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From the very first time I met Jamie I thought she was stunning. She was fun, outgoing, care free and just gorgeous! However, when I saw her walking up in her dress a couple weekends ago, she was glowing! She was beautiful head to foot not just because she has a GORGEOUS dress and her hair was done just the way she liked it, she was beautiful because you could tell she was confident!  Accompanied by her mom, sister, and maid of honor, we walked around maymont for about an hour just shooting away! It was a beautiful day and it resulted in beautiful results! I LOVED doing this session! I got in the car afterwards and immediately called Michael and proclaimed “I just love brides! and dresses! and weddings! I just love it!” Maybe I love it a little too much because I, once again, am blogging 30+ images! Oh well! Enjoy!!

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  1. Andi reply

    stunning, every single one. Great job as always. Hey don’t get too famous and out of reach before my daughters get married :)

  2. michael alsop reply

    WOW!!!! This is your first bridal session right? This is amazing

  3. Lindsay reply

    Amazing! You do such beautiful work! I look forward to checking out each of your new blog posts whenever you post them!!

  4. Anna reply

    This is beautiful, KK!!!! I love it :) I’m still saying… One day!!!!

  5. britney reply

    Beautiful pics! and I love the style of the new logo :)

  6. Maria Moore reply

    These are beautiful! It was really cool for me especially because I knew where each of the locations were :)

  7. Lauryn reply

    Number 5 and the fourth picture (her looking off to the left) are my absolute favorite!! these are awesome katelyn! you keep getting better and better :-)

  8. JT Hosack reply

    Absolutely stunning. Congrats KK, another wonderful shoot! This is absolutely wonderful.
    I think I agree with Michael. Haha.
    Naw…I know I agree with Michael.

  9. Lauren Waegerle reply

    Absolutely beautiful! These are amazing as always :)

  10. Sarah Hayes reply

    abso-friggi-lutely gorgeous!! :]

  11. Becky Turner reply

    Katelyn, these pictures are beautiful! I got married at Maymont, and I wish I had had you to do the photos. Our photographer didn’t know what they were doing … you did such a great job!

  12. Melanie reply

    She is such a beautiful bride and you are such a talented photographer. I love her dress, but I was wondering if anyone knew where she got her hair done? I look forward to seeing more!!

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