February 2013

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post used to be so in depth. I think I have slowly made them less intricate because if I write fewer goals, the less I have to live up to! If I’m REALLY being honest, sometimes I don’t even remember the goals that I blog about until a month goes by and it’s time to write new goals. YIKES! That’s NOT how it’s supposed to work. Luckily, I’ve accomplished a lot in January 2013 and I’m feeling good about this new year. Ok, so while I may not have accomplished the goals that I blogged at the beginning of last month, we HAVE had a productive 4 weeks.

This past month has been quite a whirlwind. It was our first month working together and it couldn’t have flown by faster. Each day I wonder “How did I do all of this by myself?!”  We’re staying busy and we’re getting stuff done. Here’s a look at what we accomplished in January 2013:

– Shot a double header in two different states

– Saw J&M in DC and then hosted Showit Global SHARE

– 2 Checkup Sessions and 3 Coaching Sessions

– One Engagement shoot and One “Just Married” shoot

– Hosted a Bridal Spa Day for my 2012 brides and sent out gifts to those that couldn’t attend.

– Started going back to the Gym! Proud of me?!

– Had some great dinners with some awesome friends! Love catching up in the off season!

– Launched a brand new blog and a mini-rebrand!

– Launched a brand new website!

– Hosted two shows for ShowitLIVE

– Michael sold $2,000 worth of old equipment that we didn’t need anymore! Yea!!!!

– Hashed out our new schedule, new goals, and new business roles

– Had new hardwood floors installed in our current living room and hallway

– Started building a new house

– Designed “Bokeh the Bichpoo’s” first year book and ordered it! :)

No wonder we’re just now feeling like we’re slowing down a bit. We’re slowing down JUST in time for another workshop! That brings me to what we’re looking forward to this February! :

– The 2013 Spring Workshop Experience.. coming THIS friday!! Woohoo!

UNITED! I have the opportunity to speak in a few weeks to some fellow Showiteers and I’m SO excited and honored!

– 2 Coaching sessions!

– Valentines Day!

– Pentatonix concert!!!

– More house updates!!

The next month is wedding-free. This is kind of strange for me! We’re really trying to continue our “down time” because once April hits, it’s non-stop! This is our time to make stuff HAPPEN and get organized for 2013. So here are some February 2013 goals:

– Continue to get to the gym 3x a week and walk Bokeh on the days we don’t go.

– Like usual, work on the bridal guide… actually, I now have a DEADLINE for this project because it just isn’t getting done. Fingers crossed!!

– Host a fabulous, informative, & inspiring workshop this week!

– Book two 2014 weddings

– Start looking at paint colors and light fixtures

– Submit my remaining 2012 weddings that need to be published

– Prep for UNITED and the WPPI Mini-workshop in March!

– Groom Bokeh

Here’s to February!!! And ps. for those of you that are RSS readers, we’re working getting the little issue fixed! :)

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  1. Kristina W. reply

    Woohoo!!! Great job in January! Good luck with February, I know you can do it!

  2. Kristin reply

    Love them! We are in the midst of writing a magazine for our brides too. It was on my January lot to finish and it didn’t happen. So many other things to do, but I really want to get it done!

  3. Amanda Truth reply

    Woo!! Here’s to getting stuff done!! Sounds like you had an awesome January!! So excited for more house updates :)

  4. Katie reply

    Pentatonix is so awesome!!!! So excited for all of the things you’re getting DONE! Woo!

  5. Mallory reply

    I love reading your goals posts!! Definitely proud of you for getting back to the gym—keep up the great work, Katelyn!!!

  6. Karen cox reply

    You had me at paint colors. That in itself is exhausting! :)

  7. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    Amazing!! So many exciting things accomplished and so much more coming up! You and Michael are going to LOVE seeing Pentatonix live! They are unbelievable!!

  8. Kacey Wolters reply

    Can’t wait for a friday!!! Congrats on such a productive January. :-)

  9. Ashlyn reply

    Looks like you have a lot to do! I love goals. They’re a lot of fun and you feel so great when they’re finished!! :)

  10. Jennifer Krieg reply

    Congrats on officially becoming a husband/wife team and to making things happen! Cannot wait to see the continued progress on your new home!!

  11. Abby Grace reply

    Have fun with the workshop this Friday! You always have the best styled shoot to accompany them. See you at United!!

  12. Caroline reply

    Well I say you’ve been quite successful :) keep it up!

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