a year and worked with an awesome ministry down there.  However, it wasn’t until this summer that he found his dream job…. or it found him!


Michael is now a full time youth pastor at Gayton Baptist Church in Shortpump, VA and loving it.   The Lord is sneaky sometimes. We had no idea that Shortpump was in our future but now it all makes sense! We love it there. We love the people, the location, the church family and most of all, Michael loves his job.  The first time we visited Gayton, we sat in the middle of the sanctuary, pretty close to the back of the room. We were nervous, we had no idea what to expect and knew absolutely NO ONE.  However, as we stood there and the music began… I felt myself tearing up…. for no apparent reason. At the time, I thought I was just being overly emotional but as I look back now, I realize that the Lord was showing me that this was where we belonged.  This church and this new job was going to be our new life together. I should have known He knew what He was doing!!! He always does! Michael and I are so happy, so thankful and so excited about serving in this new place!


I’m proud of Michael and so thankful that he is living his dream…..teaching about Jesus and eating a ton of ice cream like he’s 15 again:) Last Sunday night was the kickoff for Youth Group at the church. We had a blast with kids, parents, and Brewsters Ice Cream!!!!

Aaron and Kim work with Middle school! Love them!

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  1. Meghan reply

    Beautiful, Praise the Lord! :)

  2. Brendan reply

    I think there needs to be a “like” button because this is “like” worthy.

  3. Michael reply


  4. Kevin Smith reply

    wahoo michael!! God is so good isn’t He? hope to see y’all tonight!!

  5. Lisa Demarco reply

    Wow…. what an awesome story. You both are very fortunate to be doing what you love and we ( your followers ) are grateful for loving what you do. :)

  6. Julianna reply

    Awww. This is so sweet!

  7. ella reply

    Thanks for sharing, Katelyn !!

  8. Laurajane reply

    oh i love this story. i almost started tearing up too. i love youth groups! i sure hope that you guys get to come up for the conference in november because that would be so stinkn’ awesome!

  9. Alicia reply

    I love this.

  10. Dana reply

    this makes me happy. (tears rolling down my cheeks)

  11. Tori reply

    Ok, this is such a cool post. Not only do I LOVE your photography, and have also lately started making my “hobby” into a career, but I am Da-da-DAAAA, A YouTH PaSTorS WiFe! And can I just say that it is one the neatest, hardest, best, most fulfilling job in the world (Outside of being a wife and mother of course.) I lived in VA too for a long time but the Lord directed us to TX and have been here for the last 3 years. My husband surrendered to the full-time ministry as a 12 year old. And we met at Bible College in TN. Man, would I LOVE to meet you sometime while visiting my family outside of Richmond. It’d be such an honor. Until then I’ll just keep stalking you via blog. Ha ha :) Praying for your future!

  12. Susan Dukat reply

    so touching . . . a little teary eyed.

  13. Jessica Beale reply

    If Michael would’ve just listened to the rest of us so many years before, he could’ve saved himself 4 years of trying to become a history teacher!! Just kidding! So glad to see you both doing exactly what God has called you to do! And I can’t wait for all the new kids to come play here in January!!!!! WOOOOO!!! :D P.S. – 10.10.10 is so close!

  14. susan reply

    may you continue to be so blessed and to share that blessing with others…..this gave me the biggest smile of my day!

  15. Richard Martin reply

    I am soooo glad you both are at Gayton, alongI with aaron and kim I have not seen this much excitement among the youth AND the adults in a long time. Thanks for allowing me to work beside you guys. God Bless

  16. Kim Lee Schmidt reply

    It is so beautiful to see that you both are living so passionately in what God has called you too…touching people…through photography and serving the youth. :-) All God’s blessings as you journey into all new things. :-)

  17. Wendy Kelly reply

    Katelyn and Michael,
    You are a blessing in our lives already. God is so good! I thank Him for bringing both of you to our church. I look forward to watching Him work in and through both of you. See you tomorrow :)

  18. Sydni Gould reply

    Aww, this is so great!! I’m so glad you are both so passionate and are serving the Lord with the gifts He has given you! All praise to Him!

  19. jamie d reply

    praise the lord, i love it. i love love love it. love ministry. love you and michael. want to see you again. need to meet him. and… your’e getting married soon. LOVE.

  20. Amanda Joy reply

    SO amazing and so happy for you both! May the Lord bless Michael every step of the way!

  21. Beverly Waller reply

    Life is happening and its so incredible to see the Lord’s hand upon your journey Mikey! I love this post. I love seeing you in action. I love that you are making history with these children and changing their lives through Christ. You are the man.

  22. Joe+Kathrina reply

    Go Michael! That is so awesome. Don’t even care that I don’t “know” either of you–I am so happy for both of your dreams! Sometimes the Lord works to the beat of His own drum…but it always comes together in the end :)

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