• Refreshed and Reset

It’s been a LONG time since I have been able to blog something other than engagement shoots and weddings. That has been our life the last few months. This is our craziest time of the year and while we’re so thankful for our work and our clients, I’m looking forward to lazy winter mornings when I can blog about Bokeh Boy or a new home decorating project…. or a new Ask Anything post! The end is near and it’s bittersweet. We love this job and I leave every wedding with a huge “Mission Accomplished” feeling!! It’s incredible to look back at the past year and see all that we accomplished.

As we get closer to the end of the 2014 wedding season, it’s easy to automatically start thinking about the off-season. “What am I going to blog about? Did we save enough income to cover the slow months? What if we don’t book as much for 2015? How much is too much to take on? Did I live a balanced life in 2014? Did I do everything humanly possible to be a fantastic business woman this year!? I know certain things could have gone better….. etc, etc, etc. Oh gosh just STOP already! Goodness! I could drive myself crazy sometimes letting all of those questions pop into my head!!

Michael is very opposite from me in a lot of ways. One way is that he doesn’t worry like I do. He doesn’t constantly question if things were “good enough” like I do and he doesn’t let little things get to him like I do. That’s one of the many reasons why we’re a great pair. Recently I’ve realized that I’ve let all of those little questions pile up and steal my joy…. and that’s not ok.  It affects me, Michael and even Bokeh boy. I swear puppies know when there is stress lingering in the air!!

So today, instead of stressing over getting an engagement session posted and returning all of my emails and getting my entire to-do list accomplished, I’m writing this simple blog post about LIFE in its’ current state. There’s something about breaking the mold of what my recent habits have been that makes me feel refreshed!! If you’re currently in a similar season where shoots and weddings are piling up and your to-do list is ever-growing, I recommend letting it all go for an evening or a morning. We weren’t created to wake up in the morning and think about emails and edits first thing!! Let it go and reset your mind!! You can thank me later! :) Happy Thursday everyone! And Thank you Tyler for the new family picture!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Christy Tyler reply

    I completely agree, Katelyn!! You need to give yourself some time to just BE, somewhere in all that busy. I plan to do that today by finally going to get my hair cut and spending a little time just relaxing and zoning out in the process!! Yay!! Also, pardon my french, but I saw a movie recently where one of the characters said, “Worrying is meditating on sh*t.” Why not meditate on positive thoughts instead of negative/worries?! :) Just a thought – it has helped me a lot lately. And last but not least, goodness – the fact that YOU worry about those questions you mentioned blows my mind!! Lady, you are firing on all cylinders, killing it every day, and you’re still questioning yourself?! :) Show yourself the grace you so kindly show to others on a regular basis, and you’ll be all the happier for it. xoxo

  2. cOLLEEN dELANEY reply

    I agree with Christy above me! You kill it every day! You are fantastic and wonderful and not only a great business woman but a great HUMAN too!!  I know I can speak for LOTS of KJ Brides who LOVE & ADORE you!!! You are wonderful and perfect exactly how you are!

  3. Megan Kelsey reply

    Glad you’re getting some rest girl :) Can’t wait to see you soon whenever it may be!!

  4. BEcca reply

    Katelyn, you are awesome! I know, it is hard to not worry, but God will always provide! Thank you for the words of inspiration!

  5. Trina reply

    I SO needed to hear this today! I’m still getting my business going, so I’m working full time on top of running the business, shooting, etc…add in a family to raise and one crazy black labrador and you’ve got one stressed out lady! I definitely need to heed your advice and make sure to take a time out. I’m thinking of doing daily devotions every morning to both get my mind and spirit in line for the day ahead. THANK YOU!

  6. Katie reply

    love you!

  7. Courtney jones reply

    Beautiful photo of your family :) looking forward to meeting you Monday!

  8. Kristina W. reply

    Cute family photo! You’re almost to the off-season!

  9. ashley link reply

    you need to go get a massage, or a pedicure, or both! and go see a movie in the theaters to just let your mind go for a little while! :)

  10. Rici reply

    I know exactly what you are writing about ;) I´m done now with weddings as well and uh those stupid worries…
    thank you for your refreshing words! & I alyaws love family pictures of you guys! Looking forward to what you will blog ;)

  11. ashley Mitchell reply

    Love this, and YOU! December is near!!! <3

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